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Mo Yang also had a lot of food stored in his terminal.

However, he had been staying in Ning Yiyuans apartment for the past few days, so he had forgotten about Roundy and the others.

“So, Roundy and the others starved for a few days”

“Awoo –” thats right! This young master is really too pitiful!

Having completely lost the appearance of a domineering fierce beast, Roundy jumped into Mo Chus arms and rubbed its face against her.

The wordsseeking comfort, seeking touch were written all over her face!

“How is that possible”Mo yang exposed Roundys disguise.

Were the two pockets on Roundys stomach just for decoration Previously, it had hidden quite a number of spirit fruits inside.

Moreover, with Roundys gluttonous character, it would not starve, right

Get lost! Roundy turned his head, his eyes clearly shooting daggers at Mo Yang! It even gave Mo Yang a few vicious howls!

Seeing this, the corners of Mo Chus mouth suddenly curled up into a smile.

Such a familiar scene really made her feel happy!

“Ah!” Before the smile on Mo Chus brows faded, she suddenly let out a scream! This gave Mo Yang and Roundy a big scare.

The two of them turned their heads to look at her in unison.

“Whats wrong”

“Awooo –”

The concerned words of a human and a beast rang out at the same time.

“Brother, I forgot to contact Almighty Song these few days!” Mo Chu swallowed her saliva.

She immediately opened the terminal and opened the front page of the Spirit Food Shop.

Fortunately, she had previously asked Little Flying Fox to deliver a weeks worth of medicinal meals in one go.

Otherwise, it would really be troublesome this time!

Opening the mailbox and carefully checking the private messages, Mo Chu could not help but let out a sigh of relief.

In the mailbox, Almighty Songs daily health report had been sent over on time.

Although Mo Chu did not reply, Almighty Song did not seem to care too much.


At this moment, Mo Chu still did not know that in everyones minds, Domineering Roundy had already been promoted to a monstrous genius status.

For such a person, it was normal for him to occasionally ignore others.

After all, he was a genius, so he had the right to be wilful.

After carefully reading Almighty Songs physical report, Mo Chus brows relaxed.

The condition was clearly much better than before.

It seemed that the Medicinal Cuisine really worked!

“How is it” Mo Yang passed her a glass of water and asked curiously.

“The effect is not bad.”Mo Chus lips curled up slightly, and her eyes glistened.

“But the previous Medicinal Cuisine can be modified.

Ill make some for him later.”

Upon hearing that Mo Chu was going to cook, Roundy immediately became excited.

It stared at her with a face full of anticipation.

Little Flying Fox, who had been eating fruits for several days, could not help but light up.

Originally, they would only eat these things in the Magical Regions.

However, after Mo Chus long period of gourmet feeding, these two little fellows became the representatives offrom frugality to extravagance, from extravagance to frugality.

At this moment, they were extremely gluttonous!

“Alright, dont worry.” Looking at these little eyes of anticipation, Mo Chu could not help but chuckle softly.

A few recipes for Medicinal Cuisine flashed through her mind before he stood up and walked towards the kitchen, “I will also cook for all of you!”

Once they received Mo Chus promise, Roundy and Little Flying Fox became even happier.

They even jumped up excitedly on the sofa.

One moment it was high, the next it was low.

They completely treated this as a game that they would never get tired of playing.

On the other hand, Mo Yang rubbed his forehead helplessly.

“Please, this is already the third sofa.

Cant you two troublesome little fellows pay a little attention”


Mo Chu was already busy in the kitchen.


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