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“Ha! Just this woman She doesnt look that good!” A mocking female voice.

It sounded faint to Mo Chus ears.

“Alright, you guys should know better than me what to do!”

Lying on the cold ground, Mo Chu felt a chill all over her body.

Her entire body was weak and her eyelids were extremely heavy.

She used all her strength to lift her head up, but she could only see a blurry figure.

The woman was walking away in a pair of white high heels…

Her eyes sank and she fell into darkness again.

When Mo Chu opened her eyes again, the bright light caused her eyes to waver.

She could not help but narrow her eyes slightly.

After a while, she finally got used to the bright light.

Her entire body was extremely weak.

Mo Chu used all her strength to sit up slightly.

Only then did she realize that she was locked in a metal cage.

Her clothes had been changed a long time ago, a thin and transparent white gauze was covering her half-naked body.

What… was going on

Mo Chus memories slowly returned to her.

She suddenly frowned.

Only now did she remember that she fell unconscious and was taken away! Then what was this place now

Looking around, she saw a bright chandelier hanging down slightly in the beautifully decorated room.

It shone with bright and dazzling lights.

All kinds of antiques were casually placed on the table and on the wall.

It was enough to tell how rich the owner of the house was.

As she looked around, Mo Chu suddenly narrowed her eyes!

Other than the cage that was holding her, there were actually a few other cages beside her.

There were also a few half-naked unconscious girls inside!

Could it be… that she had been kidnapped

Mo Chus heart could not help but skip a beat.

She was preparing to use a water blade to cut open the metal cage.

Only then did she discover to his surprise that the elemental energy in her body did not move at all!

What was going on

Mo Chus face could not help but show a trace of shock.

She focused her attention and looked carefully, only to find that the elemental energy in her body seemed to be blocked by something and could not be released at all.

Biting her lips fiercely, Mo Chus gaze suddenly fell on the terminal on her wrist.


Yes, she could still use the terminal to contact the outside world, but when she used it, she realized that there was no signal at all! Thats right.

If these people were serious about imprisoning them, so why would they give them the chance to contact the outside world

Mo Chu did not know that these people actually wanted to take down the terminal on her hand.

However, the terminal on her hand was the latest model and had a very high safety factor.

Once it was forcefully taken down, not only would the information inside be destroyed automatically, it would also cause an anomaly and expose their location.

In the end, they had no choice but to block the signal.


The door was suddenly opened with a bang.

Looking Up, Mo Chu could not help but frown.

“As expected of Miss Mo…” The person clapped his hands and said with a smile, “After administering such a large dose of anesthetic, you can still wake up so quickly.

Look at the girls beside you.

Tsk, tsk, they are still sleeping soundly!”

“You are… ” The man in front of her was dressed in a refined manner.

He was dressed in a suit and his smile was humble and modest.

If not for his words just now, Mo Chu was unable to associate such a man with the wordskidnapper.

“Heh.” The man chuckled softly.

His temperament seemed to be more reserved and gentle.

“You can call me Young Master Zhou.”

Young Master Zhou

“It seems that Miss Mo has never heard of me.” Zhou Yong slightly bent his head and raised his eyebrows.

At this moment, he revealed a slightly mischievous look.

“Its really like what it is on the program.

Shes very pure and clean! It was just a pity that the purer and cleaner something was, the more people wanted to dye it black.”



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