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The more she thought about it, the more she felt that this was the case.

Then, the admiration and love for her grew deeper and deeper, which led to this scene.

However, to Zhong Wens surprise, even Mo Chus appearance was no longer of any use.

Everyones admiration for her was really extraordinary! However, if this continued, when would the people at the back be able to receive the medicine

Mo Yangs gaze shifted, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

He shouted, “Everyone, its better to split up and line up in other lines.

The medicine is the same.

Otherwise, even if Mo Chu stands until tomorrow, she wont be able to finish distributing the medicine.”

Mo Yangs words clearly had some effect.

Everyone looked at Mo Chus flushed cheeks, and their hearts could not help but tense up.

They could not help but feel a little ashamed.

That was right! With such strong sunlight, it was best not to make Mo Chu sick!

Thus, the patients who had refused to comply just a moment ago looked at each other.

One by one, they consciously walked toward the other distribution points.

Yes! They could not add to Mo Chus burden!

Fine! Zhong Wen shook his head.

He finally understood.

In the eyes of everyone, this girl, Mo Chu, was a treasure filled with happiness!

“Boss,” he bumped into Ning Yiyuan who was standing behind him.

Zhong Wen had a teasing expression.

“See Its getting harder for you to get the beauty back!”

“Of course, I only like the best!” Ning Yiyuan replied with a smile.

His gentle gaze never left Mo Chu.

“Uh…” Zhong Wen shook his head.

Bosss proud look ofMo Chu is mine was too eye-catching! If Zuo Lin was here, he would probably be showing off his affection again!

Suddenly, Ning Yiyuan, who had a gentle look on her face, suddenly narrowed her eyes!

Whats wrong

Following his Bosss gaze, Zhong Wen realized that the originally quiet and orderly line of receiving medicine had suddenly become a bit chaotic.

The noise and noise grew louder and louder, and some of the content could be vaguely heard.

“You Little Lass, what nonsense are you spouting”

“What did I say wrong!” A woman with a festering face screamed, “Mo Chu, that slut, she knows how to act! Whats so great about her!”

“Go ahead, keep talking nonsense! Do you believe that Ill beat you to death!” If it was in the past, the citizens of the Federation would always be extremely protective of women.

However, now that they heard her badmouthing Mo Chu, they could no longer control the primal power of anger in their bodies!

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“Is it nonsense I…” A middle-aged man suddenly ran over and tightly covered the womans mouth.

He kept nodding his head and apologizing to everyone, pulling the woman away.

Only then did this farce come to a complete end.

“Ha!” Zhong Wen could not help but chuckle.

This woman did not even look at how popular Mo Chu was in District 12, yet she dared to scold her like this.

She was really quite sick!

“Go investigate her!” Ning Yiyuan frowned slightly and ordered Zhong Wen in a low voice.

“Huh “Zhong Wen was slightly stunned.

“Do you still remember Mo Chu saying that someone pushed her into the Quarantine Center” At the thought of this, Ning Yiyuans voice became even deeper.

Logically speaking, this kind of behavior could be considered murder!

Zhong Wen finally understood.

He nodded to show that he understood.

“Then, if she really did it, are you prepared to…”

Ning Yiyuan glanced at him casually and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

“Do I need to tell you in detail how to deal with it”

To be able to reach his current position, Ning Yiyuan was naturally not a soft-hearted person.

He had used many of the methods that drew blood.

“Yes.” Zhong Wens expression changed.

At this moment, he seemed to be looking at the Marshal, who was a ruthless killer on the battlefield again.

He immediately replied in a deep voice, “I know what to do.”


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