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“Is the investigation result out yet” When Ning Yiyuans video call came, Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin were sitting in their Drive Machines and looking at each other.

However, when they heard their Bosss voice, their expressions changed and their voices sounded conflicted for a long time, “Well, umm…”

“Alright.” Seeing their looks, how could did Ning Yiyuan not understand His eyes darkened.

“Did the Ning Family really do this to Little Chu”

“No, not necessarily.” Zhong Wen shook his head.

“We can only confirm that Qiao Hongmei didnt commit the crime.

As for the Ning Familys situation, we havent had the time to investigate.”


What was there to investigate

Ning Yiyuan closed his eyes with all his might.

When he opened them again, his eyes were clear.

“Alright, Ill have to trouble you guys with this.

Come back as soon as possible.”

“Umm… Boss,” Zuo Lin suddenly called out.

His eyes were slightly worried as he stared at him.

“You, are you alright”

“Ha.” Ning Yiyuan only chuckled and did not say anything else.

He reached out and turned off the communication screen.

The room suddenly fell silent.

Ning Yiyuan sat on the chair.

His usually straight back was now bent.

He covered his head with both hands, and his face was frighteningly gloomy!

He… he had never thought that the person who wanted to kidnap Mo Chu was actually someone from the Ning Family! Moreover, this damn reason was probably just to please the old man!


A loud sound was heard!

The ground was already in a mess! Documents, cups, and lamps… were all shattered on the ground!

Staring blankly at the ground, Ning Yiyuan took a deep breath, then picked up his coat hanging by the door and rushed out in big strides!

“Marshal, what… Whats the matter” The staff outside the door looked at Ning Yiyuan in surprise.

It was the first time he had seen the marshal in such a fluster.

“Just do your work,” Ning Yiyuan said and rushed out like the wind.

He was as fast as lightning.

When he arrived outside Mo Chus house, Ning Yiyuan looked hesitant.

His hand that was knocking on the door was also hesitant.

“Ao ao –” Ive already lost weight.

Why do I still want to go out for a walk Sob sob, Im not happy!

At this moment, the door was suddenly pulled open from the inside.

Roundys unwilling howl could be heard.

The person carrying Roundy was Mo Chu.

When she saw Ning Yiyuan outside the door, she was slightly stunned.

“You, why are you here Whats the matter”

“Owww –” Roundys previous act of acting coquettishly disappeared in an instant.

All the hair on its body suddenly stood up, and its mouth was wide open.

One could faintly see the sharp teeth that were emitting a cold light! Hateful human, get lost!

“Little Chu!” Ning Yiyuans eyes flashed.

Suddenly, he raised his hand and pulled Roundy, who was in Mo Chus embrace, to the ground.

With his other hand, he pulled Mo Chu into his embrace.

Leaning against Ning Yiyuans firm chest, Mo Chu could not help but be startled.

“You… Whats wrong with you”

Mo Chu did not know why, but she felt that Ning Yiyuans current mood was a little strange.

“Nothing.” Ning Yiyuan chuckled, and the hot air blew into Mo Chus ear.

“Its just that I havent seen you for a long time, and I miss you a little.”

Ning Yiyuans words of love always came easily, so Mo Chu did not care.

She just leaned gently against his chest, and just happened to hear his strong and regular heartbeat.

“Ao ao –” Roundy was furious! This damn human dared to pull me out of Mo Chus arms.

Ill bite you to death!


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