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At this moment, Mo Chu did not know how alluring her current appearance was.

Her entire body was lying weakly in the cage.

Her snow-white skin, under the shade of the gauze, formed a stark contrast to the pure black carpet beneath her body.

She gave off an inexplicable sense of allure.

Coupled with her exquisite features, a faint hint of arrogance could be seen on her weak little face.

This appearance had aroused the endless desire of these men to conquer her!

In less than ten minutes, the bidding price soared higher and higher.

Now, it had already reached 600 million Federation Coins!

“Tsk, tsk.” Zhou Yong, who was standing below the stage, could not help but click his tongue.

With a faint smile, he clapped his hands.

“Not bad! Miss Mos price has already broken our highest record.


Zhou Yong was sdi tanding very close to Mo Chu, so naturally, these words fell into her ears.

Her gaze could not help but become stern as she fiercely glared at Zhou Yong!

“Hehe, I thought you wouldnt have any emotions” Zhou Yong naturally also received Mo Chus angry glare, and the smile on the corner of his mouth became even thicker.

The demeanor of a modest gentleman was naturally born.

However, the words he said were somewhat provocative.

Mo Chu did not reply.

She just silently turned her head and did not look at him again.

At this moment, the bidding on the stage had already entered a white-hot phase.

The men who were originally sitting upright had already stood up one by one.

Incredible prices were spewed out of their mouths one by one.

The gaze that they were looking at Mo Chu with was as if they wanted to swallow her whole!

“Alright, the highest price now is one billion.

Is there any higher price” The auctioneer who was standing at the side seemed to have already gotten used to this scene.

His face was calm, and even the frequency of his voice did not seem to have changed, it was as if the item being auctioned was just an inanimate object, and not a living person!

“Alright, one billion.

Calling once!”

“One billion, calling twice!”

“The third time!” The wooden hammer landed on the board, and with a single strike, it was final.

“Sold! This item will belong to Mr.


The auction ended just like that.

Very soon, someone came to push the metal cage containing Mo Chu into the room.

After turning left and right, they finally entered a dimly lit room.

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Lin, who had just bid for Mo Chu, was already sitting by the bed.

His dark suit outlined his good figure, and he wore an exquisite black mask on his face.

Only his slightly raised thin lips could be seen.

His entire person revealed a mysterious and unfathomable temperament.

After taking two steps toward Mo Chu, the man spoke softly.

His voice was like a dancing thread, delicate and gentle, yet faintly carrying a hint of danger.

“You are Mo Chu, and the Federations Marshal Ning is your Guardian”

The moment these words were said, Mo Chus brows suddenly raised.

“I couldnt tell that he actually had such a strong taste.

He actually likes to play with underdeveloped girls” Not paying attention to Mo Chus expression, the mans lips curled up, and his voice sounded a little ethereal.

“However, do you think that if I were to play you until youre crippled, wouldnt Ning Yiyuans reputation be ruined”

“If he cant even protect his own woman, whats left for a guy like him to be proud of” As if seeing Ning Yiyuans pained expression, the mans smile became more and more obvious.

He took out a key from somewhere.

The mans slender hand gripped the lock, and with a click, the metal cage that had trapped Mo Chu was released.

“Come on.” Mo Chu was still weak and could only be carried out by the man.

He threw her onto the big bed at the side.

“Let me see whats so special about the woman that Marshal Ning has taken a fancy to!”

Casually throwing the key away, the mans hand gradually approached Mo Chus body.

Seeing that he was about to touch the white gauze on her body, Mo Chu suddenly raised her head.

Her voice was weak but it was filled with determination.

“You… arent from the Federation, right”


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