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“You, youre back” Mo Chu turned her head and yawned.

Her voice sounded a little lazy.

Hmm… she had only strolled for a short while, and she was already so tired that he wanted to sleep

However, when she turned his gaze and saw the person at the door, her heart tightened! This… the figure and smell werent Ning Yiyuan!

The person did not say much and quickly rushed toward Mo Chu in a menacing manner.

Mo Chus expression changed and she immediately retreated.

The water blade in her hand was ready to be thrown forward, but this person had already taken the initiative to attack.

When he got close to Mo Chu, he ruthlessly knocked her on the neck!

“Mm!” Mo Chu only had time to grunt before she fell to the ground with aplop.

The person looked at the burnt out knockout powder by the window and a trace of doubt flashed across his eyes.

This was the best-selling new knockout powder on the black market.

It was colorless, tasteless, and had an obvious effect.

It was said that this effect could even sedate a large magical beast.

How… could this girl still be so clear-headed after being exposed to it for so long

Forget it! Shaking off the doubts in his mind, the person carried Mo Chu on his shoulder.

After a few jumps, he disappeared without a trace.

Ten minutes later, Ning Yiyuan walked back with a smile on his face.

He was carrying a big bag of various toys in his arms, which did not match his usual tough and resolute style at all.

Ning Yiyuan did not mind at all.

He carefully carried them in his arms.

These were all things that Mo Chu had paid special attention to when she was parading on the streets.

Although Ning Yiyuan did not say anything at that time, he remembered them all in his heart.

Now, he just happened to buy them all.

“Little Chu, Im back…” when he pushed the door open, Ning Yiyuans tone was full of joy.

The rest of his words suddenly stopped when he saw that the room was empty.

He suddenly frowned!

Ning Yiyuan carefully looked at the entire room, but there was still no one in it!

His heart suddenly trembled! He was very clear that Little Chu was not someone who would leave without saying anything.

She had suddenly disappeared.

There must be a reason for it!

Suddenly, Ning Yiyuans expression froze!

He placed the thing in his arms on the table and strode towards the window.

There was actually some white powder here.

Ning Yiyuan used his fingers to pinch a little and sniffed it lightly.

His expression changed drastically!

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Damn it! This was the latest knockout powder! How did this kind of drug appear here

This was all thanks to Ning Yiyuans fast speed.

If he had been ten minutes later, even this fine powder would have been annihilated automatically.

It was also because it would disappear automatically after use without leaving a trace that the black-robed man would leave on his own, he did not clean up the aftermath.

Thus, he left behind some traces.

At this moment, Ning Yiyuan had already thought it through, and his eyes darkened!

Little Chu must have been taken away by someone!

With a creak, the window was gently pushed open.

“Shh… Lower your voice,” Zuo Lins low voice sounded, filled with curiosity and gossip.

“I wonder how far Boss and the girl have gone”

Just now, they had accidentally met their boss on the street and found him buying a bunch of useless things with a silly smile on his face.

Needless to say, he must have bought them to please Mo Chu.

Out of curiosity, they immediately followed their Boss.

However, when they looked through the window, they were surprised to find that only their Boss was sitting on the chair in a daze, but Mo Chu had disappeared.

What was going on Could it be that Mo Chu had left first

“Come in!” Suddenly, Ning Yiyuan shouted sternly! He did not turn his head, but his lowered face was frighteningly dark!

Oh no, they had been discovered! Zuo Lin and Zhong Wen looked at each other, and the corners of their mouths fell.

They stood up at the same time and walked into the room.


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