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After the song was finished, the judges discussed it.

Actually, in terms of composition and lyrics, the song was still slightly lacking.

However, Qiao Hongmeis voice made up for some of it, and in the end, she got a high score of 8.5.

Qiao Hongmei strolled back.

When she walked to Mo Chus side, she glared at her fiercely.

She did not believe that this girl would still be able to shine later on!

Actually, the singing order was arranged according to their results from the previous round.

The higher the ranking in the first round, the lower the singing order.

This way, the time taken for others to sing would be longer than half an hour, and it would also give them an advantage.

However, Qiao Hongmei had taken the initiative to advance, so she was naturally not in this line.

However, her singing raised the standard of the entire scene by several degrees.

The singing of the following few people seemed to be somewhat inferior.

Although the audience below did not cheer, their apathetic expressions had already explained everything.

“Sigh.” After the first round of the competition, Qin Yue now had complete trust in Mo Chu.

He was no longer nervous and could only poke mo yang curiously.

“Oh right, how was Little Chus singing Is it good”

Mo Yang was silent for a long while before he shook his head gently.

“Im not sure either.”

“Its fine.” Qin Yue patted Mo Yangs shoulder with a face full of trust.

“Little Chu will definitely be fine.

This kind of small matter will be resolved in a matter of minutes, alright”

Mo Yang turned his head and suddenly asked, “Why dont you sing a few lines and let me hear it”

Qin Yues expression instantly froze and he turned his head away immediately.

“That… that… that… Well talk about it when we have time! Oh, look, its Mo Chus turn!” Qin Yue was terrified by Mo Yangs request and quickly changed the topic!

In fact, there were quite a few outstanding girls in the previous few rounds.

There were even two who tied with Qiao Hongmei and both got a high score of 8.75 points.

Under such circumstances, Mo Chus situation was a little tricky.

If she could not get a score higher than 8.5, she would not have the chance to participate in the third round.

Moreover, she happened to be the finale, so the pressure was not small.


77, you can do it! We support you!” Mo Chu had just taken a step forward when Qin Yue shouted from below.

With him leading the way, the scene immediately became lively, with loud roars and cheers rising one after another.

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Everyone was really looking forward to her.

After all, Mo Chus performance in the first round could be said to be perfect!

Walking in the middle of the stage, Mo Chu took a deep breath and opened her lips slightly.

Then, an elegant and graceful singing voice rang out, “When will the bright moon appear Wine to the sky…”

To be honest, creating a song about theBright Moon in half an hour was really a difficult problem for Mo Chu.

She was not a talent in this area at all.

However, there were so many popular songs in the 21st century.

Any one of them could shock the entire audience, okay


Mo Chu was absolutely right!

Once this song was released, the lively scene just a moment ago instantly quieted down.

Only Mo Chus clear and ethereal song resounded throughout the night sky…

After she finished singing the entire song, everyone still felt that the music was lingering.

Such a slightly old-fashioned song was simply breathtaking.

Even the referee did not hesitate to give her a score of 9.5!


77 once again became the focus of the entire venue!

Qiao Hongmei, who was standing behind Mo Chu, stared at her in disbelief.

How was this possible Such a song… was actually created by Mo Chu


Qiao Hongmei had a hundred doubts in her heart, but she also understood that if this song had really been created by someone else, it would have become famous long ago!



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