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As she continued to read, Mo Yangs ranking was not low either, but this… What the hell was this

Qin Yue could not help but reveal an aggrieved expression.

“You didnt see wrongly.

This is your Roundys photo.

Someone actually placed it on the popularity rankings.

This is too much!”

“Ao ao–” Roundy, who was resting on Mo Chus chest, immediately opened its eyes upon hearing this.

It fiercely howled at Qin Yue a few times.

Youre not satisfied Im just a lovable beast.

What do you think

Qin Yue could not help but shrink back when he saw Roundys sharp teeth.

Thats right, it was so unreasonable! Roundy, who had only appeared three or four times, was actually ranked higher than him on the popularity rankings.

There must be a problem!

“Oh right, Qin Yue.” Mo Yang handed him a glass of water with gratitude in his eyes.

“You were a big help earlier.

Thank you!” If it was not for Qin Yues arrangements, he definitely would not have been able to enter the tightly sealed District 12.

“Hey!” Qin Yue waved his hand nonchalantly.

“Look at what youre saying.

Were good brothers!”

“But if you really want to thank me,” Qin Yue suddenly changed the topic and looked around.

“Why dont you do me a favor”

… Huh

When the three of them walked onto the street, Mo Yang finally reacted.

“So youre asking us to go shopping with you”

“What do you mean by accompanying me to go shopping” Qin Yue tidied up his clothes slightly.

He raised his head and puffed out his chest as he said righteously, “Im asking you guys to cheer me on!”

How could he miss such an important day

Mo Chu walked between the two of them.

Looking at the streets that were much livelier than before, she could not help but feel a little puzzled.

“Whats going on is today a special day”

“Yeah!” Qin Yue stared at Mo Chu in disbelief and exclaimed, “You dont even know about the most important Lovers Day in the Federation”

“Lover… Lovers Day” Mo Chu was stunned.

This should be similar to Valentines Day in the 21st century!

“Thats true.” Qin Yue thought for a moment and his expression softened.

He nodded his head and said, “You, a minor, are just here to join in the fun.

Its not of much use.

It doesnt matter whether you remember it or not.”

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“Come, choose one.” When they walked to a small shop next to them, Qin Yue waved his hand and said boldly, “Whichever one you like, Ill treat you!”

As soon as these generous words came out, the shop owner immediately came to undermine them.

“No need.

All your things are free, free!” Then he turned his head and looked at Mo Chu with some embarrassment.

“Well… look, can you sign an autograph for me My son likes you very much!”

“Sure.” Mo Chu was stunned at first, but she agreed immediately under Qin Yues teasing gaze.

“Sigh.” Hearing this, the shop owners face was beaming with joy.

He immediately took an exquisite notebook from the side, opened the front page, and carefully placed it in front of Mo Chu.

“You can sign here.”

“Okay.” With the experience from the previous time, Mo Chu waved her pen and signed quickly and skillfully.

“Come, take your pick, take your pick!” The shop owner put away the notebook and waved at them with a smile.

“Look, I cant spend the money even if I have it.” Qin Yue took a few steps forward and shook his head as if it was a serious matter.

“I wanted to treat you guys, but now it seems that I can only bask in Mo Chus glory.

Aiyo, these masks are really good!”

“Masks” Mo Chu raised her head when she heard this.

It was really true! There were all kinds of masks in the shop.

On them were all kinds of ink magical plants and beasts.

They were vivid and interesting.


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