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At this moment, Ning Yiyuans office was filled with joy.

“Thats great!” After more than ten days of research, Zuo Lin and the others finally came to a conclusion.

“Now, we only need three days of clinical trials.

After ensuring that the medicine is safe and effective, we can mass produce it and use it to solve this epidemic!”

This was all thanks to the hint Mo Chu gave them.

When they thought of using magical plants to restrain magical beasts, they found a magical plant that specialized in digesting and consuming nutritious insects.

Only then did their research progress take a big step forward.

“Thats good!” When she heard this news, Ning Yiyuans face could not help but show some joy.

As long as the medicine was effective, they would have taken a huge step towards solving this epidemic.

The atmosphere was originally happy, but the deputy district chief walked in with a sad face.

The moment he opened his mouth, he said, “Marshal Ning, something bad has happened!”

“Whats wrong” Zuo Lin asked.

“We, we have almost run out of grain reserves.

At most, we can hold out for another day.” The deputy district chief was flustered and anxious at the same time.

“What should we do”

Hearing this, Zuo Lin could not help but frown.

“Didnt we just get a batch of supplies Why arent there any grain reserves”

Once this question was brought up, the deputy district chiefs face was immediately filled with anger.

“I just went to check the supplies and discovered that the food given to us is all expired.

Theres no way we can eat it!”

Most of the Federations food had a shelf life of 10 to 20 years.

Everyone did not expect that there would be a problem with expired food, so they only discovered it at this moment.

They did not know where they got this batch of fake and inferior goods.

The dates on them were all correct, but when they opened them, they found that the items inside were all broken!

Previously, the deputy district chief had complained about the lack of supplies, but now he knew that they did not want to give them anything! They were prepared to set them up!

At this moment, Ning Yiyuans terminal suddenly rang.

He took a look, and sure enough, it was a video message from Song Tiancheng.

“We parted on bad terms during the previous conversation,” Song Tiancheng said confidently, assuming that Ning Yiyuan had already received the news.

“Now, we should be able to have a good talk.”

“What do you want to talk about” Ning Yiyuans expression did not change, but his eyes revealed a faint light.

“I know that your drug research has made progress,” Song Tiancheng said with a faint smile, “But it will take a long time! The clinical research and the treatment process will take at least half a month.

If the disease is cured, people will starve to death.

Isnt this a joke”

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“So” Ning Yiyuan lowered her head slightly.

“Have you been in charge of District 12 for too long” Song Tiancheng only said this one sentence, but smart people would know what he was trying to say.

“What makes you think I agree” Ning Yiyuan raised his head with a subtle smile in his eyes.

“What do you think” Song Tiancheng replied indifferently.

Since he dared to say this, he naturally had the right to do so.

Now that District 12 had been sealed by his people, forget sending in a large amount of resources, even a small Iron Ant magical beast would not be able to get in!

Ning Yiyuan had no other choice but to compromise with him!

“Is that so” Seeing the uncontrollable pride on Ssong Tianchengs face, Ning Yiyuans lips suddenly curled up, but his eyes were filled with coldness.

“I dont dare to cooperate with people like you who disregard life and death!”

“Oh right, I forgot to tell you.

Back then, there happened to be quite a number of food experts in the medical team that I brought in.

I believe that after this period of time, the food should have been developed and produced.

You dont have to worry about this!”

Upon hearing this, song Tianchengs expression immediately changed.

He frowned slightly and said through gritted teeth, “I didnt expect Marshal Ning to be so well-prepared.

You even took food experts into consideration!”

“Well, of course.

I have to be more careful when dealing with you guys!” Ning Yiyuan mocked them subtly, “Im still busy here, so I wont talk to you anymore.

Lets talk again when we have the chance next time.

Im looking forward to meeting you!”

“Okay!” Song Tiancheng had just hung up the terminal when the calmness on his face could not be controlled anymore.

Anger rose to his head.

He did not expect that the things he had planned for so long would amount to nothing in the end!

Ning Yiyuan was indeed a ruthless character!

Contrary to Song Tianchengs resentment, Ning Yiyuan was full of joy.

“Well done, Boss!” Zuo Lin gave him a thumbs up.

“Really Do we have food soon” The deputy district chief was still in disbelief.

It turned out that Ning Yiyuan had made all kinds of preparations from the very beginning and did not make any mistakes.

“Yes.” Ning Yiyuan nodded lightly.

“Send someone to bring the food over later.”

“Sigh!” Hearing this, the deputy district chief immediately nodded excitedly.

It was as if he could already see that the haze around District 12 had dispersed, and the sunlight was slowly shining in, bringing with it hope and warmth.


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