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It was still a long time before the Military Academys enrollment, and the two of them were prepared to have some fun on the way.

So, they naturally needed to prepare in advance.

Mo Chu could not get rid of her gluttonous nature.

She was prepared to make another trip to the Dense Wood Forest to find more ingredients to perfect her gourmet recipe.

Mo Yang, with his sister complex, naturally nodded his head in agreement.

This time, they did not need to complete a mission, so it was much easier than the last time.

In less than half a day, Mo Chu had successfully found several ingredients.

For a moment, her small face was as bright as a chrysanthemum!

Mo Yang was not idle at the side.

Although he could not distinguish which ingredients were edible, he could help to collect them.

After all, Mo Chu was only at tier 2, and it would still take a lot of effort to successfully take down a magical plant.

Mo Yang was needed for times like these.

The Fragrant Vine was a very special magical plant.

It could release a refreshing fragrance at any time and place.

Anyone who smelled it would be attracted to it and walk towards it.

However, once they entered the range of the Fragrant Vine, the fragrance would immediately become stronger, causing people to be in a daze.

At this time, it was a good time for the Fragrant Vine to attack.

It would silently extend its vine and use the suction on the vine to suck away the flesh and blood of its prey.

In the end, only a skeleton was left as its nourishment.

Mo Yang was worried that Mo Chu would be disturbed by the fragrance, so he decided to ask her to stand three feet away while he went to get the Fragrant Vines fruit himself.

Mo Yang was experienced and knew that it was very dangerous to succumb to the fragrance.

He had to end the battle as soon as possible, so he did not hesitate.

The lightning in his hand formed a bundle and immediately attacked the Fragrant Vines root.

The Fragrant Vines root was like a persons heart and brain.

Once it was hit, it could slow down the fragrances release, providing a moment of relief.

The Fragrant Vine was not stupid.

It immediately used a part of the vine to block its root, while the other part went towards Mo Yang.

Mo Yang turned his body to the side and nimbly dodged the vines attack.

He focused his fire on the Fragrant Vines root.

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For a moment, the man and the vine were locked in a fierce battle.

Mo Chu was terrified as she watched from the side.

She wanted to help, but she knew what she was capable of.

She could only cheer for Mo Yang from the side.

“Ah!” At this moment, Mo Chu suddenly realized that she had actually soared into the air.

Shocked, she turned around and realized that she had been clawed by a magical beast and was flying into the air!

Upon hearing Mo Chus scream, Mo Yang immediately turned around.

However, he was entangled by the Fragrant Vine and was unable to escape.

After a moment of shock, Mo Chu quickly calmed down.

The Water Blade in her hand was aimed straight at the magical beasts neck.

In her cultivation, Mo Chu realized that the Water Ball was too big and its attack power was not strong enough.

Hence, she cultivated for a very long time before she invented this Water Blade move.

Magical beasts had always been more sensitive than humans.

The Gale Beast tilted its head slightly and successfully dodged Mo Chus attack.

However, it did not expect Mo Chu to attack it from different directions consecutively.

The Gale Beast could dodge to the left, but it could not care about the right side.


Even though it was just a small Water Blade, the key was that its edge was extremely thin and sharp.

With just a light slash, several bloody scars appeared on the Gale Beasts body.

Only now did the Gale Beast realize that it could not underestimate the creature under its claws.

With just a slash of its sharp nails, the skin on Mo Chus shoulder was torn.

Very soon, Mo Chu realized that her entire body had gone soft, and there was no way for her to attack this magical beast anymore.

Only then did the Gale Beast finally feel at ease.

It howled a few times towards the sky, flapped its wings, and brought Mo Chu up.

As a result, Mo Chu was carried away like a broken sack.

On the other side, Mo Yang finally managed to get rid of the troublesome vines.

However, when he found out that Little Chu had been taken away by the Gale Beast, he could not help but feel anxious and angry.

He wanted to attack the Gale Beast, but at the same time, he had to take care of Mo Chu below.

For a moment, he was in a dilemma and could only give chase desperately.

However, Gale Beasts were famous for their speed, and no matter how hard Mo Yang tried, he quickly lost sight of it.

“Damn it!” Mo Yang cursed under his breath, but he still continued to chase after the Gale Beast.

Mo Chu did not know how long she had been in the claws of the Gale Beast, but she felt that the wind had cut her face until it hurt.

When it finally stopped, Mo Chu was thrown onto the ground with a bang.

If it was not for the soft grass below, her bones would probably have been broken.

Even so, Mo Chus fall was not light.

She could not help but wail in her heart.

Hey, cant you be gentler

After she finally recovered, Mo Chu raised her eyes and looked around.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up!

Oh my, Ive met an old acquaintance!

There was a chubby little fellow in front of her with a unique hairstyle.

Was it not the Blood Luminescent Beast that she had fed previously

“Hey! Hey!” Mo Chu hurriedly said, hoping to attract its attention.

As expected, when the Blood Luminescent Beast saw her, its small face immediately broke into a smile and it jumped over.

“Do you still remember me The person who fed you french fries and grilled fish before” Mo Chu had grasped this little fellows gluttonous nature.

Indeed, every time she mentioned food, the Blood Luminescent Beasts blood-red eyes lit up.

This was going to be interesting! Mo Chu was not worried that it would not understand.

From the previous encounter, she knew that although this little fellow appeared cute and silly, it was smart and quick-witted.

However, if anyone else knew what Mo Chu was thinking at this moment, they would definitely be in tears.

How was this ferocious beast cute and silly It was clearly a savage beast!

The Blood Luminescent Beast saw the gourmet food provider and jumped around in joy.

Mo Chu did not have the time to communicate with it.

The Blood Luminescent Beast stretched out its chubby palm and gave her a gentle push.

Mo Chu rolled like a boneless dough.

She rolled for a few rounds before he stopped.

Seeing this, the Blood Luminescent Beast did not have the slightest bit of sympathy.

Instead, it chuckled and blinked its big eyes.

It seemed to be very happy.

This fellow was gloating!


Originally, after being carried for so long, Mo Chu was already feeling dizzy.

After being pushed by the Blood Luminescent Beast, she was seeing stars.

It was as if it had found an interesting toy.

It pushed Mo Chu left and right, wanting nothing more than play with her like a piece of plasticine, having a great time! Mo Chu complained endlessly.

This must be karma!

Back then, she had teased this little fellow enthusiastically.

Now, she was being teased instead!


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