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The houses and buildings of the Federation were usually equipped with automatic cleaning functions.

Therefore, there was no need for them to personally clean up the mess on the ground.

However, they still needed to inform the landlord about the cracks on the walls, and they would have to get specialized personnel to fix them.


By the time they were done with their work, it was already almost afternoon.

Mo Yang did not feel anything.

On the other hand, Mo Chu had been standing by the table ever since the explosion.

She held the ingredients in her hands as she constantly weighed them.

She was puzzled.

Why did the explosion happen all of a sudden

Before this, Mo Chu had cooked at least seven or eight times, but this had never happened before.

“Alright, dont think about it if you cant figure it out.” Mo Yang did not like how Little Chu was acting, so he comforted her softly.

“This isnt something that can be figured out overnight.

Lets take it slow.”

“Alright.” Mo Chu agreed swiftly.

However, she never put down the ingredients in her hands.

It was obvious that she was still thinking about it.

After so many days, Mo Yang finally understood his little sisters temperament.

Although this girl looked weak on the surface, she had a tenacity that was unique to her bones!

“Why dont you go to the terminal and check it out” Mo Yang suggested.

Upon hearing this, Mo Chus eyes could not help but light up!

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Thats right, how could she have forgotten about this

Mo Chu immediately opened the terminal and entered the Federation Library.

There was quite a lot of information in there, covering all sorts of topics.

This gave Mo Chu quite a number of new ideas.

Mo Chu was engrossed in reading when she suddenly discovered that quite a number of documents had been locked.

She had no way of opening them.

“Brother, whats going on Why cant I open these documents” Mo Chu was puzzled as she handed the terminal to Mo Yang.

“These are professional documents.

You cant open them without a certain level of authority.” Many documents were gathered in the Federation Library on the Starnet.

Naturally, it was impossible for them to be open to the citizens.

There was bound to be a portion of them that needed to be kept secret.

“Then what kind of authority do I need to open it” After looking through some of the materials, Mo Chus heart started to form some hazy thoughts.

However, the most crucial materials were locked up.

Just like watching a suspense movie, it was always stuck on the most exciting parts, and it was very frustrating.

“This is usually the case…” Before Mo Yang could finish his sentence, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Mo Chu initially thought that it was someone who was repairing the wall.

Who knew that when the door opened, it was Will, whom he had met once before.

“Yo, its only been a few days, and Little Sister Chu has already forgotten about me” Looking at Mo Chus stunned face, Will put on a pained expression.

However, there was still a smile on his face, and he was clearly joking.

“Of course, I still remember,” Mo Chu replied with a smile.

Wills humor had left a deep impression on her.

Hearing this, Will immediately laughed out loud.

He flipped the hair on his forehead and said, “I told you, its rare to see someone as handsome as me.

How could Little Sister Chu have forgotten about me”

“Alright, come over and have a seat.” Looking at Wills narcissistic expression, Mo Yang shook his head helplessly.

“Why are you here today”

Will was usually quite busy, and if he needed something, he would usually leave a message for him at the terminal.

Why was he in the mood to come over personally today

“Look at what youre saying.

I have something important to ask you today…” Will stopped talking mid-sentence.

When Mo Yang followed Wills line of sight, he realized that Will was staring at the crack in the wall.

Wills eyes were filled with shock.

“You didnt do this, did you”

“Well…” Mo Yang naturally wanted to protect Little Chu out, so he answered ambiguously.


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