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Federation Military Academy, conference hall.

Hundreds of well-dressed reporters were eagerly staring at the stage.

The flashing lights and camera platforms filled the corridors on both sides.

“Whats going on Why did Exalted Chen Bai suddenly think of holding a press conference Did you receive any insider information”

“How is that possible When we received the notice, we were also at a loss!” A few reporters were whispering to each other.

Exalted Chens reputation was really prominent, but he was very low-key.

Many people in the outside world did not even know what he looked like.

They did not expect him to suddenly hold a press conference with great fanfare this time.

As a result, all the media personnel who had received the notice rushed over when they heard the news.

Each and every one of them was as excited as if they were on steroids.

This was a big shot at the highest level! Even if he did not leak a single piece of information, how could he let go of this rare opportunity

“Sigh, sigh, stop talking.

Someones coming out!”

The reporters who had been gathering information from each other just now stopped talking and looked at the stage with shining eyes.

“Damn!” When they saw the person who came, several reporters widened their eyes.

“Isnt Exalted Chen supposed to be more than 150 years old Why is he still so young”

“This is the art of retaining ones looks!” a reporter beside him interjected.

He looked at Chen Bai with admiration.

“Mortals like us should just watch silently!”

Chen Bai was wearing a white suit at this moment.

He had handsome facial features and a natural temperament.

His movements appeared casual and smooth.

He sat at the center of the stage leisurely and calmly.

“First of all, thank you all for coming.” Situ Xiu stood up and led the conversation.

The smile on his face made him look even more amiable.

“We dont want to talk too much today.

We invited you all here because our guest professor, Chen Bai, has a happy event to share with you.

Now, Ill give him the right to speak.”

As soon as these words were said, everyones camera focused on Chen Bai.

“Hello, everyone.

Im Chen Bai.”

After a short self-introduction, they went straight to the point.

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“All these years, Ive been dedicated to the research of normal plants.” Chen Bais eyes were sharp, and his words were loud and clear.

“Today, I will officially announce that the normal plant, Green Hope, which has been developed in our laboratory, has been successfully cultivated!”

The simple words made the audience burst into an uproar.

“Oh my God! Did I hear it wrong Did Exalted Chen say that he has developed a normal plant again” a reporter swallowed his saliva and muttered in disbelief.

“Its totally explosive news! It will definitely occupy the top three topics!”

“As expected of the Exalted Chen that I admire.

He has made such a great achievement without making a sound!”

“Alright, please be quiet for a moment.” Situ Xiu pressed his palm down.

“If you have any questions regarding this question, you can take this opportunity to ask.”

A reporter who had overcome all dangers and finally had the chance to ask a question stood up.

He smoothened his messy hair and asked curiously, “Hello, Exalted Chen Bai, may I ask where this normal plant is now”

Damn! Where did this hothead come from

The reporter behind him stared at him with a face full of contempt.

This was such a rare opportunity to ask a question, and you only asked this There was no explosive point, okay

“Green Hope is now in the Military Academys laboratory,” Chen Bai replied softly.


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