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“Eh” Mo Chu paused.

What did he mean

“The time for us to swear the oath!” Ning Yiyuan stopped and turned his head slightly.

His affectionate gaze fell on Mo Chus face and her tone softened.

“Ive already asked someone to investigate.

The meaning of this day is the best.

Its suitable to marry.”

When she said the wordmarry, the smile on Ning Yiyuans face became more obvious.

However, when he looked at the petite girl in front of him, he could only let out a low sigh.

Forget it, I should first confirm my status as a Guardian!

Moreover, it was already the middle of June.

There were only seven or eight days left until the 21st.

Ning Yiyuan was very satisfied with this timing.

Unfortunately, Ning Yiyuan alone was not satisfied with this matter.

“Umm…” Mo Chu took a step back and lowered her head slightly.

She did not dare to look into his eyes that were as bright as the stars.

“What oath… I never agreed to it.”

With her head lowered, Mo Chu only felt that Ning Yiyuans voice was a little heavy, but she did not see the hint of a smile in his eyes.

“So, what you mean now is… Youre prepared to abandon me”

… What the hell These words stunned Mo Chu.

What did he mean by abandoning him The two of them had never started, so how could she abandon him

“However, you cant deny this.” Ning Yiyuans eyes shone even brighter.

Suddenly, he reached out and pinched Mo Chus perky little nose.

“Right now, everyone in District 12 is our witness.

You wont be able to escape.”

F*ck! Didnt they say that Marshal Ning of the Federation was a very silent and decisive person

Who was this person in front of her who was eloquent and full of sweet words

Mo Chu stared at Ning Yiyuan with suspicion.

She could not help but curse in her heart.

Who was this blind guy who actually gave Ning Yiyuan such a description This was the complete opposite of the truth, okay

“Since youre not saying anything, then Ill take it as your tacit agreement.

Are we agreed on this” Seeing Mo Chu pouting her little mouth, the corner of Ning Yiyuans mouth rose, and a smile fell on his determined face.

An indescribable charm exuded from his body.

People who normally did not smile would either scare or charm people to death when they smiled.

Ning Yiyuan belonged to the latter category.

Mo Chu was bewitched by his beauty.

She was stunned for a long time before she reacted and shook her head repeatedly.

“Who said that I didnt agree to this!”

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Frowning, Mo Chu snorted coldly at Ning Yiyuan.

This delicate look fell into Ning Yiyuans eyes, and the smile on his lips deepened.

The two of them walked around the street for more than an hour, chatting and laughing.

Ning Yiyuan naturally did not feel tired.

He only felt a little heartache when he saw Mo Chus slightly sweaty forehead.

“Why dont we rest for a while” Ning Yiyuan looked to the side and pulled Mo Chu towards a beautifully decorated hotel.

Mo Chu did not refuse.

After walking for so long, she also felt that her feet were a little sore.

It was not bad to rest.

“Alright, you rest here for a while.

Ill be back soon.” After bringing Mo Chu into one of the rooms and settling her down, Ning Yiyuan reached out to rub her little head and gave her instructions with a faint smile.

Mo Chu did not mind.

She rested her face on his elbow and nodded casually.

Speaking of which, Ning Yiyuan was quite thoughtful.

He specially chose a room by the window.

Mo Chu sat there.

Looking out, she could see the lively stream of people and small stalls.

The sounds of bargaining rose and fell.

Men and women wearing masks walked past each other, making the scene especially interesting.

After about 20 minutes, the door suddenly opened.


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