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“Alright, todays press conference ends here.

Thank you all for coming!” The meaning of his words were very clear.

The effect he wanted to achieve with this press conference should be revealed very soon.

Thus, groups after groups of reporters who were still a little muddle-headed walked out of the venue unsteadily!

Without waiting for the next days news, many media outlets rushed to print out the content of the press conference at noon.

Some people even posted the video directly on the Starnet, and the effect was no different from the latest explosion of hot news!

The netizens were all crazy! No one had expected such a miraculous turn of events!

“Mo Chu is actually the disciple of Exalted Chen.

Really Really”

“Did you see that” This person was obviously Mo Chus true love fan, and his agitated tone was overflowing from between the lines.

“How outstanding is my Lucky Star Even Exalted Chen Bai, who hasnt accepted a disciple in a hundred years, has made an exception!”

“I feel that Exalted Chen Bai is that kind of silent domineering man! This kind of protective behavior is piercing my heart.

Im adding yet another person as my idol!”

“Exalted Chen has always been the God in my heart.

Because of your words, Ive decided to become a fan of Mo Chu!”

All kinds of comments exploded on the internet.

For a time, the attention of the public reached an unprecedented high!

Of course, due to Exalted Chens special identity, the audience of this matter was not limited to the netizens who were paying attention on the Starnet.

The high-level government officials did not dare to underestimate it and immediately called for an emergency meeting specifically to deal with this matter.

Originally, the success of the research on normal plants made them happy.

After all, this matter was unique in the entire galaxy.

If it were to be spread out, it would be a matter of pride.

In the end, the topic changed and fell on Mo Chu.

This was a bit troublesome.

“Everyone, tell me, how should we deal with this” Elder Ning was the first to speak.

Even though he did not have a good impression of Mo Chu, his pride as a soldier did not allow them to indulge the people of other galaxies!

If they wanted to follow his thoughts, they had to investigate this matter.

Not only did they have to investigate, they had to investigate thoroughly! Dont think that the citizens of the Federation are easy to bully.

This is a good opportunity to give them a good show of strength!

“Everyone knows that theInterstellar War is about to begin.

At this juncture, its best not to have any problems.

Everyone, peace is the most important thing!” Song Tiancheng said with a smile.

He could not help but feel a sense of disdain in his heart.

Mo Chu was just a little girl.

She had not suffered any injuries, so why was she still clinging on

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“Ha!” Elder Ning could not stand their spineless behavior.

With a cold snort, he said sternly, “The one who was kidnapped and sold into the auction wasnt someone from your Song Family.

Otherwise, how could you say that so easily”

Hearing this, Song Tiancheng did not get angry.

He knew that in terms of status and power, he was not on the same level as Elder Ning.

He could only change the topic with a hint of a smile in his tone, “Look, this Mo Chu hasnt even entered the Ning Family yet, and Elder Ning is already defending her”

In this circle, Elder Nings dissatisfaction with Mo Chu was a public matter.

In fact, they could understand.

After all, no matter how outstanding Mo Chu was, her status, upbringing, and genetic level were unshakable facts.

The gap between the two families was too big!

Song Tianchengs words were a subtle mockery of Elder Ning.

You said that you dont like this girl, so why are you speaking up for her now Isnt this a waste of effort

Seeing the gaze of the people beside him, Elder Ning straightened his body and said in a loud voice, “Im just stating the facts.

Lets be objective nere.”


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