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If it was anyone else, they would have been scared to tears the moment they heard his name.

Zhou Yong was known asYoung Master Zhou.

He was a famous kidnapper in the Federations black market.

As long as one could afford the price, he would dare to commit the act of kidnapping.

He would act recklessly and boldly.

However, due to his complicated network of influence, no one dared to touch him.

“What Arent you curious about what I will do to you” Zhou Yong widened his eyes and stared at Mo Chu, revealing a crafty smile.

The girls who fell into his hands in the past were not as calm as Mo Chu.

They would either cry or beg for mercy.

There were even extremely stupid people who dared to threaten him.

They were really stupid!

It was the first time that Mo Chu had asked a question and kept quiet.

Naturally, Zhou Yongs interest was aroused.

“Why Will you let me go if I ask questions” Mo Chu raised her eyebrows slightly and asked a question in return.

With this stance, she knew that the answer was definitely no.

In that case, what was the difference between asking and not asking

“Youre right.” Zhou Yong nodded as if it was a matter of fact.

The corners of his mouth curled up into a faint smile.

“However, youre quite interesting, little girl.

If it werent for the fact that someone specifically wanted to sell you, I would have kept you around to play with!”

Mo Chu glared at him fiercely.

Can you not say such inappropriate words with your good-natured face It feels very strange, okay

“Hehe!” As if he could read Mo Chus mind, Zhou Yong laughed even more heartily.

His eyes were curved, looking like a kind neighbor.

“Since youre already awake, lets start as soon as possible.

Otherwise, Im really afraid that I wont be able to resist keeping you!”

Although he said that, Zhou Yong clapped his hands without the slightest hesitation.

Following the clapping sounds, a few cold-faced men walked in.

They raised their hands and covered Mo Chus cage with a large black curtain.

Then, they pushed the cage out with all their might.

Mo Chus vision was covered by the black curtain.

Everything before him was pitch black, but his hearing became exceptionally developed.

As the cage got closer and closer, the roars became clearer and clearer.


Amidst the excitement, there was also a hint of madness! A few vague words could be heard.

“Buy… how much…”

Mo Chus expression changed!

Could it be that this was the auction house outside With the current situation, were they prepared to push them up one by one like auction items, allowing others to size them up and bid

No! Mo Chus heart sank, and her brows furrowed!

She could not just give up like this.

She had to think of a way to escape! However, the cage that was holding her had already been pushed up to the stage…

On the other side.

The search and rescue operation was still going on in full swing, but the results were not satisfactory.

“Boss, everyone has already searched all of Distrcit 3, but…” Zuo Lin lowered his head slightly, not daring to face his Bosss ugly and gloomy face.

“We still havent found anything.”

Actually, Zuo Lins heart was also pounding.

How was this possible They had almost turned District 3 upside down.

Logically speaking, not to mention finding a living person like Mo Chu, even a small Iron Ant would not be able to escape their eyes, how could there be no news at this moment

“Did we miss out on something else” Zhong Wen also frowned.

Half of the time to seal the zone had already passed.

If they did not seize the opportunity, it would be much more difficult to find Mo Chu once District 3 was unsealed.

“Impossible!” Zuo Lin shook his head vigorously.

“We are following the map of District 3.

We are looking through each zone one by one.

It is impossible to miss anything.”


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