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Qin Yues eyes were wide open as he stared at the stage in disbelief.

“Did you see that 9.5 points! This is absolutely crushing!”

“Yeah!” Mo Yangs voice could not hide his excitement.

It was his first time hearing Little Chus voice, and this made him completely dumbfounded.

This years beauty contest completely exceeded everyones expectations.


77 had won two rounds of the competition with absolute strength.

It was simply too amazing!

“Now its the third round of the competition.

We will pick 33 spectators from below.

Please stand behind the girls who you support.

The three with the most people will take off their masks and win our grand prize!”

Hearing this, Mo Chu was slightly stunned.

No wonder this beauty contest had lasted for so many years.

Look at the design of this segment, it completely aroused everyones enthusiasm!

As expected, as soon as the referee finished speaking, the boys below all went crazy! Those at the back all squeezed forward, while those at the front vowed to protect their positions with their lives.

The scene was extremely intense!

It was only until the 33 boys were pulled out that the crowd finally calmed down.

However, the sounds of regret were still incessant.

Qin Yue was one of them.

When he saw the lucky ones who were chosen to go on stage, his eyes were filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred! Why was it that Mo Yang, who did not fight for anything, was chosen to go on stage He was so enthusiastic, but he was left behind.

The Heavens were really unfair!


“Alright, now lets invite the 33 boys on stage to make your choices.” The referee announced the start.

“Attention, each of your choices represents the life and death of the girls on stage.

Please be careful.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the other boys were still in a dilemma.

Mo Yang took a few steps forward and walked directly behind Mo Chu.

He was as firm as a stone.

Mo Yangs action also stirred the other boys to stand on his side.

Three minutes later, the selection was completed.

The girl who was chosen was facing the audience.

She could not see what was going on at all.

Her heart was filled with uneasiness! However, there was still a lot of yelling from the audience, which made her even more nervous!

The referee was still a person who liked to see the world in chaos.

He kept asking, “Has everyone decided Is there anything else you want to change You can change now!”

“Okay.” The final decision had been made.

A smile appeared in the referees eyes.

“Now, Im going to count to three.

Please turn around and see how many supporters you have behind you.”

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“One, two, three!”

Everyone turned around in unison.

Mo Chu met Mo Yangs warm gaze the moment he turned around.

He smiled and said, “Well done!”

Most of the 33 boys stood behind Mo Chu.

The rest stood behind Qiao Hongmei and the other girls.

The difference was immediately apparent.

“Very good.” The referees voice rang out again.

“The results of this beauty contest have been announced.

They are number 13, number 56, and number 77.

Let us congratulate them!”

The passionate voice instantly stirred up the atmosphere in the venue.

Everyone cheered and shouted in unison, “Take off your masks, take off your masks…!”

“Thats right.

Now its the most exciting moment.” The referee was so excited that his face turned red.

“Please take off your masks one by one.”

“First, No.


The girl paused for a moment and hesitated for a long while before removing the mask on her face.

Under the mask was a face that was not considered beautiful, but could only be considered delicate and pretty.

In fact, based on Mo Chus perspective, this girl had the temperament of a piece of jade from a small family.

However, in the Federation, where the beauty value was generally high, she appeared somewhat ordinary.


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