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“Lets begin.” Elder Qiao nodded at the four grandmasters, and the few of them began to divide their work and work together.

The two grandmasters stood up first, picked up the five pills on the table, and examined them one by one.

After examining them carefully, they announced that these were indeed the Qiao Familys pills.

“These five pills are the top five on our Qiao Familys sales list.

Of course, they are also the most representative.” Elder Qiaos face was calm and natural as he waved his hand, “Now, I will ask two medical experts to test these five pills under everyones eyes to see if they are qualified.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the two of them began to operate with familiar movements.

The series of examination items made people dizzy!

“Say, do you think these people were deliberately found by the Qiao Family” Zuo Lin did not have the patience to look at the examination items one after another.

He turned his head to look at Zhong Wen, “Didnt you check them yesterday Or did they prepare these five medicines on purpose”

Zhong Wens eyes narrowed.

He shook his head after a few seconds.

“No, their procedures are transparent.

They didnt cheat at all.”

“How is that possible” Zuo Lin could not help but frown when he heard this.

He said in disbelief, “If theres nothing wrong with their medicines, then whats wrong with Song Qingsongs gene collapse”

“This… Im also very curious.” Zhong Wens eyes revealed a rare hint of doubt.

On the other hand, Ning Yiyuan, who was listening to the conversation between the two, remained calm and composed.

After a long while, the testing of the five medicinal pills had been completed.

What was out of everyones expectations was that the quality of these five medicinal pills was actually far above the minimum standards set by the federation.

In other words, there was absolutely no problem with these five medicinal pills.

As the press conference was broadcasted live on the Starnet, a large number of online netizens naturally saw this scene and were all stunned! The comment section below was even more explosive!

“I am engaged in the quality inspection of medicinal pills.

I can guarantee that this inspection process is absolutely lawful!”

“Thats right, I also know these two medical experts.

Theres no problem with their character.

Its impossible for them to commit fraud.”

“Could it be that… Weve really said unfair things about the Qiao Family”

There was a wave of netizens who had already quietly turned against the Qiao Family, but most of them still held a doubtful attitude towards this so-called quality inspection of the medicinal pills.

“Tch! The people above are still too naive.

Dont they know what a dirty trick is Im sure that theres definitely something wrong with this.

Hmph! I believe in our great Almighty Song unconditionally, alright”

“Thats right, I also believe in Domineering Roundy!”

“Thats right.

The Qiao Family is powerful.

Its extremely easy to get some tricks up their sleeves.”

Glancing at the terminal in his hand, Elder Qiao naturally saw these comments as well.

He could not help but raise his brows slightly.

The Qiao Family started and expanded with medicinal pills.

After being the head of the family for so many years, he naturally understood the importance of the wordcredibility more than anyone else.

Therefore, he had long made sufficient preparations for todays press conference, he could only win, he could not lose!

“I guess that everyone might be questioning the authenticity of these five medicinal pills at this moment.

Could it be that our Qiao Family had tampered with them or used the best medicinal pills for inspection” Elder Qiao stood up and said slowly, the aura on his body became more and more pressing!

The reporters who had been discussing fervently earlier instantly quieted down.

The entire venue could only hear Elder Qiaos powerful words, “Everyone knows that our Qiao Familys medicinal pills already have a hundred years of reputation.

How could we be so foolish as to destroy our reputation”

Elder Qiaos righteous appearance caused everyones suspicion towards him to waver slightly.

“Hmph!” Mo Chu held her head and laughed softly.

“If this Elder Qiao doesnt sit in the position of the head of the family, he might even be able to enter the entertainment industry.

Look at his acting skills.

Tsk tsk, its simply flawless!”

“How is that possible” Song Qingsong looked elegant, but at this moment, his tongue was unusually vicious.

“Look at him, he doesnt have a foothold in the entertainment industry!”

“I agree.” Mo Yang carefully looked at Elder Qiaos face on the screen and nodded indifferently.

Looking at the two of them ridiculing Elder Qiaos looks in a serious manner, Mo Chu could not help but stifle her laughter.

At this moment, Elder Qiao, who had no idea that he had already become thespokesperson of ugliness, looked up with confidence.

Soon, the light screen at the top of the stage was activated.

Hearing this, everyone could not help but raise their heads.

A real-time video appeared on the light screen.

The video clearly recorded the Qiao Family sending people to buy five medicinal pills in disguise at the medicinal pill store.

Then, they locked them in a box and sent them all the way to the stage.

There was not a single moment of loss during this time, it was enough to prove the true identity of these pills!

“We have uploaded this video to the internet.

If anyone still has any doubts…” Elder Qiaos eyes were like torches as he calmly swept his gaze across the stage.

He said in an imposing manner, “You can check the authenticity of this video on your own.”

Dont even mention it.

There was really someone who did this.

Unfortunately, the result of the check was that there was not a single problem with this video.

It was absolutely true and complete!

“See, I told you there wouldnt be any problems with the Qiao Familys medicinal pills!” The netizens who had previously been scolded to the bone stood out at this moment.

Each and every one of them proudly fought for themselves to turn the tables.

“Thats right.

This Qiao Familys medicinal pills are an old brand for many years.

How could there be such a problem”

“Did you see that This time, all of you are slapping yourselves in the mouth!”

“Get lost! I believe in our Almighty Song!”

“Right, Domineering Roundy wont shoot off without a reason.

Theres definitely something wrong with this Qiao Familys medicinal pill.

Just eat it, Ill eat you to death, Hmph!”

The intense battle ensued online.

There was not any smoke, but it was filled with a strong battle intent! However, no matter what, the Qiao Familys press conference had finally brought back the reputation that had fallen to the bottom.

“In the end,” Elder Qiao straightened his back and said loudly, “In view of Domineering Roundy Yuan and Song Qingsongs destruction of the Qiao Familys reputation, we will resort to the law and file a lawsuit in the Federation Court! We will announce the specific matters on the Qiao Familys official website!”


In the end, there was such a fierce move!

Hearing this, the reporters sitting below were all stunned! All the prepared drafts were crossed out, and they were prepared to start from this point.

It would definitely be eye-catching!

“Damn it! This Elder Qiao is doing it on purpose!” Mo Yang slammed the terminal and said hatefully, “He wants to use this opportunity to rebuild the Qiao Familys reputation, and he also wants to expose your identity!”

Killing two birds with one stone!

In such a big environment, he could still turn defeat into victory and turn the situation to the Qiao Familys side.

As expected of an old fox, he was really shrewd in his calculations!

“Little Chu, how are you going to deal with this” Song Qingsong could not help but frown.

Elder Qiao said that he was going to sue Domineering Roundy and him in court, but everyone knew that he was just trying to use this method to force Domineering Roundy to appear!

If Mo Chu did not appear in court, then the Qiao Family could use this excuse.

In addition, their familys influence forced Domineering Roundys Spirit Food Shop to close down and successfully destroy this formidable opponent.

On the other hand, if Little Chu were to appear in court, how could the Qiao Family let her off

They were really in a dilemma now!

Compared to the anxiety and worry of the two people, Mo Chu appeared much calmer.

He even asked Almighty Song with interest, “What do you like to eat”

“Umm…” Song Qingsong was obviously stunned.

Werent they discussing a very serious issue just now Why did they suddenly jump to this It was a little unacceptable…

Seeing the Great Almighty Songs rare dumbfounded look, Mo Yang could not help but cough lightly.

“Alright, Little Chu, dont keep me in suspense.

What exactly are you going to do”

“What else can I do” Mo Chu looked back and smiled faintly.

Her gaze was clear.

“When the soldiers come, the general will block them.

When the water comes, the soil will cover it.”

Was it really good to be so straightforward

Seeing Mo Chu walk into the kitchen, Mo Yangs eyes could not help but light up.

Unknowingly, he had been influenced by all kinds of delicacies to become an invisible foodie.

“How about we eat moon cakes today” Seeing the flour and red beans in the terminal, Mo Chus eyes could not help but light up as she asked.

“Sure.” Mo Yang nodded in agreement.

He was still very assured of his sisters culinary skills.

“Moon cake” Upon hearing this unfamiliar term, Song Qingsong was a little stunned.

Mo Yang, on the other hand, was already used to it.

He patted the Almightys shoulder and said, “We just need to eat it.”

At this moment, Mo Chu had already started to take care of it.

To make moon cakes, the first thing to do was to make the fillings.

Mo Chu picked the small fruits on theJumping Tree and washed them one by one.

“Hey, you cant use this.” Song Qingsong looked at it curiously and frowned.

The fruits on the Jumping Tree were poisonous and could not be eaten.

“Its okay, just watch!” Mo Yang was used to his sisters magical method of turning waste into treasure, so he was not as surprised as Song Qingsong.

This red bean was much bigger than the ones from the 21st century.

It was like a meatball.

Mo Chu cut off the part that was covered in black gas, leaving only half that was covered in a faint red gas.

Other than the difference in size, the texture of this red bean was also very soft.

It was like a grape.

Originally, it would take one night to soak it properly.

Now, it only needed 20 minutes.

Mo Chu then placed the soft red beans in the basin and added water that was less than a fingers distance from the red beans.

Then, he beat them into a paste.

Seeing Mo Chus series of smooth movements, Song Qingsong could not help but widen his eyes in surprise.

He had also seen food experts from the Federation making food, but they only gave people the impression that they were strict and strict.

On the contrary, Mo Chus movements were more leisurely and self-satisfied.

It did not seem like a skill.

Instead, it could be upgraded to an art!

In the 21st century, Mo Chu helped out in the moon cake shop.

She knew the specific steps of the operation by heart, so she was not the slightest bit anxious now.

She turned the fire on and turned it into a small fire.

After boiling the red bean paste that she had prepared previously, Mo Chu carefully poured in the white sugar, adding it while stirring.

Then, she poured a certain amount of bean oil into it three times, so that it would be absorbed.

By the end of the stir-frying, the bean paste had already become oily.

As long as it could be kneaded into a smooth ball, it would be fine.

After that, she turned off the heat and placed it on the side to cool it for backup.

“Ao ao –” Just as the stuffing was done, Roundy ran out with a whiff of the fragrance.

Even though its eyes were still blurry, its nose was still twitching.

It stomped out of the kitchen and got closer, the sweet fragrance was getting more and more pressing, and Roundy was instantly energized! It stared at the plate beside Mo Chu and drooled non-stop.

That gluttonous look was really adorable!

Mo Chu also saw Roundys appearance and could not help but shake her head with a faint smile.

His hands moved faster and faster.

Otherwise, this little fellow would not be able to hold it in any longer and would probably eat up the entire bean paste filling!

The next step was to make the dough.

Mo Chu poured the prepared syrup and liquid soap into a large clean bowl.

She used his hands to stir it until it was completely blended.

The final state would be muddy, and then she added the bean oil, she continued to stir it until it was completely blended.


Finally, she sifted in the flour and mixed it until it was dry.

Then, she wrapped it in a membrane-shaped bag and refrigerated it for half an hour.

“Awoo –” I really want to eat it, but I cant! This half an hour was a complete torture for Roundy.

Its chubby body kept rubbing against the kitchen door.

If not for Mo Yangs discerning eyes that stopped it, it would have barged in long ago!

Under Roundys mournful wails, the long half an hour finally passed.

Mo Chu divided the dough and the filling into 2:8 portions and weighed them.

Then, she rolled the bean paste into a round shape, wrapped the egg yolk, and kneaded it into a round shape.

After the filling was all done, she rolled the dough into a round shape.

Mo Chu patted some flour on his palm to prevent it from sticking.

She took a piece of the dough and flattened it.

Then, she took another piece of the bean paste and slowly pushed it up with his thumb and thumb.

She wrapped it up bit by bit, wrapped it up, and then used her palm to roll it into a round shape.

Mo Chu had made a total of 40 moon cakes.

She was afraid that there would not be enough to eat!

Moreover, she had only ordered ten when she ordered the mold.

Now, she could only bake them in batches.

Mo Chu poured some flour in the mold to prevent stickiness.

Then, she put the mooncake into the mold and pressed it hard, creating a pattern.

Then, she preheated the oven to 200 degrees, sprayed some water on the surface of the mooncake, and baked it for five minutes.

At this time, she lightly brushed a layer of egg liquid on the surface of the mooncake.

Then, she turned the oven to 180 degrees and baked it for about 20 minutes.

“Awooo –” It was finally time to eat! At this moment, Roundy completely threw away its previous arrogance.

Its eyes stared at the mooncake that was taken out without blinking.

Mmm… it smelled so good!

“We still have to wait!”M o Chu washed her hands and poked Roundys wet nose in amusement! The skin of the mooncake that had just been roasted was hard.

It would only taste better after it was cooled for a while and the oil returned.

“Ow ow –” What! Roundy looked like it had nothing left to live for.

It lowered its head and occasionally looked up at Mo Chu with a resentful gaze.

Why did they still have to wait This Young Master was dying of cravings!

Just this pitiful look made everyone laugh!

Finally, after a while, the mooncake was finally completed.

Roundys protective personality appeared again.

Originally, there were only ten mooncakes, but it took up half of them.

Moreover, this little fellow had learned how to distribute them.

It gave three to Mo Chu and gave two to Song Qingsong, and only Mo Yangs Plate was lonely!

Mo Chu could not stand it, so she took two mooncakes from her own plate and gave them to her brother.

Otherwise, Mo Yang could only stare at them and drool.

Although Roundy was indignant at Mo Chus action, it did not object.

It was not because it had changed its opinion of Mo Yang, but because its energy was completely attracted by the bean paste mooncakes on the plate.

Its chubby claws carefully grabbed one and stuffed it into its mouth.

It had only chewed two mouthfuls when her eyes immediately narrowed in happiness! Oh, oh, it was too delicious!

Thats right! With just one bite, it could eat the soft and sweet bean paste.

Coupled with the freshly greased mooncake skin, it was so fragrant! Even Mo Yang and Almighty Song could not stop praising it!

Roundy ate quickly.

The five mooncakes were quickly finished.

Then, she stared at the second batch of mooncakes in the kitchen greedily.

Ding dong–

At this moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Mo Yang frowned.

He took a few steps forward and looked outside through his eyes.

In a deep voice, he said, “Its Ning Yiyuan and the others.”

Hearing this, Mo Chu silently took a bite of the mooncake.

After swallowing it, she said softly, “Let them in.”

“Little Chu” Mo Yangs expression turned anxious.

The fragrance in the room could not be hidden at all.

Once Ning Yiyuan entered, Mo Chus identity might be exposed!

“Are you still afraid that Marshal Ning will harm Little Chu” Song Qingsong could see it clearly.

It was already self-evident that they were on opposing sides with the Qiao Family.

Revealing Mo Chus identity at this time was beneficial to them, there was no harm in doing so.

Upon seeing this, Mo Yang could only grit his teeth and open the door! Once Little Chus identity was exposed, wouldnt Ning Yiyuan, this big-tailed wolf, become even more sticky

“Hey, whats that smell” It smells so good! Zuo Lin was originally standing at the back, but when he smelled the fragrance, he immediately moved forward, his eyes shining!

“Umm…” Mo Chu shook the mooncake that she had just taken a few bites of and answered with a smile.

“What is this thing” Zuo Lins curiosity was bursting.

He swallowed hard and looked at the fresh thing in Mo Chus hand.

In fact, due to the limitations of the materials and tools, the mooncakes made by Mo Chu at this moment were far less exquisite than those made in the 21st century.

However, in the eyes of Zuo Lin and the others, it was completely different!

Look at the patterns and smell the fragrance.

If Song Qingsong had not fed it to his mouth just now, he would not have thought that this thing was actually food! It was simply as beautiful as a work of art!

“Do you want to try it” As the saying goes, a guest is a guest.

Naturally, Mo Chu would not be stingy.

In addition, there were enough mooncakes from the second batch, so she gave one to each of them.

Seeing this, Roundy even used all its strength to glare at them with hatred! Very good, this Young Master will remember you all.

You stole my mooncakes, Hmph! All of you will be dragged out to be skinned!

However, at this moment, Zuo Lin and the others did not have the time to notice Roundys jealous and hateful little eyes.

Each and every one of them were conquered by the delicious food in their hands.

They could not even speak, only stuffing their mouths with all their strength!

These two fellows who had never seen the world!

Ning Yiyuan looked helplessly at his companions who were holding him back and sighed in a low voice.

His eating style was much more elegant than Zuo Lin and the others.

After all, the Ning Family was a large family that had been passed down for generations, and they paid a lot of attention to etiquette, from his small appearance, he did not look like he was eating mooncakes at all.

Instead, he looked like he was appreciating the delicacies.

“Zuo Lin,” Ning Yiyuan suddenly said after finishing the mooncake in his hand, “I asked you to find the information before.

After youve collected it, you can pass it to Little Chu.”

To be able to cook such peerless food and drive a magical beast, he could not think of anyone else other than her to be Domineering Roundy.

“Hmm” The mooncake was still stuffed in his mouth.

Zuo Lin raised his head with a dumbfounded look on his face.


“Isnt Elder Qiao preparing to appeal to the Court” Ning Yiyuan looked up at Mo Chu, his eyes fluctuating.

“Little Chu should be able to use it.”

So… What did this have to do with Mo Chu

Zuo Lin chewed a few mouthfuls of the mooncake.

The Qiao Family was clearly suing Domineering Roundy and Song Qingsong.

Even if they should give it to Song Qingsong, this information should be given to Song Qingsong.

Why should it be given to Mo Chu She wasnt… Domineering Roundy

Yes! Domineering Roundy … Mo Chu

Haha! Impossible, you must be joking with me!

Zuo Lin suddenly raised his head and looked at his Boss carefully.

When he saw the serious expression on his Bosss face, he could not help but be stunned.

Then, he slowly turned his head, and his neck made a clicking sound, his eyes stared in disbelief at the slender figure of the young girl… It cant be!

“Little Chu, umm, you are…” Zuo Lin could not say the rest of the words!

“Hello.” When she met Zuo Lins doubtful and shocked gaze, Mo Chus face was calm.

She even stood up mischievously and said with curved brows and eyes, “I am Domineering Roundy!”

Holy sh*t!

Mo Chu is Domineering Roundy Did it have to be so scary

“Ahem!” Zuo Lin was so surprised that he was caught by the mooncake that he swallowed.

If Zhongwen did not pass him a glass of water, he would probably choke on it!

“You are really… Domineering Roundy” Even though Mo Chu had admitted it himself, Zuo Lin still could not believe it.

He had thought about it countless times before, what would Domineering Roundy look like when it exploded on the Starnet.

Was it a cold and handsome young man, or an old and wise man


He had never thought that Domineering Roundy was actually an acquaintance by his side, and an acquaintance he had never thought of before — Mo Chu!

No, this world is too mysterious, Im already out! Zuo Lin clung onto Zhong Wens shoulder and took another mooncake from the table.

He chewed on it fiercely and used it to soothe his frightened little soul!

Ning Yiyuan took a few steps forward and walked in front of Mo Chu.

He carefully observed her tender white second half of the couplet.

The agitation in his heart could not be seen from his calm and indifferent face.

After a long while, he finally asked, “Are you prepared to attend the summons of the Federation Court”

“What if… Im not willing to go” Mo Chu tilted her head and there was a hint of mischief in her eyes.

“Then dont go!” Ning Yiyuan said resolutely.

He was not afraid of Mo Yang, who was like a wolf guarding the side.

He reached out and gently stroked Mo Chus hair, and his tone suddenly became gentle.

“Ill make the arrangements, you dont have to worry.”

“No need.” Mo Chu shook her head, her body straightened, and her eyes suddenly became serious.

“This is my own battle, I absolutely wont back down!”

Did you hear that Mo Yang glared at Ning Yiyuan from the side.

My sister said we dont need you.

We can do it ourselves!

Ning Yiyuans lips curled up.

It was as if he could see the growth in Little Chus eyes.

His heart trembled and he said gently, “Alright, then when the time comes, I will go to the courtroom… to accompany you.”

“Youre not allowed to go, youre not allowed to go…” Mo Yang muttered to himself.

Unfortunately, Little Chu did not receive her big brothers hint.

She only hesitated for a moment before nodding in agreement.


Upon hearing this, Ning Yiyuans expression became gentler.

F*ck! This big-tailed Wolfs level was getting higher and higher! Mo Yang gritted his teeth and quickly signaled to Roundy with his eyes.

Roundy, Hurry up!

It was not good for him to make an appearance himself, so he could only place his hopes on Roundy.

In the end, this little fellow completely lost his tacit understanding of the outside world.

Instead, he kept staring at his empty bowl and even winked at him.

What was the meaning of this

Mo Yang did not react for a long time.

When he saw Roundys gaze shift towards the mooncakes in the kitchen, he finally understood and secretly gritted his teeth!

This little fellow had also learned its lesson! It actually wanted him to use the next mooncake as an exchange… Fine! Mo Yang nodded and endured the pain as he cut the mooncakes.

Seeing Mo Yangs actions, Roundys eyes immediately lit up! It jumped into Mo Chus embrace and used its chubby butt to face Ning Yiyuan.

Hmph! He had long disliked this human.

Not only did he try to snatch Little Chu, he even dared to snatch my mooncakes now!

Well done! Mo Yang praised Roundy from the side! With his chubby, furry body, it completely separated the two of them.

The ambiguous atmosphere was instantly broken!

Ning Yiyuan was not angry.

After the third batch of mooncakes was served, it directly snatched Zhong Wen and Zuo Lins mooncakes.

Together with the one in his hand, he gave a total of three mooncakes to Roundy.

The little fellow only hesitated for a moment, then it immediately betrayed him and jumped out of Mo Chus arms.

It obediently sat on its seat and looked at its bowl full of mooncakes.

It was extremely excited! Its mine, so much of it is mine!

Tch! You shameless fatty! Mo Yang glared fiercely at Roundy.

Three mooncakes and youve already been bribed.

You are so cheap! Moreover, since youve accepted Ning Yiyuans bribe, then return one of my mooncakes!

Haha! Roundy proudly raised its head and grabbed a mooncake.

He took a beautiful bite.

In the end, more than half of the 40 mooncakes fell into Roundys stomach.

Mo Yang, on the other hand, only ate two of them.

He stared at them with his mouth full of saliva!

During this time, Mo Chu was kind enough to give him one.

However, before Mo Yang could start eating, Roundy immediately jumped and snatched it away from his hand.

Then, it calmly put it into its bowl.

Mo Chu stared at the two of them curiously.

Mo Yang could only bite off his teeth and swallow his blood.

He tried to act magnanimous and said, “Give it to Roundy, its fine!” In fact, he was feeling extremely frustrated in his heart.

Why did I have to make a deal with Roundy, why…

After a meal, everyone was satisfied.

The smile on their faces could not be stopped.

After the meal, Zuo Lin and Zhong Wen actually wanted to chat with Mo Chu.

After all, this was Domineering Roundy, who was regarded as a miracle by a large group of people! In the end, Mo Yang, who was at the side, stared at them with a cold expression.

His eyes were filled with hatred and resentment, and they could not help but tremble!

Umm… Zuo Lin and Zhong Wen looked at each other.

They did not seem to have done anything that the Heavens would not tolerate! However, Ning Yiyuan was the one who saw through it.

Taking the initiative to leave had finally made Mo Yangs expression look a little better.

“Then Ill be leaving first.” Song Qingsong stood up as well.

Just as he was about to leave, he was stopped by Mo Chu.

“Great Almighty Song, I still have some matters to discuss with you.

Can you stay for a while”

Through his conversation with Ning Yiyuan just now, Mo Chu knew that the steps for the Federation to file a lawsuit were complicated and would take a long time.

Even if the Qiao Family used their power to pressure them, they would not dare to go too far.

Therefore, there was still at least a month before the official court session.

Since that was the case, she had an idea…

“Okay.” Song Qingsong was stunned for a moment before quickly agreeing.

Ning Yiyuan did not show any unusual behavior towards this.

On the contrary, Zuo Lin stared at Song Qingsong suspiciously.

Could it be that this person was planning to steal someone else

Hmph! Kid, let me tell you.

Little Chu is already our default sister-in-law.

If you dare to steal her… hundreds of thousands of soldiers are staring at you!

“Okay.” Ning Yiyuan touched his forehead and nodded at Mo Chu.

His tone was full of concern.

“Well leave first.

You should rest well and dont get too tired.”


“Mo Chu smiled and nodded.

The group of people walked out of the Mo Family.

“Zuo Lin.” After walking for a long distance, Ning Yiyuan suddenly stopped and asked softly, “In half a years time, it will be the campaign for the commander-in-chief of the military region, right”

“Yeah, why” Zuo Lin nodded.

His eyes were slightly puzzled.

Wasnt Boss very interested in this matter Why did he suddenly mention this now

“You guys should make preparations as soon as possible.” Ning Yiyuan took a deep breath and said slowly, “Im preparing to compete for the position of commander-in-chief of the military region!”

When he said this, Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin could not help but be stunned for a moment.

“Boss, is this true” Zhong Wen raised his head and asked, his eyes showing some eagerness to give it a try.

Although Boss was young, his experience was not shallow.

In addition to the reputation of the Ning Family and the reputation of the Boss himself, if they were to compete, he would really stand a chance!

“Yes.” Ning Yiyuan replied faintly and raised his feet to walk forward.

His girl had already started to fly high and fast.

He had to work harder to give her a carefree blue sky that was enough to soar freely…



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