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She had found many great things within the magical plants that that Almighty Song sent over.

Among them were rare items like red dates and tremella fungus.

When Mo Chu first saw them, she was extremely excited!

Was she going to use them this time when she was making the Medicinal Cuisine for Almighty Song

The Medicinal Cuisine that she had made previously belonged to the restorative type.

Now, she needed to slightly modify it.

On top of strengthening the restorative foundation, it would also nourish his body.

Mo Chu was prepared to make two.

One was the medlar chrysanthemum pork ribs soup, and the other was the stewed meat with tremella and red dates.

Both of these Medicinal Cuisines had good nourishing effects, and the method was very simple.

Mo Chu first took out all the ingredients, washed the red dates, removed the stems, and waited for use.

Then, he cut the Water Weed into shreds, and the tremella was soaked in warm water.

Then, she picked a piece of lean meat, washed it, and cut it into short and thick shreds

She turned on the heat and boiled the soup pot.

After the water boiled, she put the lean meat into the pot and blanched it.

When the color of the meat changed slightly, she quickly scooped it out.

Then, she tore the fungus that she had soaked earlier into small pieces and put them into the soup pot.

Then, she put in the lean meat, red dates, and threads of Water Weed.

Finally, she poured some water into the pot and boiled it over the fire.

She skimmed the foam off the top with a spoon and turned the heat down to simmer for about an hour.


After the fire was turned off, she sprinkled some salt to season it.

Mo Chu made quite a lot at one go.

Other than the portion given to Almighty Song, there was still quite a bit left.

It was enough to satisfy the two foodies, Roundy and Little Flying Fox.

As expected, the two little foodies eyes lit up as soon as they smelled the food.

Mo Chu motioned for Mo Yang to bring a bowl over for a taste.

Mo Yang hesitated for a moment before finally taking a spoon to fill Roundy and Little Flying Foxs bowls.

He placed them in front of them and turned to smile at Mo Chu.

“Its Alright, let them eat first.

After youre done, well start the meal again.”

“Alright.” Mo Chu could not help but smile and nod.

Her heart was filled with warmth as she started to prepare the second dish.

First, she soaked the chrysanthemum in warm water for a few minutes.

Then, he washed the goji berries with warm water and soaked them for a while.

After that, she cut the ribs into small pieces and blanched them to remove the blood inside.

After that, she scooped them out and washed them with clean water to remove the froth.

Then, she placed them in a bowl and waited for them to be used.

After that, she poured the water in the pot.

After boiling the water, she placed the ribs and the Water Weed that she had just prepared into the pot.

After that, she added some clean water.

After the fire was heated, she turned the heat down to a low heat for about half an hour.


After that, she added the chrysanthemum and goji berries.

She continued to simmer the food for another 10 minutes.

Finally, she turned off the heat and added salt.

She placed the second dish onto the plate.

When she turned around, Mo Chu saw that Roundy and Little Flying Fox were staring at her with drooling faces.

The dish in her hands was so appetizing that they could not stop drooling!

Did they not just eat How could they be so hungry Mo Chu shook her head in amusement.

When she turned her gaze slightly, she realized that Roundy had actually left a dish behind.

This was simply too unbelievable!

After taking a closer look, Mo Chu realized that Roundy had actually eaten all the meat inside.

As for the tremella, it was all scraped aside.

Heh! This little fellow was actually picky about food!


Seeing Mo Chu staring at his bowl, Roundy stretched out its claws and scratched the table, immediately leaving a light scratch on it.

This scene caused Mo Yangs eyes to twitch! Damn! He finally knew where those messy scratches on the decorations at home came from!

“Picky eating is not a good habit.” Mo Chu raised her eyebrows and moved the second dish away from Roundy.

“If youre like this, theres no need to eat this dish.”

“Ow ow –” How could this work

Hearing this, Roundy immediately became anxious.

It no longer cared that the soft and sticky thing tasted weird.

It immediately picked up its big bowl and stuffed the remaining tremella into its mouth.

Then, as if it was gnawing on the bark of a tree, its face was full of confusion.

It did not chew much and just forcefully swallowed it!


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