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In the Magical Region.

Once Mo Chu and Mo Yang had made up their minds, they immediately headed toward the center of the Magical Region.

This kind of special magical plant with extremely high lethality would definitely not appear around the Magical Region.

Instead, it would definitely be hidden within the inner area!

The two of them had a slightly grim expression on their faces.

The speed of their feet was even faster than before.

After these few days of practice, they discovered that there was a certain pattern to the placement of the bombs and traps.

At that time, Mo Chu was truly surprised, this was actually arranged according to the order of the five elements and eight trigrams! Fortunately, there was an old grandfather beside the orphanage where Mo Chu was staying at that time.

He was very fascinated by this thing.

After being influenced by his eyes and ears, Mo Chu naturally knew a little about it.

Hence, Mo Chu decided to volunteer himself and lead the way.

At that time, Mo Yang and Qin Yue had disapproving looks on their faces.

In the end, after Mo Chu led them for half a day, they did not encounter any bombs or traps.

It was a peaceful scene, facts speak louder than words.

Then, the expressions on their faces changed from worry to surprise!

Hey! This was truly surprising! How did Mo Chu know where these things were hidden Mo Chu still remembered Qin Yues pair of bull eyes that were wide open.

That look of worship and fawning on her was as though she was a God!

Mo Chus gaze narrowed slightly, and the speed of her feet increased by a few notches.

Mo Yang, who was following closely behind, did not say a word.

In the silence, there was a tinge of tension.

“Ouch!” It hurt! Qiao Hongmei frowned as she dragged her injured leg and moved forward step by step.

Her speed was comparable to that of a turtle.

Her luck was not bad.

When she was thrown down by the baby-faced soldier, she happened to be hanging on a tree.

Other than the large abrasions on her leg, the rest were unharmed.

When she raised her head, she happened to bump into Mo Chu and Mo Yang.

They just keep on meeting!

With just a glance, Qiao Hongmei realized that something was wrong.

If it was in the past, the atmosphere of these people would have been joyous and harmonious.

Why was it so silent now

She looked again.

Eh, why did Qin Yue disappear Qiao Hongmeis lips curled up slightly.

Could he have been taken away by someone

Mo Chu also saw Qiao Hongmei on the other side.

She could not help but furrow her brows! However, her footsteps did not slow down.

She continued to move forward quickly.

However, how could Qiao Hongmei let go of such an opportunity to mock them

After moving quickly a few times, Qiao Hongmei could not help but raise her brows.

“Aiya, Look! Isnt this Mo Chu Where are you in such a hurry to go”

Then, she even pretended to look her up and down a few times before sneering.

“Oh right, where did this Qin Yue run off to”

Mo Chus footsteps paused slightly as her cold and sharp gaze swept across Qiao Hongmei!

Being stared at by Mo Chu like this, Qiao Hongmei felt a chill down her spine.

Why was this girls gaze so terrifying It was like a sharp sword, piercing straight into ones heart! After taking a step back, the thick grass beside her just happened to scrape her injured leg.

Qiao Hongmei then let out a soft cry of pain.

Only then did she realize that she had actually been suppressed by Mo Chus gaze!

Thinking of this, Qiao Hongmeis face could not help but turn pale.

Then, she raised her head with a fierce expression but a timid expression on the inside.

“What Are you embarrassed that I was right Hmph! Who asked you to treat me like that before This is called retribution! I stayed behind safely, but Qin Yue was captured and eliminated.


The coldness in Mo Chus eyes deepened.

She turned around and walked towards Qiao Hongmei.

Step by step, she stepped on the ground, but it was as if she was stepping on her heart.

Qiao Hongmei subconsciously took a few steps back.

“You, what are you trying to do”

When she first met Mo Chu, whether it was in terms of aura or strength, she had always been a notch above this girl.

However, now that she looked at it, Mo Chus astonishing talent had only been displayed in a short span of half a year, and her elemental cultivation had already far surpassed hers.

Not to mention the influence and connections she had behind her, it was also not something that she, a mere branch of the Qiao family, could hope to achieve!

Mo Chu did not say anything.

She just walked towards Qiao Hongmei step by step.

The silence sometimes created a pressure that was far more effective than words.

Thus, one advanced while the other retreated.

After walking for a full three to four meters, Mo Chu finally stopped.

The corners of her mouth curled up slightly.

“Enjoy it!”

What Before Qiao Hongmei could react, Mo Chu suddenly reached out and pushed her back.

In the midst of her haste, coupled with the fact that Qiao Hongmeis leg was injured, she was completely unprepared for Mo Chus attack.

She immediately fell backward.

Mo Chu left her a faint smile with an unknown meaning, then quickly dodged.

Qiao Hongmeis heart suddenly trembled.

She kept feeling that something was not right.

However, she quickly understood that the moment she fell, countless small rocks were flying toward her from all directions.

The sharp edges and corners smashed onto her body, causing her to roll on the ground in pain!

There was actually a trap here!

Ignoring the pain all over her body, Qiao Hongmei recalled Mo Chus actions and words from before.

Her expression suddenly changed and her heart trembled violently.

Cold sweat broke out on her forehead.

Could it be… could it be that Mo Chu had long figured out the distribution of the traps and bombs in the Magical Region No! This was impossible!

Qiao Hongmei shook her head.

She could not believe this fact.

If this was true, then Mo Chu was simply too Heaven-defying! From a certain point of view, she had even surpassed all the previous students who had come to receive training!

Mo Chu and Mo Yang did not have the time to care about Qiao Hongmeis thoughts.

They quickly reverted back to their hurry mode and rushed forward like the wind.

Even so, it took them a full half a day before they reached the innermost zone of the Magical Region.

In front of them was the dark and gloomy inner layer of the Magical Region.

Just looking at it made one feel a little scared.

Mo Yang tilted his head slightly and asked softly, “Are you afraid”

“Yes,” Mo Chu said honestly.

The firmness in her eyes was as bright as the light that broke through the darkness.

“However, even if Im afraid, I still have to go in and take a look!”

Mo Yangs eyes were also filled with a hint of appreciation.

He quickly agreed, “Okay!”

The two of them looked at each other and walked in with heavy steps.

Just one step away, the two of them felt as if they had entered another world.

The magical plants that covered the sky did not leak a single bit of sunlight or wind or rain.

The branches that spread out danced everywhere, and the shades of green in front of their eyes were shaded.

If these were not magical plants that could absorb flesh and blood, Mo Chu would definitely find this scene so beautiful that it was mesmerizing!

The wariness in the eyes of the two of them grew even more intense.

After taking a few steps, other than the sound of their own breathing, everything seemed to have come to a standstill.

Silence and oppression silently assaulted their hearts.

“Be careful.” Mo Yang walked in front and softly warned Mo Chu.

His eyes could not help but reveal a hint of solemnity.

This place was too strange! The magical plants that filled the sky seemed to have become the complete overlord.

Not even the shadow of a magical beast could be seen here!

“Mm.” Mo Chu nodded heavily.

Even her breathing seemed to have been restrained a little.

One step, one step, she walked in carefully.

Suddenly, there was a soft sound.

The vines that were originally lying quietly on the ground suddenly moved out.

They tightly wrapped around Mo Chus ankle and pulled her in with all their strength!

Mo Chus body stabilized.

Her expression did not change, but the water blades in her hand were released in time! One after another, the water blades cut off the vines! With a few sizzling sounds, the vines that had been cut retreated, just in time to avoid Mo Chus second wave of attack.

“Are you alright” Mo Yang turned his head and asked softly.

Mo Chu shook her head.

“Im fine.”

This was just a small interlude.

Neither of them paid any attention to it and continued to walk forward.

However, they did not expect that in less than a minute, the vines beside the two of them suddenly shot up and attacked Mo Chu in all directions.

“Little Chu!” Mo Yangs expression suddenly changed.

The lightning in his hand immediately shot out and struck the vines without a single mistake, emitting a pungent burnt smell.

Unfortunately, there were simply too many vines, and the number of vines that Mo Yang could attack was limited.

Dozens of vines were knocked down, and countless more vines attacked the two of them! The cycle repeated itself!

In the blink of an eye, the vines turned into a gradually tightening ball, completely enveloping the two of them.

When the time was right, they would be strangled and devoured!

Mo Chu frowned, and the movements of his hands suddenly changed.

Suddenly, a large amount of water mist condensed and spread out toward the vines in all directions, blocking the attacks of the vines that covered the sky in time!

Mo Yang immediately understood.

As soon as the lightning struck, the water droplets spread out in all directions, bringing with them lightning, striking down a large number of vines in the surroundings!

Only a few dozen vines that were struggling on their last breaths retreated, no longer daring to provoke the two of them.

Mo Yang Looked Mo Chu up and down.

Seeing that she was not injured, his heart relaxed, and he asked curiously, “When did you think of this move”

It must be known that every type of elemental energy was the easiest to cultivate when it was the most concentrated.

Just like when everyone first felt the elemental energy, they would usually use water balls and fireballs as objects.

However, when the energy was more dispersed, the difficulty would increase.

Just now, the difficulty of Mo Chus water mist that filled the sky was extremely high.

It required extremely precise control and abundant elemental energy.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to release it.

“Yes, I practiced this a lot.” Mo Chu smiled.

Actually, during this period of time, she had also spent quite a bit of effort on this.

After failing countless times, she had to start all over again, after the elemental energy in her body had dried up, she would replenish it with Spirit Food and continue practicing! After an unknown period of time, she had finally succeeded in practicing this move!

“Alright, not bad.” Mo Yang reached out and rubbed little Chus head.

His eyes could not help but be filled with pride.

“Hmph! This kid is definitely a sis-con!” Looking at this gaze and this action, the baby-faced soldier made a conclusion with a face full of confidence.

“Do you even need to say that” Another soldier rolled his eyes at him.

“Weve already seen through this, alright But…” Looking at the delicate and fair little face on the screen, the soldier chuckled a few times and continued, “If I had such an obedient little sister, I would be happy to be a sis-con too!”

Having an obedient and delicate little sister with a tender little face and a soft voice, staring at him with a face full of admiration… Aiyo! Just thinking about it made him a little excited!

“Stop it!” The baby-faced soldier gave him a glare.

“Dont you see Even if you have a sister, she wouldnt be as good-looking as Mo Chu!” He thought that everyone was Mo Chu!

“What did you say!” There were too few women in the Federation.

If anyone could give birth to a female doll, they would really dote on it as if it was a treasure! Although he was the only child in the military family, this could not stop the long-dormant anticipation in his heart.

When he heard this, his face immediately turned angry! So what if I look like this Hmph! If I had a girl, she would definitely be beautiful and obedient.

You guys would all be fighting over her!

Guan Sheng helplessly rubbed his forehead.

For a sister that did not exist, the two of them could still argue passionately!

“Why do I feel that something is not right!” The stern-faced soldier stared at the backs of Mo Chu and his sister, frowning slightly.

As soon as he said this, the two people who were quarreling beside him suddenly quieted down.

Eh What did he mean The two of them looked at the light screen in unison.

“Theres no problem!”

It was Mo Chus misty move that made their eyes light up! Just this move alone was enough to show the little girls talent and strength!

“If it werent for Mo Chus young age and lack of experience, I would have really wanted to pull her into our team.” The baby-faced soldier sighed regretfully.

If this girl entered their team, then their daily meals would be a sanctuary-level enjoyment! Just thinking about it made him drool!

“Mo Chu is only 18.” The serious-faced soldier tilted his head and seriously considered it, “The Federation law stipulates that one must be 30 years of age to join the army.

In other words, Mo Chu is still at least 12 years away from joining the army!”

Hmm… 12 years was still quite a long time.

The serious-faced soldier frowned.

However, his target was a comrade with huge potential like Mo Chu.

It was still very worth waiting for!

“Uh–” The baby-faced soldier stared at him with his mouth agape.

Actually, he was just casually saying it, yet this fellow was seriously considering it He did not even think about it.

With Mo Chus Spirit Food skill, it was enough for her to be treated as a national treasure by the entire Federation.

How could she allow her to join such a highly dangerous military group

At this moment, Mo Chu, who had no idea that he had already been listed as a reserve member, walked forward with a vigilant gaze.

After the scene of the vine attack, it had shocked quite a number of magical plants in the surroundings.

Along the way, it was still rather peaceful.

“Pay attention!” Mo Yang, who was walking in front, stopped in his tracks.

His expression sunk slightly.

“We have already entered the area of the special magical plants.”

Mo Chu raised her head to look.

As expected, there was a Lizard Tree in front of them.

However, it was much smaller than the one they had encountered in District 9.

“Lets go.” Mo Chu nodded and stepped into the tree.

The Lizard Tree immediately launched an attack!

Countless branches were drawn towards the two of them.

As soon as they were entangled, they would immediately be devoured alive by the half-bodied lizard on top!

The two of them did not dare to be careless.

The elemental powers in their hands were continuously released.

With their previous experience, their targets were very clear.

Other than blocking the incoming branches, the most important part of their combat power was at the spot where the lizard was connected to the tree trunk!

The two of them cooperated well and severely injured the magic plant with a single strike!

The branches that were originally flying and leaping suddenly lost their vitality and became dispirited.

Mo Yang followed the principle ofshowing no mercy and quickly flew over with a few bolts of lightning in his hands.

He immediately cut off half of the lizard trees waist, leaving it lifeless!

“Lets go!” Mo Yang glanced at Little Chu with a hint of excitement in his eyes.

This was the difference in strength! Half a year ago, he was caught by the Lizard Tree and could only watch it do whatever it wanted.

He was powerless, but now, he could already destroy it! Although there was still a certain gap between the two magical plants, even so, Mo Yang could not help but feel a sense of revenge.

“Okay.” Mo Chu nodded and gave Mo Yang a smile.

The first Lizard Tree was like a rock that was being asked, and their reactions had already given a perfect answer.

It was also because of this that the few special magical plants that they encountered next did not attack them.

Mo Yang and Mo Chu would not be foolish enough to go up and fight with the magical plants.

After all, their target was the tier 8 special magical plant.

Now that they could retain their stamina and energy, they had to preserve them as much as possible.

As they walked deeper, the level of the magical plants became higher and higher.

Soon, they reached the range of tier 8 magical plants! There were a total of five tier 8 magical plants in this small area.

The blue light orb that they needed might be in one of them.

As soon as they smelled the fragrant flesh and blood, the group of magical plants immediately became excited.

They stared at Mo Chu and Mo Yang who were in the middle, wishing that they could swallow them whole!

Being stared at by these burning gazes, Mo Chu could not help but cough lightly and turn her gaze.

At the front was a Spider Tree, and on the right was a giant Cockroach Tree.

There were also some strange-looking animals that Mo Chu did not recognize.

If it were any other person, they would probably have goosebumps all over their body.

However, Mo Chu had lived in an orphanage since she was young, she had seen many of these things, so she was naturally much calmer.


“Little Chu, pick one!” Mo Yang said calmly, but the lightning ball in his hand had already quietly revolved, making a sizzling sound.

“What” Mo Chu was stunned for a moment, and she did not react.

“There are five magical plants here.

Which one do you think is most likely to have the blue light bead” Different from ordinary magical plants, special magical beasts might also have the domain awareness of magical beasts.

This meant that as long as they engaged with one of the magical plants, then the other magical plants could not interfere.

Otherwise, it would be considered breaking the rules.

Mo Chu looked at it carefully for a while.

Finally, she reached out her hand and pointed at the Spider Tree.

The taller one among the short ones looked left and right.

This guy was more pleasing to the eye.

As for the other magical plants, they were all very disgusting!


“Alright!” Mo Yang nodded at Mo Chu.

Then, a stream of water mixed with thousands of water blades shot towards the Spider Tree, followed by Mo Yangs lightning strike! The two elements shot towards the spider tree at the same time.

If they were hit, they would definitely be heavily injured!

However, the two of them could not help but be disappointed.

The Spider Tree was at tier 8 cultivation, how could it be so easily defeated It only used a few branches to block the attack and avoided it.

Meanwhile, the remaining branches were like its jumping desire, directly attacking the two of them!

Mo Chu and Mo Yang did not dare to be careless.

They kept using their elemental abilities! They were desperately cutting the magical plant branches that were eyeing them like tigers!

After all, this was a tier 8 magic plant.

If they were not careful, they might be buried here! At this moment, the two of them did not even have time to catch their breath.

Their eyes were red, and their hands were moving non-stop.

There was only one thought in their minds: Kill, kill, kill, either you die or I live!

Suddenly, there was aswoosh sound! Mo Chus waist was severely wounded, and fresh blood flowed out.

The rich fragrance of her flesh and blood made the surrounding magical plants restless.

“Little Chu” Mo Yangs face changed!

“Its nothing.” Mo Chu shook her head.

Taking advantage of the gap between the few branches, she tied her clothes tightly around her waist, trying her best to stop the blood from flowing out.

“Somethings wrong!” Outside the light screen, the solemn-faced soldier suddenly stood up.

His eyes were filled with nervousness and urgency.

“Quick, lets go in quickly!”

“Whats wrong” The baby-faced soldier was a little stunned.

From the looks of it, Mo Yang and Mo Chus performance along the way was very outstanding.

There was no problem.

What was going on all of a sudden

“No wonder, I felt that something was wrong before…” The stern-faced soldier did not explain much.

After muttering softly, his expression suddenly straightened as he sternly said, “Now, the members of the first regiment will prepare to enter the Magical Region.

Their ultimate goal is to protect Mo Chu and Mo Yang.

Do you understand”

“Understood!” Upon hearing the order, the few of them understood that the situation had taken a turn for the worse.

The cheeky smile on their faces immediately disappeared, and the cold and hard aura of a soldier was immediately revealed!

“Very good!” The soldier with a stern face said in a deep voice, “Lets set off now!”

“Yes!” The few of them turned around and ran out.

In a short while, they had disappeared.

Only the light screen was still quietly shining, and the picture was clear: Other than the Spider Tree, the other special magical plants had also participated in this battle.

The branches were flying everywhere.

The half-magicals beast on the tree trunk were staring at Mo Chu with a longing look!


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