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From the moment he opened his mouth, this mans words had already exposed his identity.

If he was a member of the Federation, he would never subconsciously use the wordsFederation Marshal Ning when addressing Ning Yiyuan, and this could only mean one thing — He was definitely not a citizen of the Federation!

Hearing this, the mans hand instantly froze on the spot.

The corners of his mouth slowly retracted.

“… Now, I somewhat understand why Ning Yiyuan fell in love with you.” Staring at Mo Chus exquisite and fair little face, the man suddenly spoke.

To be able to determine his identity with just a few words, she was truly an extremely intelligent little lass!

“However, you should know that sometimes, its not a good thing to know too much, right” The man suddenly changed the topic and spoke in a heavy tone.

Mo Chus eyes focused and met the mans gaze.

Her tone was calm, “So… youre going to kill me”

“No, of course not!” The mans tone was slightly raised.

He shook his head and reached out to touch Mo Chus smooth little face.

“I spent a whole billion to buy you.

How could I kill you so easily”

“Dont worry.

When our people come, well leave together.” The man raised his eyebrows.

“Since I bought you, you wont be able to escape!”

Mo Chus expression suddenly changed.

Leave Where to

Once they were out of District 3, it would be extremely difficult to find her!

“Good girl.” Seeing the change in Mo Chus expression, the mans tone became more and more complacent.

“Now is not the time to think about this.

Before I leave, I should have a taste of you, dont you think so”

As he said this, the man could not help but put on a mischievous smile.

His heavy body pressed down on Mo Chus body!

With a bang, the man pressed down on the big bed, and Mo Chu, who was supposed to be under him, had already nimbly moved to the side at this moment.

The man turned his head slightly and raised his eyebrows slightly.

There was a hint of curiosity in his tone.

“When were you able to move”

Anyone who was auctioned at the Zhou Auction House would be injected with a type of drug beforehand.

This medicine would cause ones entire body to become weak and unable to move.

It was used to ensure that the auctioned items would be obedient.

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Unexpectedly, this girl was a surprise!

Mo Chu moved her stiff wrist and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

Indeed, she had also been injected with this type of drug previously.

However, fortunately, her terminal had not been confiscated yet.

When she was covered by the black cloth previously, Mo Chu took the opportunity to take out some Spirit Food from the terminal and stuffed it into her mouth with whatever strength she had left.

The effects of this Spirit Food were good.

However, some time had passed since she consumed the Spirit Food, and for the effects to kick in.

Otherwise, she would not have had to fight with this man in order to stall for more time.

Fortunately, at the most critical moment, the effects of the Spirit Food finally kicked in.

All the medicinal properties in her body had been dispelled.

Not only that, her sealed elemental ability could also be used!

“You didnt expect this, did you” Mo Chus lips curled up slightly, and her hands were already secretly preparing her next move.

“Indeed!” The man nodded and sat up slightly.

As expected of the woman that Marshal Ning had taken a fancy to.

She really had some skill and could not be underestimated! But this way, his interest in this woman became even stronger…

As he was thinking, the man suddenly narrowed his eyes, and his body suddenly flashed backward, dodging the water blade that Mo Chus hands released!

The water blade that missed hit the door at the side and actually created a big hole!

“This girl has no heart at all!” The mans eyes turned cold.

If this water blade landed on him, it would probably be able to take his life immediately!


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