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After living for so many years, this was the first time he hated himself so much! In those four hours where seconds felt like years, the remorse in his heart almost drowned him! If he had been a little more vigilant at that time, perhaps Little Chu would not have been captured — such thoughts kept popping up, whipping his already tormented heart!

The terminal suddenly rang.

Ning Yiyuan took a look, walked to the window, and opened the video call.

“You really have guts!” Just as the call was connected, Elder Nings scolding sounded again.

When he saw Ning Yiyuans face, he was furious.

“I called you so many times before, but you didnt respond to any of them.

Why, have you grown wings now Have you forgotten me”

“Grandfather, Mo Chu has already been found.” Ning Yiyuans lips curled up.

His previously tense and solemn face now revealed a smile.

Elder Nings voice suddenly paused.

“F*ck off! Who asked you this question!” Half a second later, Elder Ning roared as usual, his old face slightly trembling.

“I heard that you found the higher-ups to seal District 3 for four hours.

Are you out of your mind”

“Grandfather, lower your voice,” Ning Yiyuan frowned and said softly.

Hmph! Elder Nings anger eased.

So, this brat finally feels bad for his Grandfather Why did it take so long

“Your voice is too loud.

It will disturb Mo Chu.” Ning Yiyuan looked back at the room, his gaze gentle.

“She just fell asleep not long ago.”

Hearing this, Elder Nings face instantly turned stiff! His face was previously red with anger, but now it was slightly green.

In the end, it turned black.


Only now did Elder Ning realize that he was overthinking things.

He abruptly hung up the video call! He picked up the cup on the table and gulped down the water.

He could not take it anymore.

If he talked to this kid again, he would die of anger!

Looking at the video call that was hung up, Ning Yiyuan was stunned for a second.

Before he realized what he had done wrong, Zuo Lin happened to come back at this moment.

“Hows the investigation going” Zhong Wen took a step forward and handed him a cup of water.

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Ning Yiyuan also put away the terminal and walked toward Zuo Lin.

In this matter, besides Zhou Yong as the middleman, the guy who took Mo Chu away and sent him to the auction house was the culprit! Therefore, this was not the end!

Zuo Lin shook his head and revealed a guilty expression.

“Ive just gone to investigate.

This persons methods are very clean and neat.

There arent any traces left.

Hes extremely difficult to deal with.”

Zuo Lins investigation results were within Ning Yiyuans expectations.

The person who could silently kidnap Mo Chu and smoothly connect to the Zhou Auction House was definitely not a character to be underestimated.

However, this foxs tail would always be exposed.

They needed patience!

Ning Yiyuan narrowed his eyes and a chill shot out.

“Its that buyer.” Zuo Lin put down his cup and his eyes lit up.

“I found some clues.

Take a look!”

As he spoke, Zuo Lin opened the terminal in his hand and zoomed in on the screen.

“This is a scene that I found and extracted from the Zhou Auction Houses surveillance camera.

It happens to be in front of that guy.”

The few of them took a closer look.

On the screen, a black mask covered most of his face.

They could only see the bottom half of his well-defined face.

“What can we do with this clue” Zhong Wen could not help but roll his eyes.

Just like that, who could tell who this guy was

“Hey, how can you talk like that!” Upon hearing this, Zuo Lin was not happy.

He had spent several hours just to find this clue.

He had watched the surveillance footage of the Zhou Auction House over the past few days.

His eyes were about to go blurry.

It was not easy for him to capture such a scene.


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