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These words were said with great righteousness.

However, when everyone was not paying attention, Elder Ning could not help but glare fiercely at Ning Yiyuan below.

Look, its all because of you.

Now, I dont even have the confidence to speak!

“Thats right, Elder Songs words are also somewhat reasonable,” another high-ranking government official said, deliberating his words.

“Look, the key point is that we still dont know which galaxy the man who entered the auction house is from or what his identity is.

It doesnt make sense for us to act rashly!”

These words attracted the approval of many people.

“However, the resentment of the people has become more and more overwhelming.” Ning Yiyuan suddenly raised his head.

His eyes were as sharp as a freshly unsheathed sword, and there was a hint of coldness in them.

“If we cant come up with a solution in time, Im afraid that this situation will only make things worse.”

“Also,” Ning Yiyuan paused.

“The green plant developed by Exalted Chen Bai will be able to shine in thisGalactic Battle of Strength.

However, if we dont handle this matter properly and cause him to be dissatisfied, it might not be worth it.”

Ning Yiyuan rarely spoke at military meetings like this, so todays speech was a long one.

Moreover, every word was reasonable, and no one could find a point to refute it.

“Then what do you think” At the crucial moment, Elder Ning was still very supportive.

“Why dont you leave this matter to me In this Interstellar War, I will be responsible for finding out his identity.

When the Interstellar War is over, I will officially file a lawsuit in the Galactic Court.” Ning Yiyuan smiled faintly, his eyes were brimming with confidence.

He would personally catch this guy and make him understand the meaning of the wordsexcruciating pain.

“Hmm” Song Tiancheng chuckled.

He could be considered an elder in Ning Yiyuans eyes.

“Listen to what youre saying.

Youre really not avoiding suspicion.”

Ning Yiyuan glared at him coldly.

“Naturally, my woman should be protected by me personally!”

The moment these words left his mouth, Song Tianchengs calm expression instantly shattered.

That year, when he and his wife met with danger outside, not only did Song Tiancheng not protect her, he even pushed her into the jaws of a tiger, using this time to exchange for a chance for his survival!

This matter was originally a secret, but for some unknown reason, it was revealed later on.

At that time, everyone in the circle looked at Song Tiancheng with contempt.

After all, this kind of behavior was simply insane in the hearts of the people of the Federation! Later on, he used ruthless methods to climb to the position of the head of the Song Family.

Then, he tried his best to cover up this matter.

He reckoned that if he walked out now, he would still be looked down upon by others!

Ning Yiyuans words were like spikes, poking directly into his lungs!

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“Then what if Marshal Ning failed to find out the identity of this man” Song Tiancheng raised his eyebrows and the tit-for-tat in his words gushed out.

The thick smell of gunpowder instantly ignited!

“Then… What do you think, as head of the Song family” Ning Yiyuan asked instead of answering.

“Hehe!” Song Tiancheng sneered.

“How is this possible If our Marshal Ning couldnt even solve such a small problem, then how can he still sit firmly in this position as Marshal”

These words were aimed directly at Ning Yiyuans Marshals position!

“What are you trying to say” Elder Ning frowned and asked angrily, “What… ”

Before he could finish his words, Ning Yiyuan gave his grandfather a wink.

When he turned to look at Song Tiancheng, he forcefully took over the topic.

“Since the head of the Song Family has such high expectations for me, I naturally cant let you down.

But you see, if I find the successful person, dont you have something to show for it You have to give out a reward, right”


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