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Mo Chu tilted her head slightly and met Qiao Hongmeis provocative smiling face.

She raised her eyebrows suddenly.

“Dont be anxious.

My results are not out yet, right Be careful, you might accidentally slap your face later!”

Qiao Hongmeis face suddenly stiffened.

They had already revealed the authenticity of these ten pairs of antiques just now, so they naturally understood their own results.

Mo Chu still dared to say these words at this moment.

Could it be… That he was actually more correct answers than her

Impossible! Qiao Hongmei shook her head violently.

Could it be that this country bumpkin from District 12 was even more accomplished than her in appraising How could it be It was definitely Mo Chu who was trying her best to save face! However, when she thought of the name she had spread online — Lucky Star, Qiao Hongmei felt a little flustered.

With a swoosh, one of the judges who had been sitting upright on the chair suddenly stood up.

There was a look of astonishment on his face as his voice trembled slightly.

“Number 77, all ten questions are correct!”

The moment these words were said, there was an uproar on the stage!

For a moment, Qiao Hongmei thought that she had heard wrongly.

She turned her head around in a daze and looked at Mo Chu who was beside her.

She stared at theNumber 77 on her wrist.

How was this possible Mo Chu had actually gotten all ten questions correct!

“Now, who should be looking up to whom” With a light laugh, Mo Chus words drilled into Qiao Hongmeis ears, but it felt like a heavy slap to her! The disdain and ridicule towards Mo Chu from before had all fallen on her!

“Oh my God!” Qin Yue swallowed hard.

He never thought that Mo Chuqing would be able to get it all right.

This 100% probability was too terrifying!

Beside him, Mo Yangs eyes could not help but reveal a thick sense of pride.

As expected of his own sister, well done!

“Damn, this is too awesome!” The people who had been paying attention to Qiao Hongmei earlier turned their attention to Mo Chu.

“10 correct answers.

How is this a record This is clearly a record that has never been set before!”

“But… Dont you guys feel that number 77s figure is a little familiar”

“Come on, any woman looks familiar to you, okay”

Qiao Hongmei, who was standing beside Mo Chu, felt utterly humiliated! A huge sense of disappointment overwhelmed her.

Just a moment ago, everyone had been praising her, but now they were pinning all of this on Mo Chu! Glancing sideways, she felt that the faint smile on Mo Chus lips was extremely dazzling!

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In the second round, when the second round came, she would definitely crush this girl!

After carefully pushing down the ten pairs of antiques, the referee announced the contents of the second round.

Speaking of which, it was rather tricky.

The participants had to use the wordBright moon, and improvise a song.

Then, they had to sing the song.

They were given 30 minutes.

After hearing this, the girls on the stage looked at each other, feeling rather awkward.

On the other hand, Qiao Hongmeis lips curled up.

This segment sounded easy, but to get a good score, one needed talent, quick wit, and a good singing voice.

This wasnt something that could be relied on luck!

The time was up.

Qiao Hongmei was the first to walk out.

She stood gracefully in the middle of the stage, dressed in a gorgeous red dress.

Her mask covered half of her face, giving off a sensual flavor.

In the silence of the audience, Qiao Hongmeis lips parted slightly, and the song drifted out with the wind.

The song she composed suited her style.

It was graceful and charming, especially her voice.

It was so soft that it almost reached ones bones.

However, there was an additional seductive scent at the end of the song.

The crowd below was also intoxicated by the song.


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