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It had been a few days since they last met.

Mo Chu had just returned home.

The moment she opened the door, he was greeted by a warm bear hug from Roundy.

Its chubby face was rubbing against Mo Chus, and those two bright red eyes stared at her without blinking.

Hmph! You heartless fellow, youre finally back!

“Whats wrong” Mo Chu poked Roundy in her arms.

The feeling was as good as ever.

She simply gave it a big kiss on the face, “Did you miss me”

“Awooo–” Roundy, who originally had a domineering face, was stunned for a second after being kissed by Mo Chu.

Then, its entire body began to turn red and hot.

If it was not for the fact that his thick fur covered it a little, people would probably believe that it had turned into aFiery Blood Luminescent Beast.

Moreover, those two eyes widened in disbelief.

One could even faintly see a hint of shyness within them.

It was rare to see Roundys silly look!

Upon seeing this scene, Mo Yang chuckled unkindly.

In the end, this laugh was immediately caught by Roundy who had sharp ears and eyes.

It twisted its big head and fiercely glared at Mo Yang.

When it met Mo Yangs teasing gaze, it could not help but coldly snort and proudly moved its head away from Mo Chus shoulders a little.

However, its two chubby claws still tightly grabbed onto Mo Chus sleeves and refused to let go no matter what.

As for the Little Flying Fox, it was still as shy as ever.

At this moment, it was standing not far away, staring at them with its wet eyes.

The longing in its eyes was also revealed.

She smiled at Little Flying Fox.

The little fellows eyes immediately lit up a lot.

After hesitating for a while, it ran towards them.

Mo Chu carried Roundy, and Mo Yang carried Little Flying Fox.

They walked inside at the same time.

After sitting on the sofa and taking a light step back, Mo Chu could not help but let out a soft sigh.

Hmm… it was still more comfortable at home! However, if Ning Yiyuan knew about this, he would probably feel conflicted again.

Could it be that my apartment isnt comfortable If its not comfortable… just tell me what you want, Ill immediately change it!

“Ao ao –” Roundy let out a few soft howls, its two claws tightly wrapped around Mo Chus neck as he began to act coquettishly.

Its large head swayed slightly, and its body also swayed along with it.

This scene could only be described with the wordsadorable!


Mo Yang, who could not bear to watch any longer, lowered his head.

For the thousandth time, he felt that this Blood Luminescent Beast of hers was definitely a mutant!


If it were to continue being pampered like this by Little Chu, he reckoned that it would only have two skills left in the future: acting coquettishly and eating greedily!

After more than half an hour, Roundy finally stopped its dancing mode.

Then, it spread its body and began to complain.

Its little claws pulled Mo Chus hand and gently patted its belly with an aggrieved expression.

“Ao ao–” Look, has this young master lost weight


When Roundy mentioned this question, Mo Chu suddenly reacted.

She turned to look at her big brother.

“Oh right, what have Roundy and the others been eating these days”

Recently, Mo Chu seemed to have been unlucky.

She had been kidnapped and sold in the auction house.

A series of crazy events happened to her.

She could not even take care of herself, so naturally, she could not care less about Roundy and the others.

When Mo Chu said this, Mo Yang was obviously stunned.

Before he could say anything, Roundy started to protest.

Its expression was pitiful and aggrieved!

No! This guy was prepared to starve us to death, this bad human!

“Umm…” Mo Yang looked at Roundy helplessly.

This little fellow was really good at acting in front of Little Chu!

After coughing lightly, Mo Yang continued, “I forgot.

I guess its time to prepare food for them.”



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