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Zhong Wen and Shen Yi were indeed the top medical experts in the Federation.

The medicine they developed was very effective.

After half a month, the epidemic in District 12 was clearly under control.

The mortality rate and infection rate of the epidemic had dropped to zero.

Under such circumstances, the policy of closing the district was naturally broken.

Gradually, District 12 returned to its former prosperity and tranquility.

Sometimes, when one thought back, the despairing and numbing epidemic seemed to be just a dream.

Only District 12s high-erected mass grave reminded them of the cruelty of reality.

It was also because of this that their gratitude towards Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan became even more sincere.

Since the issue of the epidemic was almost resolved, Mo Chu, Ning Yiyuan, and the others naturally had to prepare to return home.

Upon hearing this news, many people from District 12 crowded into the space station just to see them off.

There were still about ten minutes before boarding.

Mo Chu and the others were sitting in the lounge next to them.

Through the transparent window, they could see their reluctant expressions and waving hands.

“Mo Chu, remember to return to District 12! Well be waiting for you!”

“Thats right, if Marshal Ning dares to bully you in the future, well stand up for you!”

“Hmm…” Mo Yang, who was sitting between Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan and separated the two of them, could not help but raise his eyebrows when he heard these words.

What He was only a few days late, and Ning Yiyuan, this big-tailed wolf, was preparing to abduct his sister again

“That… They misunderstood!” Seeing her Big Brothers face suddenly sink, Mo Chu could not help but cough lightly and explain.

“Theres no misunderstanding.”

Mo Yangs expression turned slightly better because of Mo Chus explanation.

However, it immediately drooped when he heard Ning Yiyuan say those three words.

He turned his head and glared at him fiercely! Dont think that just because youre a Marshal, youre amazing! My sister is a priceless treasure! Its not certain whos worthy of who!

Ignoring Mo Yangs livid face, the corners of Ning Yiyuans mouth curled up slightly.

His gaze locked onto Mo Chu.

His tone was gentle as he said, “When are we going to take the oath”

Take the oath Upon hearing this, Mo Chu was clearly stunned.

What oath

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Looking at her stunned expression, not only did Ning Yiyuan not get angry, his gaze became even gentler.

“Of course, were going to take the oath of a Guardian!”

Once they took the oath, their identities would be legally recognized.

It could be considered as being official.

“Ah” When did I agree to take the oath Mo Chus face was truly at a loss.

Mo yang frowned and was interrupted by Ning Yiyuan before he could say anything.

“Are you not going to admit it” His voice was slightly louder and even the onlookers outside could hear it clearly!

“Look outside.

The people of District 12 are all witnesses to us!” Ning Yiyuan added.

Then, the family members who had previously shouted that they would support Mo Chu immediately turned against him.

“Yes, we are all witnesses to you!”

“The both of you havent sworn an oath yet.

Hurry up! Dont waste any more time!”

The changes in this scene caused Mo Chu to be dumbfounded!

As for Ning Yiyuan, the corner of his mouth curled up slightly.

His eyes twinkled, and he appeared to be in the prime of his life.

Beautiful! Zhong Wen, who was sitting on Ning Yiyuans right hand, secretly gave him a high five.

His boss had taken advantage of the situation to force her into a corner.

He had done it cleanly.

He gave him a thumbs up!

“I might be busy these days,” Ning Yiyuan said with a faint smile.

“But after these two days, well determine the time for the vows.

Dont worry, Ill definitely be well-prepared!”


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