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“Not bad! “Mo Chu patted Roundys big head approvingly.

She picked up the plate and pushed some of the second dish into its bowl, and then some into Little Flying Foxs bowl.

“Alright, Hurry up and eat!”

Seeing the ribs in his bowl, Roundys face no longer had the conflicted look from before.

Its eyes lit up, and it immediately started to fight with its bowl! Compared to Roundy, Little Flying Fox appeared much gentler.

“Here, have some soup.” Mo Yang smiled at Little Chu and scooped a bowl of soup for her.

“Little Chu has worked hard.”

“How can that be” Mo Chu chuckled and ate a mouthful of soup.

Mmm, the taste of this medlar chrysanthemum ribs soup was really not bad.

It was light and had a hint of sweetness.

Coupled with the fragrance of the ribs, it was simply appetizing.

“I like doing this very much.

I dont feel tired at all.”

“You still have to eat more to nourish yourself!” Mo Yang naturally wanted her to eat more.


Half an hour later, the meal was completely finished.

Roundy, this little fellow, was lying on the sofa with a small belly.

Its face was brimming with happiness.

As for Little Flying Fox, it started its work as acourier again.

On the other side, Song Qingsong, who received the new Medicinal Cuisine, could not help but feel excited.

Although it had only been a few days, he could vaguely feel the effects of the Medicinal Cuisine!

Initially, he thought that it was because of his psychological effects.

However, when he saw that Domineering Roundy had changed the Medicinal Cuisine for him, his heart could not help but jump slightly.

Did this mean that his situation had really improved

After hesitating for a long time, Song Qingsong finally asked.

He waited for Domineering Roundys reply with an extremely perturbed heart.

When he opened his eyes, the message that popped up was only two simple words.

However, it made his heart tremble — “Of course!”

“Thats great!” Uncle Wang also stood at the side.

At this moment, his old face was smiling brightly.

His voice was filled with excitement and joy.

“From the looks of it, Young Masters illness will definitely be cured!”

Although he had been consoling the Young Master, Uncle Wangs heart was actually beating.

After all, this Domineering Roundy had only been around for a short period of time, and no one knew exactly how capable he was.

However, now that he looked at it, Uncle Wang could not help but sigh.

They had finally made the right decision!


With hope in his heart, time seemed to have grown wings.

With a whoosh, time passed.

Half a month later.

Looking at the energy detector in his hand in surprise, Song Qingsongs eyes turned red, and his lips trembled violently.

“Mid-tier… tier 5!”

Thats right! His elemental level did not drop, but it maintained its previous state!

This was like a dream to Song Qingsong!

Staring at the energy detector in his hand, Song Qingsong was like a condemned prisoner who had suddenly received a reprieve.

Hope bubbled from the bottom of his dried-up heart like spring water.

“Young Master, its time.

You should go out…” Uncle Wang knocked on the door, but there was no response.

Uncle Wang could not help but frown.

He grabbed the doorknob and twisted it gently.

When he got closer, uncle Wang saw Song Qingsongs lifeless eyes.

He could not help but panic.

“Young Master, are you feeling unwell I, I will immediately call for a medical specialist.

You wait…!”

“No, theres no need!” Song Qingsong finally regained his senses.

His eyes were still filled with ecstasy as he grabbed Uncle Wangs arm tightly and handed him the energy detector in his hand, “Uncle Wang, Look, my cultivation hasnt dropped.

Im still at the middle level of tier 5!”


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