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“Its alright.” Mo Chus lips curled into a smile.

She stood up and spun around a few times on the spot.

“Look, Im completely intact.

Not even a strand of hair is missing.”

“Thats good.” Qin Yues brows relaxed.

He glanced to the side and asked with a hint of gossip, “Oh right, wheres Marshal Ning Where did he go”

One had to know that Little Chu had just experienced this horrible thing, and it was impossible for her not to be fearful.

Now was the perfect time to pursue her.

Was Ning Yiyuan wasting his time

When he heard the wordsMarshal Ning, Mo Yangs expression darkened and his tone turned cold.

“Who knows where he went!”

“Sigh! Dont misunderstand!” No one knew where Zuo Lin was hiding previously.

When Zuo Lin heard this, he immediately came out and explained on behalf of his Boss, “Didnt Little Chus matter blow up Due to the anger of the masses, the higher-ups decided to send people to investigate this matter.

When Boss heard it, he simply invited himself over.”

However, according to his opinion, his Bosss idea was unlikely to succeed!

Everyone knew that Mo Chu was Ning Yiyuans sweetheart.

Now that Little Chu had met with this incident, even if it was to avoid suspicion, the higher-ups were unlikely to let their Boss take over this investigation.

As expected, when Ning Yiyuan returned, his slightly gloomy face proved Zuo Lins guess.

“Boss, how is it” Zuo Lin came over with a curious look on his face.

Since it was not Bosss turn to take over this matter, someone else would naturally take it down.

However, he did not know who would be so lucky.

After all, if this matter was handled properly, the satisfaction of the people would definitely soar.

“The final decision has been made.

It was the Qiao Family who took over this matter.” Ning Yiyuan sat upright on the chair and rubbed his knotted brows.

There was a hint of unwillingness in his tone.

The Qiao Family

How could it be them

Hearing these words, Zuo Lin could not help but frown.

Even if he was not sensitive to the matters in the officialdom, he knew that boss and the Qiao Family did not have much of a rivalry.

How could this matter fall onto the Qiao Family

“Dont worry.

This time, Qiao Shan should be in charge of the investigation.” Zhong Wen had also gone with them, so he naturally understood the situation and added on.

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“Qiao Shan” Hearing this, Zuo Lin was stunned for a moment, then his expression became much more relaxed.

“Thats good, thats good.”

Qiao Shans surname was Qiao, but deep down, she was really not the same as the Qiao Family.

They were all Military Academy students from the same batch.

Although they did not have much interaction, they had some understanding of Qiao Shan.

Although she was usually rigid and harsh, her character was not bad.

If Mo Chus matter fell into her hands, at least there would not be any miscarriages of justice.

“Mm.” Ning Yiyuan nodded.

His gaze shifted to Mo Chu beside him.

When he saw that her expression had returned to normal, he could not help but relax.

Just as he was about to step forward, he suddenly thought of something and stopped in his tracks.

“Oh right, since Little Chu has already rested, well head back first.” When he saw Ning Yiyuans figure, Mo Yangs expression immediately changed.

His tone was ice-cold as he spoke.

Previously, he only stayed at Ning Yiyuans apartment because he saw that this place was nearby.

Now that Mo Chus condition had already improved, there was no longer a need for him to stay here.

“Dont!” Upon hearing this, Zuo Lin became anxious first.

He quickly gave his boss a look and then went forward to stop Mo Yang.

“You say, the investigation team should be here soon.

Isnt it troublesome to walk around while the matter is still unsettled yet Why dont you just stay here”


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