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In the end, Mo Chus powerful luck came into play once again, and she quickly found the pouch containing the commemorative coins.

Yes… As expected of theLucky Star.

Her luck was simply amazing!

Qin Yues face was also filled with ecstasy.

The surprise came too quickly, and it made me feel a little overwhelmed! However, before he could be happy for long, Roundy ran back with a jolt, and even pulled a few identical pouches in his claws.

Qin Yue was immediately dumbfounded.

His stunned look made the netizens burst into laughter.

One by one, they covered their stomachs and left comments in the comments section.

“Oh my God, I didnt expect you to be like this, Qin Yue.

You have a natural talent for making jokes.

Look at his expression, its too funny! I cant take it anymore, I have to laugh for a while!”

“Haha, Lucky Star is smart.

She knows that its impossible to find the silk pouches so easily.

I like Little Chu!”

“Am I the only one who noticed Roundys pitiful appearance My heart aches for him.

Come, give him a hug!”

“I noticed it too.

As expected of Little Chus pet.

Its so special!”

“What is this Director Lin playing at There are so many commemorative coins, which one is real”

These words also asked the hearts of the majority of the netizens.

Looking at Qin Yue in the program, he was also frowning and had a bitter expression on his face! On the other hand, Mo Chu was stunned for a moment.

Very quickly, an idea flashed through her mind, and she asked Qin Yue for the clue card from before.

Hmm Could it be that there was something wrong with this clue card

The netizens minds could not help but imagine all sorts of things, and all kinds of guesses were made in the comments section.

The comments rose like high-rise buildings.

Very soon, Mo Chus actions gave them an answer.

They saw that she actually tore open the clue card on one side.

There was actually another clue hidden inside — “White Mountain Tower, 25,68.”

“Damn! Isnt this segment too awesome How could an ordinary person think of it”

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“Thats right! Tsk tsk, shes indeed from the city.

Isnt this trick a little too devious”

“Mo Chus intelligence and luck are both amazing!”

“What does this clue mean I dont understand what it means!”

At the same time, the scene changed.

Almighty Song and the others quickly discovered the mystery behind this and successfully took out the second clue card.

The progress of the two was unexpectedly consistent.

Now, it was up to which teams speed was superior!

Qin Yue finally came into play this time.

He pulled Mo Chu and ran down the road.

The cameramen behind the two of them were left behind.

They could only take a step forward and chase after them desperately.

“By the way, what does this clue mean” Mo Chu looked at Qin Yue curiously as they ran down the road.

“Actually, this thing is also very simple.” Qin Yue immediately shook his head when he met Mo Chus adoring gaze.

He raised his eyebrows at Mo Chu as if it was a matter of fact.

The pride in his eyes could not be hidden at all.

“‘White Mountain Tower, 25,68 actually refers to a specific location.”

Using latitude and longitude as the criteria, after the military simplified the data, they obtained a specific coordinate.

“That place must have hidden this commemorative coin!” When he thought about the prospect of victory, Qin Yue became even more excited.

His two legs seemed as if they were about to fly as he ran at an astonishing speed.

His excitement was not a big deal.

The key point was that he was still holding onto Mo Chu, which almost caused her to stumble and fall down.

“Hey, be careful!” This was a mountain path.

If they accidentally fell down, it would be a big deal.

Qin Yue also knew that he had done something wrong.

The happy expression on his face immediately disappeared, and the hand that was holding onto Mo Chu also quickly loosened.

He put on a guilty but flattering smile.


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