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“Well, Boss, we were just looking around.

We didnt mean anything by it.

Dont — Hey, why are you pulling my clothes” Zuo Lin did not know what had happened and was about to defend himself.

However, Zhong Wen clearly sensed the strange atmosphere and pulled his sleeves hard.

“Investigate!” Ning Yiyuan stood up abruptly, his eyes filled with a bloodthirsty light.

“Find out exactly who took Mo Chu away!”

Zuo Lin and Zhong Wens expressions changed when they heard this.

What did he mean Mo Chu was taken away by someone else

“Hurry up and go!” Ning Yiyuan turned his head slightly, the words coming out from between his clenched teeth.

Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin were a little shocked by this bloodthirsty look.

They had followed Ning Yiyuan for a long time, but they had never seen their Boss like this.

They did not dare to delay any longer and immediately turned around to make arrangements.

Thus, in the army of District 3, groups of soldiers prepared themselves and set off from various places to search for the missing person.

They were meticulous, like sweeping a carpet.

Zuo Lin also pulled out all the surveillance cameras in District 3 and searched through them one by one.

They spent a full two hours, but in the end, they found nothing.

Zuo Lin did not dare to speak to the gloomy-looking Boss.

He could only shake his head at Zhong Wen, who was at the side, with a slightly dejected expression.

“I guess the person who took Mo Chu away must be an expert.

He must be very familiar with the surveillance cameras in District 3.

He purposely avoided these locations and did not leave any clues behind.”

“Oh right, what about the knockout drug” Zuo Lins eyes suddenly lit up.

Perhaps he could start from this aspect.

Zhong Wen also shook his head helplessly.

This thing could be considered a best-seller in the black market.

No one would record the information of the buyer.

Moreover, as long as this thing changed hands, there would be a myriad of ways to go after it.

There was simply no way to investigate it.

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuans expression became even more terrifying! It was like calm lava.

As long as the layer of indifference on the surface was removed, the scorching lava would instantly spew out.

Its destructive power was astonishing!

At this moment, Ning Yiyuans terminal suddenly made a movement.

“Report! Team A searched 1st Street, but found nothing.”

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“Report! Team B searched 2nd Street, but found nothing.”

“Report! Team C…”

Listening to the reports from his subordinates, Ning Yiyuans originally gloomy eyes were extremely dark!

Who was it Clenching his fists tightly, Ning Yiyuans eyes were wide open.

The panic and anger in his heart had reached the highest point in his life! If he found the culprit, he would definitely burn this persons bones and scatter his ashes!

There were so many heavily guarded troops coming in and out, and there were so many people on the streets.

The people were not blind, so they naturally could see it.

They could not help but grumble in their hearts.

It was clearly a romantic Lovers Day, but because of this, a layer of negativity was cast over it.

This big commotion was naturally transmitted to the higher-ups.

Elder Ning was the first to react.

The video call was directly sent to Ning Yiyuans terminal.

Just as the call connected, Elder Nings furious roar was heard.

“Ning Yiyuan, are you crazy”

That pair of eyes that were full of wrinkles but still clear and bright glared at Ning Yiyuan.

His large palm slammed fiercely on the table, using it to vent the anger in his heart.

“Do you think you can just deploy the army as you please Do you feel that your position as the Marshal is too stable”

A lonely tree in the forest would be destroyed by the wind.

Ning Yiyuan stood in this position, and countless people were jealous.

Many people wanted to pull him down from his position.

As long as Ning Yiyuan was caught in the slightest mistake, it would be the best weapon to attack him!


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