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Mo Chu was kidnapped and sold into the auction house

Haha, are you f*cking kidding me — At first, everyone thought that this news was definitely nonsense.

However, when they looked down at the title, their expressions changed again and again.

They were surprised to find that the person who released the news actually talked about the whole matter in a very detailed manner.

There was even a picture attached at the bottom, from the looks of it, this did not seem to be a groundless rumor.

With that being the case, everyones hearts couldnt help but start to waver.

“That… Do you guys think that this news is true”

“It feels like it! Look at what the poster said.

He has a nose and eyes.

If he were to really make something up, he probably wouldnt be able to come up with so many details!”

“So, Lucky Star has actually been auctioned off in the auction house F*ck, thats so scary!”

The moment Mo Chus question came out, it immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

One had to know that due to the relatively small number of women in the Federation, everyones attention towards the issue of women was extremely intense.

Even though the entire environment gave a certain degree of preferential treatment to women, there would still be a few or even dozens of women being abducted and sold every year.

After all, the fewer women there were, the greater the space for profit! And this huge profit was enough to attract many criminal traffickers to secretly lay their hands on women!

In the first half of the year, the Federation government had just issued preventive measures and punishments for such incidents.

In the end, not long after, Mo Chu had actually become the next victim!

This criminal group was a little too rampant, right!

At the thought of this, the netizens all became agitated.

At the start, it was only out of concern and affection for Mo Chu.

In the end, they actively requested the government to capture the perpetrator of this crime and execute him.

“They actually dare to abduct and sell women.

What are these scumbags still doing in this world They should be executed one by one!”

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“Thats right.

Only in this way will they have some misgivings.

Otherwise, this unhealthy trend will only become more and more rampant and bold!”

The matter became bigger and bigger.

In just a short span of one night, the Starnet had spontaneously formed a protest team toseverely punish the abductors and traffickers.

The number of people participating in the group had even reached over a million.

Furthermore, all sorts of propaganda words had quickly taken the top spot on all the major forums and websites!

Not only that, this trend had even spread from the Starnet to real life.

Many people started to go on strike to protest.

There were even some people who sat in front of the government in a daze.

Among them, a group of hot-blooded students represented by the school had even raised their flags high up in the air to hold a public demonstration at the entrance of the government.

Before this, no one would have expected that a small girl like Mo Chu would actually become a fuse for such a movement.

Once it was lit, it would immediately cause a huge explosion!

“Damn it!” Upon hearing the news, Qin Yue immediately rushed to Ning Yiyuans apartment.

He fiercely patted Mo Yangs shoulder, making a crisppa sound.

“Brat, why didnt you tell me earlier that such a big thing had happened I only found out about it this morning when I logged onto the Starnet!”

Mo Yang did not say anything.

However, Mo Chu could not help but open her mouth to defend him when he saw Qin Yue glaring at his big brother angrily.

“Qin Yue, dont worry.

I came back last night and nothing big happened.

My brother probably didnt tell you because he was afraid that you would worry.”

“Hmph! How could you hide this from me Are you still my brother” Qin Yue glared at Mo Yang, only then did he shift his gaze to Mo Chu and sized her up carefully.

“How is it Are you alright Are you still feeling unwell”


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