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See, what is the value of this question Are you stupid The reporters were almost in tears!

However, Exalted Chen Bai gave them an unexpected surprise.

His slender fingers lightly swiped on the terminal, and he looked up at the magnified screen on the opposite side, “Everyone can see Green Hopes appearance through this.”

Everyones eyes suddenly lit up, and they raised their heads when they heard the sound.

On the light screen, in the transparent glass laboratory, a green plant was proudly standing upright.

It did not have the bared fangs and brandished claws of an ordinary magical plant.

It appeared quiet and relaxed, and its green leaves seemed to exude a thick vitality, just looking at it like that could calm people down.

This… was a normal plant

The noisy venue suddenly quieted down.

Everyones actions were uniformly looking at the light screen on the side.

They could not even bear to blink their eyes.

This was really… so beautiful!


After a long period of silence, some people came back to their senses and took photos with their terminals one after another.

“I have to mention one person here.

Without her help, this Green Hope might not have appeared until today,” Chen Bai said calmly after giving everyone an excuse, his eyes were filled with excitement.

“This person is my only disciple.”

“Disciple” Damn it! When did Chen Bai take in a disciple

Hearing this, the reporters became excited again.

Their faces were red and their eyes were shining.

It seemed that todays explosive news was coming one after another!

“However, what makes me feel sad and indignant is that…” Chen Bai did not give the crowd a chance to ask questions.

His tone fluctuated and his eyes were filled with intense anger, “Such a talented child actually suffered harm, but the government turned a blind eye to it.

This is simply incomprehensible!”

Hmm Why did the person in these words sound a little familiar

Some of the sharp reporters had already linked the disciple that Exalted Chen Bai mentioned to the recently popular Mo Chu.

They could not help but be shocked.

My God, it cant be such a coincidence, right

“If the government has such an attitude,” Chen Bais face was cold.

“Then it would make us all feel too disappointed!”

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Exalted Chen Bais appeal was far greater than he had imagined.

As soon as these words were said, many of the reportersexpressions changed.

After a long while, someone finally opened his mouth and stared at him.

“Um, Chen Bai, could it be that your disciple is…”

“Thats right.” Chen Bai nodded, his eyes filled with pride.

“My disciple is Mo Chu!”

Guesses were guesses, but when the guesses were announced as the truth, all the reporters were still shocked!

Todays press conference was really full of twists and turns!

They originally thought that Venerable Chen wanted to show off this priceless green plant, but who would have thought that his disciple was mentioned Moreover, this disciple was none other than Mo Chu, who had just made the headlines two days ago! This was a little too surreal!

Some of the reporters who reacted quickly quickly came back to their senses.

Rather than saying that this press conference was to show the success of Green Hope, it was more like Venerable Chen wanted to seek justice for his disciple!

Oh my! No wonder everyone called Mo Chu theLucky Star.

This was a huge blessing, right First, she had Marshal Ning to protect her, and now, Venerable Chen Bai appeared.

It was simply amazing!

The reporters present were all more intelligent than the previous one.

Looking at Exalted Chen Bais actions today, they knew that this matter with Mo Chu would probably still cause a ruckus!


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