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On the other side, Ning Yiyuan, who was currently being badmouthed by Mo Yang, was extremely busy!

All kinds of documents were neatly placed on the office desk, and there was a considerable amount of them.

Ning Yiyuan did not mind.

He casually picked up the top stack and opened it to read it carefully.

After confirming that the documents were correct, he signed his name at the bottom.

Just as he placed the documents on his right hand, Zuo Lin barged in! His face was full of excitement.

“Boss, you really guessed it! That brat Zhou Yong has already compromised!”

Hearing that, Ning Yiyuan could not help but raise his eyebrows.

The factions and forces behind Zhou Yong was indeed very powerful.

The matter of Mo Chu being kidnapped had almost been completely erased from existence.

Most people in Ning Yiyuans circle understood the mystery behind it.

Naturally, they would not say anything.

Occasionally, when a few netizens mentioned this issue, they were immediately pushed down by other posts.

Not long after, it was completely ignored.

Zhou Yong and the others questions were ignored.

Seeing this situation, Zuo Lins face was still full of anger at the beginning, and Zhong Wen understood it very well.

The people behind Zhou Yong clearly wanted to protect him.

Even if they exposed this matter, they would only be adding a scapegoat for nothing! Since that was the case, why waste time

Ning Yiyuan also understood this point very clearly.

However, he would never even think of letting Zhou Yong off so easily.

The army under Ning Yiyuans command was not to be trifled with either.

They had launched a series of sweeping operations in various regions of the Federation.

In addition to his guidance, many of Zhou Yongs underground auction houses had been razed to the ground.

It was only at this moment that Zhou Yong finally understood that Ning Yiyuan was different from those high-ranking officials he had come into contact with before.

He was a thoroughly tough nut to crack! Not only did he not buy the account of the higher-ups, he even dared to attack them so brazenly! This courage was truly sufficient!

The most aggrieved thing was that he could not say anything! The strongholds that their Zhou Auction House had found were all extremely hidden.

Under such circumstances, Ning Yiyuan was still able to find them.

It was so embarrassing! He was ashamed of himself!

After being in a stalemate for more than half a month, Zhou Yong finally could not take it anymore.

He had no choice.

His side was severely injured, but Ning Yiyuan did not even breathe.

The disparity between their statuses and strength was too great!

Those who were able to reach Zhou Yongs position naturally understood the meaning of the sayinga wise man submits to circumstances.

In the end, he had no choice but to compromise with Ning Yiyuan.

“What did he say” Putting down the document in his hand, Ning Yiyuan raised his head slightly and crossed his hands on the table.

His confident stance burst forth in an instant.

“According to Zhou Yongs words, when they took Little Chu, she was brought over by a man dressed in black.

After investigation, they discovered that this man was a well-knownhuman kidnapper who specialized in female trafficking.

His success rate was also frighteningly high!”

Zuo Lin was also extremely impressed with his Boss! It was not easy to make Zhou Yong compromise!

“Zhou Yong said that they also spent a lot of effort to pry the corners of that guys mouth open.

He said that there was a woman who paid a huge sum of money for him to kidnap Mo Chu and sell her into the auction house.

This person was also blinded by profits and wanted to kidnap Mo Chu.”

“Woman” Ning Yiyuan suddenly frowned.

“Yes.” Zuo Lin nodded and glanced at Ning Yiyuan, who was filled with malicious intent.

If this was really done by a woman, it was most likely related to his Boss.

“However, this kidnapper didnt know the womans identity and appearance.

He only used the terminal to take a back photo.”

“Back photo” Ning Yiyuans eyes turned cold.

“Show it to me.”

“Okay.” Zuo Lin immediately opened the terminal and sent a copy of the photo to his Boss.

In fact, he had looked at the photo for a long time, but he did not find anything meaning.

What kind of clues could he glean just from looking at this womans back

The photo zoomed in.

A slender womans back was imprinted in the middle, and her half-long black hair fell on her shoulders.

In this way, nothing could be seen.

Ning Yiyuan studied the photo carefully.

His expression could not help but darken… He stared at it for a long time.

Suddenly, his eyes focused and he stood up abruptly!



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