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In the face of Elder Nings anger, Ning Yiyuan did not say a word.

“What Now your old man cant even order you around You have to stop this right now!” Seeing Ning Yiyuans silent look, Elder Ning was even more furious.

Ning Yiyuan had just solved the epidemic in District 12, and now was being closely watched.

If he did not keep a low profile, he would actually mobilize the army in such a big way… He was giving reasons for his enemies to target him, right

As expected of a soldier.

Master Ning yelled for more than ten minutes without taking a breath.

He did not stop until a glass of water was brought to him.

“Mo Chu has been taken away.

I want to find her!” Ning Yiyuan raised his head at this moment.

His eyes were red, and his face was more serious and fierce than ever.

“As for other things, I cant care about that for the time being.”

After saying that, Ning Yiyuan turned off the video camera, ignoring the words of his father.

It had been two or three hours since Mo Chu had disappeared.

The night was getting darker and darker.

It was as dark as a ball of black ink.

Mo Yang had also received the news.

He walked towards the room with big strides.

He seemed to be very angry as he walked.

As he approached, he did not say anything else and directly punched Ning Yiyuans face.

His face was filled with anger as he said, “Ning Yiyuan, where the hell did you take my sister!”

“You want to be Little Chus Guardian How could you lose her right under your nose! F*ck off!”

Ning Yiyuan did not resist and allowed the fist to land on his face.

A bruise appeared on his left cheek and it quickly swelled up.

“Well,” Zuo Lin tried to persuade him.

“Mo Yang, you cant blame Boss for this.

He was…”

“Shut up!” Ning Yiyuan glared at Zuo Lin and then at Mo Yang.

“This is my fault.

Ill give you an explanation when I find Little Chu!”

After staring at Ning Yiyuan for a while, Mo Yang turned his head away and suppressed the anger in his heart.

The most important thing now was to find Little Chu.

Everything else could wait!


“Whats going on” Mo Yang asked in a deep voice, “Isnt Little Chu with you Why did she suddenly disappear”

As Mo Yang spoke, his anger rose again and he glared at Ning Yiyuan resentfully.

“Its like this…”

“What Black market knockout powder” When Mo Yang understood the whole story, his face turned even paler and he suddenly stood up from his chair!

Could Mo Chu have been abducted by someone from the black market

If that was really the case, things would be terrible!

One had to know that due to the small number of women in the Federation, the law was very lenient towards them.

The citizens of the Federation also gave preferential treatment to women.

However, this did not hold true for the people from the black market!

Those who could enter the black market were all walking on the line of life and death.

Which one of them was not stepping on the edge of the law

If Mo Chu was really captured by them, the consequences would truly be unimaginable!

Previously, there were already women who were captured by the people of the black market and trafficked to other galaxies.

They were clearly pampered children in the Federation.

In the end, after being trafficked, the women became the exclusive property of others, and they were tortured and beaten up.

The scars on their bodies were simply shocking to look at.

After a few years, when the people from the military rescued the women, they had long lost their human form!

At the thought of what Little Chu might encounter, Mo Yang felt like his brain was made of wood! No, Little Chu would definitely not encounter such things…


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