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“Aiyo! Youre amazing!” Will turned his head around, his expression clearly expressing his shock — Young man, youre really too savage!

Will had found this house on Mo Yangs behalf, so he naturally knew how strong this rooms ability to withstand pressure was.

When he took a closer look at Mo Yang, he was clearly a dashing and handsome young man, so why was his martial prowess so terrifying

Wills incredulous expression was really amusing!

Unlike Mo Yang and Mo Chu, Will had the face of a Western aristocrat.

If he did not open his mouth, he would be able to deceive others with his elegant and mature temperament.

However, as long as he opened his mouth, his naturally comical personality could not be concealed.

“Enough.” Mo Yang rolled his eyes at Will.

They had been old friends for so many years, so how could he not know this fellows temperamental character “Just tell me whats the matter!”

“Sigh.” Will had a look of being oppressed by evil forces, and traces of tears could be vaguely seen in his pair of blue eyes.

“Alright, Ill speak.”

“Theres news from the Military Academy that they might be able to recruit students this year.” When it came to serious matters, Will put away his cheeky smile from before and became serious.

“Mo Yang, dont you want to give it a try”

When it came to the Military Academy, there was probably no one in the entire Federation who did not know about them.

Their fame was similar to Harvard and Cambridge in the 21st century, or even better.

It was rumored that 80% of the Federations elites had graduated from the Military Academy.

This probability could only be described as terrifying.

However, correspondingly, the recruitment criteria for the Military Academy were quite strict.

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The most basic requirement was that ones elemental energy level had to be above tier 5.

Just this alone was enough to disqualify countless people!

In the entire District 12, there were only a few dozen people who could reach tier 5.

However, not all of them could enter the Military Academy.

There were also other criteria like age and physical fitness.

If the requirements to enter the Military Academy were so strict, then those who could graduate from the Military Academy were naturally dragons and phoenixes among men.

“Youre asking me to go to the Military Academy” Hearing this, Mo Yang could not help but be stunned.

Little Chu had always been in a coma, and he had never thought about this problem.

Even if Mo Chu was awake now, he had not thought about it.

After all, once he entered the Military Academy, he definitely would not be able to take care of Little Chu like he was doing now.

“Will, thank you.

I understand your good intentions.” Mo Yang paused.


Before he could finish his sentence, Mo Chu interrupted him.

“Brother, you can go!”

Just by looking at Mo Yangs expression, Mo Chu knew that her brother was prepared to reject him.

She also understood — it was all because of her!

However, she did not want to drag Mo Yang down all the time.

Military Academy did not recruit students every year.

Instead, they would only recruit new students when they had reached a certain graduation rate.

It had been a full 30 years since the last batch of students had been recruited.

This was a rare opportunity, so how could she watch her big brother give up


“This is really good news.” Mo Chu put on a look of excitement.

“When you go to the Military Academy to study, Ill go and take a look too.”

Looking at Little Chus face full of anticipation, Mo Yang could not help but feel a little bitter in his heart.

All these years, he had missed out too much because Little Chu had fallen asleep.

Now that he could finally fulfill one of her wishes, Mo Yang naturally would not refuse.

“Thats right,” Will chimed in from the side.

“The Military Academys enrollment is around mid-September, and its only a little over January now.

Theres still more than half a years time.

Its a good time to take Little Chu out to play!”

“Okay.” Looking at Little Chus bright smile, Mo Yang nodded his head in agreement.



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