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One and a half months later.

Elder Qiaos lawsuit against the Federation Court was officially accepted.

The court session was set to start at nine in the morning the next day.

At this time, the staff of the court office was dealing with related matters and sorting out the documents for the court session.

Suddenly, a staff members terminal rang.

Glancing at it, he swiped it open to listen.

“Whats wrong”

“Well, Old Chen, I want to ask you for a favor.

Look…” Looking at his good friends hesitant expression on the other end of the terminal, the staff member stopped what he was doing and raised his eyebrows.

He smiled and joked, “Alright, how come weve been friends for so many years Tell me, what is it If I can help, I will definitely help!”

“Well… When the court starts tomorrow, can you reserve a few seats for me in the audience”

“Huh” The staff member was stunned.

was there a need to reserve a few seats specifically for this

“No, my son is a loyal fan of Domineering Roundy, thats why this time… You know how stubborn this kid is usually.

Its rare for him to come back and beg me now, so I have to do it for him no matter what!”

“Sure!” The staff member agreed immediately, he had been in the court for decades, but he had never seen the audience seats in the court full before.

What was the point of having more seats now

“Thats fine.” Hearing that, the person on the other end of the terminal was also full of gratitude.

“Tomorrow, well go to Mars for a vacation together!”

“No problem.” After hanging up the phone, the staff still felt quite happy.

However, in less than ten minutes, he could no longer be happy.

It was as if he had opened a magic box.

His terminal kept ringing non-stop!

The same situation happened to the other members of the Federation Court.

The once cold and desolate audience in the courtroom instantly became popular!

There were even people who publicly stated on the internet that they were willing to exchange 1,000 Federation Coins for a seat.

Just like that, there were still many people who followed suit, and the price soared all the way to 3,000 Federation Coins!

Everyone could not help but sigh! They could only sigh.

The popularity of Domineering Roundy and Song Qingsong was too high! Even attending a court session could attract a crowd of fans!

Under the anticipation of everyone, it was finally time for the court session to begin.

The Federation Court, which always had a solemn and fair style, was welcomed with explosive popularity for the first time.

There were so many faces on the crowded people outside the court that they almost blocked the road!

Moreover, the movements of this group of people were in unison.

Every time a driver next to them stopped, they would stretch their necks and look out expectantly.

However, when they saw that it was a staff member of the court, they retracted their heads regretfully and sighed with a long tone, “Sigh –”

“Judge Zhou, look, this is the first time we have enjoyed such treatment!” As they passed by and enjoyed the fervent gazes of everyone, the head of the jury shook his head with an excited look on his face.

“Yes!” Judge Zhou nodded and raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Lets not talk about them.

Even I want to know who this Domineering Roundy is.”

“What are you panicking about” Adjusting his bow tie, a trace of anticipation flashed across the jury leaders eyes.

“Wont we be able to see it later”

At this moment, the Qiao Familys group was already in the independent lounge next to the court.

“Family head, do you think the Domineering Roundy meeting will come” Fifth Brother looked at the terminal.

There was less than half an hour before the official start of the court session, and they did not see anyone.

“What are you panicking for!” Elder Qiao sat at the side and scolded in a low voice, “Whether he comes today or not, we will be the ones who profit.

What are you so anxious for!”

“Yes.” The Qiao Familys Fifth Brother nodded his head and did not say anything else.

Elder Qiao turned his gaze towards the wheelchair at the side, his gaze slightly sorrowful, “Shaner, can you still hold on”

Previously in the Magical Region of Yinan, Qiao Shans lower body had already been smashed into smithereens by the Blood Luminescent Beast.

There was no way for her to recover at all.

Even if the Federation had the technology to reconstruct artificial limbs, Qiao Shans injuries had been delayed for too long.

There was no way for her to continue.

In the end, she barely survived and ended up paralyzed in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

“Dont worry, I can hold on.” Qiao Shan nodded indifferently, her delicate little face expressionless.

“Dont worry.” Elder Qiao caressed her hair.

“As long as the Domineering Roundy appears today, no matter what methods we use, we will definitely get him.

As for your leg, it will definitely recover.”

“Yes.” Hearing this, Qiao Shans eyes lit up slightly.

“Family Head.” Fifth Brother of the Qiao Family bowed slightly and reminded, “There are still 15 minutes before the court starts.

We can already enter.”

“Alright, lets go.” Elder Qiao stood up, tidied up his clothes, and walked in front with large strides.

Elder five of the Qiao Family pushed Qiao Shans wheelchair a few steps back.

However, just as he reached the entrance of the court, he bumped into Song Qingsong and Mo Chus group.

Their gazes met, and sparks flew!

Elder Qiao glanced at Song Qingsong, and his heart trembled slightly.

It had only been a short while since they last met, and this persons cultivation had already risen to high-level tier 7.

This speed was really too terrifying!

Meanwhile, Qiao Shan was staring fixedly at Mo Chu.

Especially when she saw her slender and straight legs, her gaze became even more sinister.

She wanted nothing more than to chop off these two legs of hers right now!

“Hi, how are you” Compared to Qiao Shan, who wanted nothing more than to bite her, Mo Chu appeared to be at ease.

Her little face was fair and ruddy, and her red lips and brows were thick.

Even without makeup, she still had a charming and clear appearance.

… How are you She actually had the nerve to ask how Im doing

Qiao Shan gritted her teeth in hatred, and the veins on her hands that were placed on the armrest of the wheelchair bulged! The way she looked at Mo Chu was like a sharp knife, trying to scrape off her flesh piece by piece and grind it into fine powder!

“Mm.” Seeing Qiao Shans speechless expression, Mo Chu could not help but chuckle.

“Looks like shes not doing too well! Thats true, with both her legs gone, how can she still… ”

“Shut up!” Elder Qiao growled coldly.

The way he looked at Mo Chu was no different from looking at a dead person.

This girl was too much of an eyesore.

If not for the fact that she had been hiding in the Federation Military Academy, their people would have long made their move.

What Mo Chu raised her eyebrows.

Naturally, she could see the killing intent in Elder Qiaos eyes.

Did he think that she definitely die, so this old man did not bother to hide it anymore

“Dont be anxious.” Elder Qiao turned around and patted Qiao Shans shoulder.

Then, he glanced at Mo Chu.

“For some people, the retribution that they deserve will eventually come.”

“Thats right.” Mo Chu nodded as if she was serious.

Suddenly, she bowed and moved closer to them.

“I should return these words to all of you.”

After saying that, Mo Chu did not look at their ugly expressions anymore.

She walked away with Mo Yang and the others.

Elder Qiao raised his head angrily.

However, he only saw their backs.

The murderous intent in his eyes became even stronger!

He glanced at them from the corner of his eye and realized that this scene had fallen into the eyes of the Ning Family members who had just arrived.

Feeling humiliated, Elder Qiao snorted coldly.

“What Why are you so eager to see your granddaughter-in-law”

Without waiting for the Ning Family members to respond, he turned around and left.

“Hey! This Elder Qiao…” Elder Ning stood at the front, he was so angry that he could not find a place to vent his anger.

He could only turn around and glare at his grandson.

“Its all your fault.

If it werent for you, I wouldnt be here today.”

“Okay, its all my fault.” Ning Yiyuan nodded obediently and admitted his mistake.

“But its almost time.

Lets go in quickly!”

“Yeah…” This was the first time he saw Ning Yiyuan so obedient and obedient.

The old man was still a little uncomfortable.

“Why are you… Forget it, forget it, hurry up and go in!”

This was the first time Mo Chu had entered the Federation Court.

After taking a closer look, he found that it was similar to the 21st-century court.

There was not much difference.

However, the previously empty auditorium was now filled with people.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for Domineering Roundy to appear.

However, as time passed, the anticipation on everyones faces was gradually replaced by disappointment.

“Could it be that Domineering Roundy really wont appear”

“Just to see him, I even rushed over from District 6! In the end… Sigh!”

The buzzing discussion naturally caused the judge at the top to frown.

He knocked on the table and said in a deep voice, “Please keep quiet.”

After he said that, no one said anything.

They just stared at the door with burning eyes.

“Its almost time,” Fifth Brother of the Qiao Family, who was standing next to Old Qiao, looked at the terminal and said in a deep voice, “It seems that the Domineering Roundy isnt going to appear.”

“Humph!” Elder Qiao laughed lightly, “Hes lucky to have escaped this disaster.”

“Times up, close the door!” As the judge spoke, the door of the court was tightly shut.

Everyone could not help but sigh, their disappointment overflowed from their words.

“In this case, Qiao Shan accused Song Qingsong and Domineering Roundy of falsely spreading rumors, affecting the reputation of the Qiao Familys medicinal pills,” the judge said in a deep voice, “But because the defendant Domineering Roundy was unable to…”

“Im already here!” A clear female voice suddenly sounded, especially clear in the silent courtroom.

When the crowd heard the voice, they looked over and happened to see Mo Chu, who was standing beside Song Qingsong, suddenly take a few steps forward and sit in the seat for the defendant, Domineering Roundy.

Her face was calm.

Huh Everyone had a stunned expression on their faces — F*ck! What did Mo Chu Mean Im sorry, my brain is slow and I havent reacted yet!

“Ha!” Qiao Shan was stunned for a moment before she said sarcastically, “Mo Chu, have you gone crazy trying to become famous You even dare to impersonate someone”

Mo Chu only raised her eyes slightly to look at her and said slowly, “Theres no need to impersonate someone.

Im Domineering Roundy.”

What kind of joke was this Even though Mo Chu had said it personally, everyone still looked at her in disbelief! How was this possible

That was Domineering Roundy! A monster that could not even be described with the wordGenius!

In the past month, as the court session was shortened, someone had specially created a post on the Starnet.

The content wasWhat should your Domineering Roundy look like

This topic immediately aroused everyones interest.

The answers below were even more varied and dazzling.

Some people said that Domineering Roundy must have three heads and six arms to match his identity.

Some people said that Domineering Roundy must be bald because he was alreadyextremely intelligent, there were even some people who guessed that Domineering Roundy was a hermit expert…

However, no one had ever associated him with Mo Chu!

No, it should be said that normal people would not have such thoughts!

It was like a peerless expert who dominated the martial arts world revealing his true colors.

He was actually a three-year-old baby! The shock in their hearts was about the same as this!

“Hmph” Qiao Shan raised her eyebrows and said in a disdainful tone, “Do you think we will believe your nonsense”

Mo Chu blinked and did not say anything.

She just silently clicked on the terminal and sent her photo to Domineering Roundys profile picture.

Then, she released a short announcement, “I hereby announce that I, Domineering Roundy, am Mo Chu.”

After finishing this series of actions, Mo Chu raised her chin at Qiao Shan and said with a slightly arrogant look, “Take a look at the terminal yourself.”

Qiao Shan was slightly taken aback as she opened the terminal.

The first thing that entered her eyes was the Federations Daily Hot List.

The first place was shockingly written with the wordsDomineering Roundys identity has been revealed!


Qiao Shans heart trembled violently as she opened the hot list.

The photo that Mo Chu had just uploaded and the announcement that he had released were immediately bolded in red!

Actually, Mo Chu had originally wanted Qiao Shan to open theSpirit Food Shop webpage.

However, she did not expect that the netizens who had been paying attention to Domineering Roundy would notice her movements very quickly.

When she opened it to take a look… F*ck! In an instant, it was an earth-shattering horror!

In just a short half a minute, this news had already spread throughout the entire star network.

Naturally, it had also been placed on the Federations Hot List.

The various large forums were filled with cries of distress and exclamations!

“Domineering Roundy is actually Mo Chu”

‘Please Call Me King, who had not appeared for a long time was the first to cry out in pain.

“My Idol, weve met before! Do you still remember me who recorded every single moment of you”

“Get lost! You voyeur! Dont taint our pure goddess Mo Chu!”

“What do you mean by the gap! When I was 16 or 17 years old, I had just stepped into tier 2.

At that time, I was still young, and I was feeling smug.

Now, compared to Mo Chu, I am completely a piece of sh*t!”

“I agree! I have just looked through Mo Chus information carefully, and only then did I realize that this girl is not human at all!”

“Hey What do you mean How is our Lucky Star not human”

“Can you wait for me to finish” The person who did not have time to type because of his slow typing speed was scolded like a dog!

“Mo Chu is only 17 or 18 years old, not yet an adult, but he is already a tier 7 expert, and is also the only disciple under Exalted Chen Bai.

Now, he even revealed her Domineering Roundy identity, and her Spirit Food and Medicinal Cuisine were all legendary…”

“Lucky Star is so outstanding.

I feel an inexplicable sense of pride rise in my heart.”

The Starnet was still boiling, but the court was so quiet that even the sound of breathing could be heard clearly!

“Since Domineering Roundy herself has already arrived,” Judge Chen naturally knew what was happening on the internet.

He could not help but cough twice and continue, “Then the trial will officially begin.”

Elder Qiao suppressed the shock in his heart and stared deeply at Mo Chu.

Only then did he stand up and hand over the lawsuit information that they had prepared to the judge and jury.

He said in a cold and hard tone, “As you can see, the information that we have handed over is the result of the Qiao Familys business decline and the Internet investigation over the past month or so.

Among them, 80% of the netizens have indicated that it was because of Domineering Roundy and Song Qingsongs actions.

Such false statements have caused very serious damage to the Qiao Familys reputation.

I hope that the court will give us a fair judgment.”

The judge and jury above were carefully looking through the information.

They could not help but frown slightly.

The Federation law clearly stated that if one caused significant losses to others by framing and spreading rumors, the maximum sentence was 20 years!

The information submitted by the Qiao Family showed that the financial losses they had suffered during this period were far greater than the legal value! In other words, once they were convicted, Mo Chu and Song Qingsong were very likely to be sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment!

Elder Qiao was naturally aware of this as well, and the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up!

So what if Mo Chu was Domineering Roundy Once she entered the Federation Prison, it would be very easy for something to happen! When that time came, the life and death of this person would be in their hands.

“F*ck!” As soon as Elder Qiao said that, the audience started to chatter, “So the investigation on the internet was done by the Qiao Family.

If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have chosen Domineering Roundy and Song Qingsongs option.

This Qiao Family is too sneaky!”

“Thats right! Tell me, why didnt I react at that time If Mo Chu and Almighty Song were convicted because of this, I would definitely be so upset!”

“Whether we buy it or not, its our own choice.

This has nothing to do with Mo Chu and Almighty Song.

How can we implicate them like this Isnt this too unfair We want to protest!”

“Yes! Protest!”

“Quiet down there!” Judge Chen knocked on the table and looked at Mo Chu and the rest with a slightly focused gaze.

“Defendant, do you have any evidence to defend yourselves”

Elder Qiao was staring at her with a serious expression.

It was as if they were fish in a barrel for the Qiao Family! Hmph! In your dreams!

Mo Chu gave Elder Qiao a provocative look and stood up slowly.

“The Qiao Familys purchase rate for medicinal pills has decreased and this can indeed be attributed to me and Song Qingsong.”

Hearing this, Judge Chen and the jurors could not help but frown.

Was Mo Chu prepared to admit to the crime of spreading rumors and framing people

On the other hand, Elder Qiaos eyes narrowed! He had little contact with Mo Chu, but he knew very well… How this girl could confess to the crime so easily

Sure enough, Mo Chus tone suddenly changed.

“However, what I said to Song Qingsong was not a rumor, but the truth!”


Could it be that there was really something wrong with the Qiao Familys medicinal pills Didnt they already publicly test it during the press conference

“You have to have evidence when you speak!” Elder Qiao glanced at Mo Chu coldly.

Who would not know how to speak empty words

“Of course!” Mo Chu replied crisply and handed over the information on the table, “The information here investigates the toxic reactions of some of the patients after consuming the Qiao Familys medicinal pills.

Other than the gene collapse disease, there are also respiratory truncation disease, blood burst disease… a series of major diseases! This is solid evidence.”

Mo Chu stood in the middle.

Her figure was petite and slender, but her gaze was like a torch.

Her words were firm and decisive, and her aura was extraordinary!

Ning Yiyuan sat quietly in a corner of the audience seats.

His gaze was fixed on Mo Chu, and he felt a surge of emotions.

That pride and excitement were about to burst out from his bones!

This was her girl, and she was exuding her brilliance step by step! She was shining in everyones eyes!

“Is this the girl you like” Qiao Zhenhai slightly raised his eyebrows.

“Her taste is not bad!”

Not to mention that she was Domineering Roundy who had become famous on the internet, just her aura alone was not enough to be underestimated!

“Whats good about her” Elder Ning turned his head and snorted coldly.

He completely forgot that his eyes were full of admiration for Mo Chu just now.

He carefully looked at Mo Chu and said, “Shes just a little girl!”

Seeing his grandfathers insincerity, Ning Yiyuan could not help but smile and look at the center of the court.

Elder Qiao quickly reacted to Mo Chus question and defended himself.

“This… This is just a possible adverse reaction after taking the pills!” He looked around and added, “This is the rule of the entire pill industry.

Everyone only buys pills by default.

How can you say that its a toxic reaction You are clearly getting the facts wrong!”

“Getting the facts wrong”Mo Chu chuckled, “Genetic collapse, blood burst… These are life-threatening diseases.

Arent you being a little too casual to dismiss them with the wordsside effects From this, it seems that you dont take human lives seriously at all!”

“Thats right.”S ong Qingsong suddenly stood up.

“When you gave me the pills back then, you only told me about the benefits of these pills, but you didnt mention a single word about the possible toxic effects!”

“If, if…” perhaps it was because he recalled those painful days back then, Song Qingsongs expression was conflicted as he clenched his fists tightly, “If I had known that this pill could cause a genetic collapse, I definitely, definitely would not have taken it!”

Song Qingsong was the most direct victim! His experience was the best evidence!

“Who said that” Elder Qiaos expression did not change when he lied, “We clearly told the song family about the possible side effects back then.

As for why you were not informed, we are not sure.

Perhaps this is… a problem within your own family”

How was that possible! Song Qingsongs brows furrowed even tighter! With his status in the song family back then, it was impossible for him to hide such an important matter

“Why dont we get the head of the song family to testify”

Pui! This person was really thick-skinned! Mo Chu glared fiercely at him.

Who did not know that the Song Family was now completely Qiao Familys lackey Even if there was not such a thing back then, could the Song Family still admit it now In the end, they still followed Elder Qiaos words!

“Youre talking nonsense!” Song Qingsong was so angry that he was trembling!

“Its fine.” Mo Chu patted his arm.

Her gaze suddenly shifted to Elder Qiao as she questioned in a deep voice, “Even if this is theside effect that youre talking about, since youve already informed the Song Family, then you should be very clear about the principle that causes this side effect, right Why dont you tell us about it”

Mo Chu really did not believe it!

They did not even know that this medicinal pill would cause the gene collapse disease.

What kind of principle could they possibly come up with

Elder Qiao, who was still imposing just a moment ago, suddenly became speechless.

The corners of Mo Chus mouth curled up into a faint smile.

She added in an exasperated manner, “I actually do have some knowledge in this aspect.”

Elder Qiao was stunned for a moment before he squeezed out a shriveled sentence, “This is the secret of our Qiao Familys medicinal pills.

It can not be leaked!” However, a wave of boos greeted him.

“Is it that it can not be leaked, or is there nothing that can be leaked” Mo Chu raised his eyebrows and walked back to her seat.

“I think we are all very clear on this point!”

“Alright!” Judge Chen knocked on the table from above.

His expression was slightly solemn.

“Does both sides still have any new evidence and arguments”

When he saw the silence on both sides, he nodded and continued, “Alright, next is the time for the jurys discussion.

Everyone, please be quiet and wait for a moment.”

The time for the discussion was no more than 15 minutes, but to Elder Qiao, it was rare torture.

Especially when he saw Mo Chus leisurely appearance, his brows were tightly furrowed, and a murderous intent surged in his heart!

Finally, the time was up.

The judge and the members of the jury walked back one after another.

“Now, the members of the jury, please make your decision.

Those who believe that Domineering Roundy and Song Qingsong maliciously slandered the Qiao Familys medicinal pills, please raise your hands.”

Everyone looked over at the same time!

Only two of the ten members of the jury raised their hands.

Just like that, under everyones fiery gaze, the two of them could not help but feel their hearts tremble.

However, they still had to pretend to be calm on the surface.

“Who are these two jurors Do they actually think that my familys Lucky Star and Almighty Song are guilty How can such people be jurors”

“Thats right.

They dont even have basic judgment.

Later, we must post their identities on the internet!”

“Thats right.

Ive already predicted that their lives will be very miserable in the future! Hehe!”

The voice was not soft, so the two jurors naturally heard it clearly.

They could not help but lick their lips shakily.

Did you hear that This was a blatant threat!

8 to 2, the result was very clear!

“Okay, I now pronounce the verdict.

Due to insufficient evidence, the case can not be established.

Domineering Roundy and Song Qingsong are innocent!” As he spoke, the judge knocked twice on the table to announce the final result.

“Yeah!” As soon as he said this, the cheers from below immediately rang out!

Only the Qiao Family members expressions were particularly unsightly!

“Family head, this lawsuit…” The Qiao Familys Fifth Brother could not help but reveal a bit of worry on his face.

“What should we do now”

“Lets not bother about this first.” Elder Qiao waved his hand and looked at Mo Chu with a slightly focused gaze.

His tone was brimming with killing intent!

“This girl absolutely can not be ignored!” Since the domineering and round person was Mo Chu, then this matter would be much easier to handle.

Hearing this, the Qiao Familys Fifth Brothers expression could not help but change.

He lowered his head slightly and replied softly, “I got it.”

On the other side, Mo Chu and the others could not help but let out a sigh of relief when they finally escaped the encirclement of the passionate fans.

“Alright, this is considered a small battle.” Song Qingsong shook his head and said with a chuckle, “You have to get used to it as soon as possible.”

“Ah–” Mo Chus eyes widened.

This was still considered small If it was not for Mo Yang protecting her at the side, she probably would not even be able to endure it!

Thinking of Mo Chus awkward look just now, Song Qingsong and Mo Yangs eyes were filled with smiles at the same time.

“Whats so funny about this”Mo Chu glared at the two of them with his hair standing on end.

His gaze turned back slightly and he couldnt help but raise his brows slightly.

His gaze instantly turned cold.

“The Qiao Family… really couldnt hold it in any longer.”

As expected, not long after Mo Chu said these words, a dozen or so black-clothed experts appeared out of thin air beside them.

They were staring at them like tigers staring at prey.

The killing intent in their eyes was not concealed and poured out!

“What We just walked out and the Qiao Family cant help but prepare to be ruthless towards us” Staring at the figures of these dozen or so people, the corners of Mo Chus mouth could not help but raise up into an unfathomable smile.

However, there was not the slightest bit of surprise on her face.

When the leader saw Mo Chus expression, he could not help but frown.

However, when he saw that there were only three of them, he calmed down.

He did not even speak to them and immediately shouted, “Kill them!”

Then, these ten-plus experts swarmed towards them as if they were surrounding them.

Moreover, their targets were all focused on Mo Chu! The eyes that were staring at her were even more vicious and cruel!

As expected, she was their target! They even sent so many experts at once, just to ensure that nothing would go wrong.

As she thought about it, the smile on Mo Chus lips became even wider.

However, it was a pity that the elemental abilities in their hands had just been formed, and before they had the time to unleash them, their bodies suddenly stiffened.

With a whoosh, fresh blood splattered everywhere, and a total of 13 people were cut in half at the waist, breaking into two pieces!

There were still two people who managed to escape.

When they saw this situation, their faces could not help but freeze!

What… What was going on How could it be They had clearly checked.

There were no guards around Mo Chu.

Where did this fierce fighting force come from

When they turned around, their pupils suddenly widened! They shook their heads in disbelief!

Impossible! How could these people be here


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