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Mo Chus eyes narrowed as the water blades in his hands shot out one after another.

He could feel the elemental energy in her body draining away bit by bit.

Not only did the rampaging magical plants in front of him not disappear, but there were also even more and more of them!

What was going on

Mo Chu furrowed his brows in doubt.

When he focused his eyes, his expression suddenly changed.

“Brother, look!”

Following the direction Mo Chu was pointing at, Mo Yangs brows also furrowed tightly.

Other than the Spider Tree that they were currently dealing with, the other tier 8 magical plants had also been mixed into it!

How could this be It was completely illogical!

Mo Yangs heart trembled.

He lost his focus for a moment before a few branches wrapped tightly around his wrist.

He pulled forcefully on both sides, forcefully twisting his hands in different directions, forming a strange angle!


A soft sound — the bone was dislocated!

“Hiss –” Mo Yang grunted in pain, cold sweat spewing on his head.

“Brother!” Mo Chu had been looking at Mo Yang from the corner of her eyes, so she naturally noticed the situation at this moment.

Her face paled.

She wanted to go forward to help, but was blocked by the tightly-sealed branches around her! Her brows could not help but furrow tightly together.

Damn it!

Looking at his limp wrist, Mo Yangs face could not help but turn slightly pale.


In the past, it would only be a small matter to be healed in a Treatment Device for 10 minutes.

But now, it could represent death! After all, he would lose his accuracy, and thus losing his lethality.

In the blink of an eye, a few thin and tough branches silently wrapped around Mo Yangs legs.

Then, with a sudden lift, Mo Yang was lifted up into the air!

Not far away, the half-bodied spider was staring at Mo Yang.

Its claws, which were covered with fine black hair, were moving agitatedly.

The drool and desire in its eyes poured out without any restraint!

Closer, one more step! As long as Mo Yang was brought within the reach of the half-bodied spider, he would immediately be torn apart and swallowed alive!

Mo Yang also understood this point.

There was a hint of urgency and tenseness on his face.

The lightning in his hands continued to shoot out, but the effect was negligible!

“Brother!” A fierce shout rang out, and one could feel the blood splattering out from the broken sound!

Mo Yang tilted his head slightly, and his gaze could not help but freeze!

Behind him, Mo Chu had already erupted!

That pair of clear and pure black eyes had already turned red.

Thick filaments of blood had practically covered her entire pupils, and the number of water blades that shot out from his hands was even more shocking! Beside Mo Chu, countless magical plant branches were cut off and mercilessly scattered on the ground.

Furthermore, there were more and more of them!

“Little Chu…” Mo Yangs face turned even paler!

Little Chu, what happened to Little Chu

Mo Chu acted as though she did not hear Mo Yangs shout at all.

Her chin drooped slightly, and the strands of hair on both sides blocked her exquisite face.

All that could be seen was her already deathly pale lips, as though she had lost all color!

The atmosphere instantly froze.

Mo Yang could only feel his heart beating wildly in his chest!

Finally, Mo Chu raised her head, her gaze slightly sinking.

At the same time, a large knife that was about 80 cm long actually condensed in her hand, giving off a faint glow!

Without saying anything, Mo Chu directly gripped the large knife tightly and slashed viciously toward the Spider Tree that was restraining Mo Yang!

White light burst forth!

Mo Yang subconsciously narrowed his eyes, only to hear a crisp cracking sound beside his ear.

Could it be that the broadsword formed from energy had shattered

… What about Little Chu

Mo Yang quickly widened his eyes and looked toward the direction where the light was coming from.

When he saw it, he could not help but suck in a breath of cold air!

Thats right, the broadsword that Mo Chu had formed was indeed shattered.

Like a broken mirror, the pieces fell onto the ground and quickly turned into watermarks, leaving no trace.

The Spider Tree that was cut by the saber had already been broken into two pieces.

The bare tree trunk stood by the side, and there was even a faint wail of grief.

The half of the spider beside it also fell down.

The yellowish-green liquid with a strong fishy smell splashed out from its body and scattered all over the ground!

Mo Yang only struggled slightly and fell out of the branch and onto the ground!

Mo Yang could not care less about the injuries on his body.

He staggered and ran towards the Spider Tree.

There was an unprecedented fear on his face.

Little Chu, Little Chu was lying there!

“Little Chu, how did you…” Mo Yang could not say the rest of his words.

Mo Chus thin and small body was lying on the ground, on the verge of death.

The thin wound on her waist had been torn open by the impact.

Fresh blood kept flowing out.

In a short while, it dyed a small patch of grass red!

“Ah –” Both of his hands were hanging down weakly.

Mo Yang bit his tongue fiercely, placed his wrist on the ground, and pressed down hard! The intense pain spread from his wrist to every cell in his body, but he did not make a sound!

Under the effect of external force, Mo Yangs dislocated wrist slightly returned to normal, and he was barely able to move.

However, it was not a professional treatment after all, and the position of the bones was somewhat messed up.

Just the slightest movement would cause a heart-wrenching pain!

Mo Yang did not care at all.

He carefully helped Mo Chu up with both hands and flipped her over.

Looking down like this, Mo Yangs heart ached even more!

Little Chus eyes were tightly shut, and his face was as pale as paper.

Even her breathing seemed to be weak!

The bloody smell and the stench of spider juices intertwined together.

This was not a pleasant smell, but the few remaining magical plants beside him did not mind.

If not for Mo Chus sudden attack that shocked them, they would have long been unable to resist the strong fragrance and directly attacked Mo Chu!

The dancing branches were rhythmically slapping the ground, making a swishing sound.

The nearest giant Cockroach Tree quietly extended one of its branches and dipped it in Mo Chus blood.

When it stuffed it into its mouth, the smell… immediately made its eyes light up!

It was too delicious! The giant cockroach licked the blood off the branch completely.

The fear that had just risen in its eyes towards Mo Chu was quickly suppressed by its instinct to devour flesh and blood!

After eating her, it must definitely eat her! Unable to endure its thirst, the giant Cockroach Tree immediately launched an attack.

The barbed branches fiercely swung towards Mo Chu and Mo Yang!

Just as the branches were about to entangle them, a blazing fire dragon came at them.

As the flames burned, the branches instantly turned into ashes!

“Damn it! Were still a step too late!” The baby-faced soldier could see the state of Mo Chu and Mo Yang at a glance.

He could not help but frown.

A trace of worry and guilt flashed across his eyes.

Under such circumstances, he was not prepared to continue fighting.

With a slight movement of his hand, a few fire dragons shot towards the joint of the Cockroach Tree!

The bright red fire dragons seemed to carry endless heat and energy.

The giant cockroachs expression changed, and it immediately withdrew most of its branches to defend its vital point.

The baby-faced soldier took advantage of the blink of an eye to bring Mo Chu and Mo Yang out at an extremely high speed!

Fortunately, the baby-faced soldier moved quickly.

Otherwise, with Mo Chus bleeding condition, it was no different from placing a large plate of meat in front of the disaster victims who had been starving for half a month.

The magical plants that passed by began to riot.

However, before they could launch an attack, they discovered that the fragrance that was emitting from it had already disappeared!

Only a few drops of blood remained on the ground occasionally, causing many magical plants to scramble for it!

When they walked out of the Magical Region, the baby-faced soldier could not help but let out a light sigh.

Meanwhile, Mo Yang, who was beside him, was hugging Mo Chu tightly in his arms.

His expression was extremely cold!

“What are you doing!” The baby-faced soldier had only taken two steps forward when he was glared at by Mo Yang who had raised his head.

That gaze was as though he would immediately kill him if he made a single move!

“What else can I do” The baby-faced soldier rolled his eyes at Mo Yang.

Even though he was experienced and knowledgeable, he could not help but be shocked by Mo Yangs gaze.

“Examine her!”

Upon hearing this, Mo Yangs expression relaxed slightly.

However, in the blink of an eye, his gaze hardened and his hand grabbed tightly onto the palm that he was checking on for Mo Chu.

“Save her! You must save Mo Chu… I beg you!”

A man would shed blood but not tears.

Ever since he joined the army, the baby-faced soldier had heard these words countless times.

To be honest, he usually hated those sissies who cried at the drop of a hat! However, when he saw the corner of Mo Yangs red eyes, he felt a lump in his throat!

A moment later, the baby-faced soldier stopped checking and Mo yang immediately asked, “How is it Is there any big problem”

“Well…” the baby-faced soldier frowned and wanted to say something but hesitated, “The situation doesnt seem right!”

These words immediately made Mo Yangs face turn pale.

His body was on the verge of collapsing.

If he wasnt hugging Mo Chu at this moment, he might have collapsed right now!

“So… what exactly is the situation now” Mo Yangs voice seemed to be squeezed out from his throat.

It was so hoarse that it was frightening.

“Mo Chus situation… seems like shes using too much energy.” The baby-faced soldier frowned and continued to say, “However, the condition of her body is much worse than normal.

However, dont worry too much.

Well have to check her condition in more detail before we know whats going on.”

Mo Yang could not help but let out a bitter laugh.

Using too much energy

Thats right! Little Chus cultivation base was only at tier 7, yet she was facing a special tier 8 magical plant.

The energy difference between them was not just one or two levels!

Moreover… she had exploded when the elemental energy was obviously insufficient.

She had destroyed the tier 8 special magical plant in one go.

How could she not be extremely weak

“Lets go.” The baby-faced soldier took out the Drive Machine from the terminal and waved at Mo Yang.

After the two of them and the patient sat on it, the Drive Machine immediately moved forward quickly and steadily.

“Report!” After setting the Drive Machine to auto-pilot, the baby-faced soldier pressed the terminal in his hand with a serious expression, “Captain, we have successfully found the target missions Mo Yang and Mo Chu.

They are now on the way back to the training field.

I repeat, we have successfully found them…”

After reporting the situation clearly, the baby-faced soldier turned around and coughed lightly in embarrassment, “Um, I forgot to introduce myself.

Im one of the soldiers in this army.

You can call me Brother Cheng,” Cheng Wa had a baby face and said kindly.

“I know.” Mo Yang replied indifferently.

“Huh” The baby-faced man was stunned.

“The military uniform youre wearing,” Mo Yang explained softly.

If he did not know the identity of this person, would he have let him take Mo Chu so casually

“Ahem!” Cheng Wa, who had just realized that he had acted foolishly, chuckled a few times and changed the topic stiffly, “Why do you think the weather is so good today Right”

Mo Yang looked outside.

It was raining continuously.

Was this considered good weather

Cheng Wa could clearly feel the disdain in Mo Yangs eyes.

Then, he turned his head obediently and did not speak anymore.

Not long after, the Drive Machine stopped.

Mo Yang carefully carried Mo Chu inside.

“Put her in the Treatment Device first!” Cheng Wa strode to one of the rooms, pushed open the door, opened the treatment device, and adjusted the data.

When he saw that Mo Chus condition had temporarily stabilized, he couldnt help but sigh.

“Alright, dont worry.

Well know whats going on when Guan Sheng comes back.”

In their army, everyone knew some simple medical knowledge, but Guan Sheng was the best among them.

“Okay,” Mo Yang replied softly, but his eyes were fixed on Mo Chu.

He only relaxed slightly after Guan Sheng and the others came back to check on Mo Chu and adjust the treatment plan.

“This hand of yours” Guan Sheng glanced at Mo Yang and quickly noticed that something was wrong.

He could not help but frown.

“Whats wrong with your hand” Cheng Wa asked curiously.

“Its dislocated, and then I put it back in place,” Guan Sheng said indifferently, but the meaning behind his words stunned the other soldiers!


They were on a dangerous mission, so this kind of injury was not uncommon.

Even so, they could not help but sweat for Mo Yang! Holding on for so long with a misplaced wrist, this was not a pain that an ordinary person could endure! For a moment, they looked at Mo Yang with respect!

Especially Cheng Wa, as he did not hear Mo Yang groan in pain on the way.

He did not even frown.

He could not help but raise his eyebrows.

Heh! Not bad, he was a man of iron!

“Doesnt it hurt” Guan Shengtook two steps forward, pinched Mo Yangs wrist, and twisted it with force.

He repaired his misplaced bones with a crisp clatter!

Mo Yang bit his lower lip hard.

His face turned pale and quickly returned to normal.

“I didnt pay attention at that time.”

This was indeed the truth.

He was only worried about Little Chu at that time.

Why would he care about the pain on his wrist

“Dont worry, shell be fine,” Guan Sheng paused and said softly.

He had checked Mo Chus condition.

Although it was serious, it was not fatal.

However, what made him curious was, to what extent did mo chu explode to cause his body to be like this

Two days later.

Mo Chus injuries had already recovered a lot, and his face was gradually turning a little red.

However, an even more crucial problem had appeared — She had not eaten after starving for two days!

Upon hearing this, Cheng Wa immediately became excited and volunteered, “Ill go catch the magical beasts for you guys!”

Before he could finish his sentence, he had already disappeared, leaving Mo Chu behind, who was secretly feeling dejected.

Actually, there was no need to go through so much trouble.

It would be fine if you just returned my terminal to me, right

However, when he saw Cheng Was face filled with anticipation, Mo Chu really could not say it out loud.

“Is this enough” Cheng Wa pointed to the side, his face filled with excitement that he could not suppress at all!

Mo Chu turned her head to take a look and could not help but feel speechless.

Was this guy robbing the entire Magical Region There were seven to eight magical beasts scattered all over the place!

“Its enough, its definitely enough!” Just how big was your appetite

He did not know if he saw the meaning in Mo Chus eyes, but Cheng Wa scratched his head and explained softly, “Actually, I… I have a very small appetite.”

A very small appetite Why did he catch so many magical beasts then

… He did not even know when to lie!

Mo Chu stared at the magical beast that had lost more than half of its original size, and her mouth was wide open in a daze.

Damn, did this army not give him a full meal Why did it feel like this guy was like a disaster victim who had been starving for ten days to half a month

Previously, she had thought that the wordstarving was used specifically to describe Qin Yue.

Now, she found a guy who had a bigger appetite!

After eating until his mouth was full of oil, Cheng Was movements slowed down.

He looked up and smiled embarrassedly.

“This… its too delicious.

I couldnt help it for a moment!”

Really, the effect that he saw on the screen was completely different from what he actually tasted in his mouth!

She originally thought that Qin Yues previous appearance was a little exaggerated, but now she realized that there was no need to exaggerate.

Qin Yues performance was not good enough!

Why had he not encountered such a delicious thing before He took a bite of the roasted meat in his hand, and Cheng Wa instantly felt that his past decades had been wasted!

“Do you still want it” Mo Chu simply roasted the rest of the magical beast meat.

The taste was simply too fragrant!

“Hmm” Hearing this, the baby-face instantly had stars in his eyes.


As many as he wanted, he would not reject it!

Being stared at by this wet gaze, Mo Chu instantly felt his heart soften.

He gave half of the roasted meat to him, and the rest was given to Mo Yang.

“That… arent you going to eat” The baby-faced soldier turned his head to take a look.

There were so many magical beasts.

Excluding the parts that could not be eaten, he alone took up two-thirds of them.

He also felt a little embarrassed.

“Its fine, you can eat.” Mo Chu shook her head.

She had not recovered yet, so she should eat less of such hot food.

“Ill see if theres anything else to eat later.”

When he heard this, the baby-faced soldiers eyes immediately lit up.

He asked a long string of questions, “Whats the rest of the food Is it also roasted meat Is it delicious”

Mo Yang, who had been quietly observing from the side, finally relaxed.

He took a bite of the roasted meat and tasted it carefully.

Yes, its alright… Hes just a simple foodie! He would not have any designs on his sister!

“Yes…” Mo Chu was confused by the string of questions and shook her head.

“Ill have to look at it in the terminal to find out.”

“It doesnt matter, Ill wait for You!” Cheng Wa continued to chew on the roasted meat in his hand and stared at Mo Chu with a face full of anticipation.

His heart was churning.

There was delicious food again, so blissful!

At this moment, Guan Sheng was carrying a magical plant outside when Mo Chu saw him! Then, he stood up abruptly and cried out in surprise, “Grapes!”

“What” Cheng Wa turned his head with excitement.

When he took a closer look, he could not help but frown.

“Are you talking about fruits”

Fruits Thats right! Looking at how tired the branch was, it almost bent over!

The moment he thought of the sour and sweet taste of the grapes, the saliva in Mo Chus mouth kept flowing out.

She simply ran over, reached out, and picked one.

She wiped it on her body, tore off the poisonous part, and fed it to her mouth!

“Hey, you cant…” Cheng Wa, who caught up with him, subconsciously wanted to stop Mo Chu, but was stopped by Mo Yang.

He shook his head at him, “Dont worry, nothing will happen.”

Hearing this, Cheng Wa finally reacted.

That was true.

Since Mo Chu could make a delicious meal out of the poisonous meat of a magical beast, then the fruits would definitely not be a problem.

Mo Chu stuffed the remaining grapes into her mouth.

She bit down, causing the juice to splash in her mouth! Ohhh! This taste, which she had not tasted for a long time, was so blissful that she almost cried!

When the sweet and sour fruit meat and the juice were swallowed into her stomach, Mo Chu was still not satisfied.

She simply picked another one, tore it open, wiped it clean, and put it into her mouth.

The baby-face watching from the side almost drooled.

Was it that delicious Looking at Mo Chus appearance, it was simply appetizing! If not for Mo Yang standing by the side, he would definitely ask Mo Chu to pick one for him to taste! It should be more delicious than barbecued meat, right

However… scratching his head, Cheng Wa frowned in puzzlement.

He clearly remembered that the fruits were poisonous.

How did it turn into a different appearance when it was in Mo Chus hands Could it be that Mo Chus hands had a filtering function

At the thought of this, the child-like face that was full of imagination immediately shifted his gaze to Mo Chus hands.

Hmm… Mo Chus hands were slender and fair.

Aiya, she was so cute!

However, other than that, there did not seem to be much of a difference! Could it be that he was too careless and did not notice At the thought of this, Cheng Wa stared at Mo Chus hand even more anxiously, his mind spinning non-stop.

Mo Yang took a step forward without leaving a trace, blocking the baby-faces line of sight.

He stared at him with a face full of suspicion.

Why was this person staring at Little Chus hand so intently Hmm… could it be that this guy was the legendaryhand fetish



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