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Even though he knew that Mo Chus physique was different, Ning Yiyuans attitude was still the same as before.

He even seemed to cherish and dote on her a little more than before.

As long as Mo Chus figure was reflected in those deep eyes, the coldness in his eyes was instantly replaced by gentleness.

Ouch! This was no longer the cold Marshal from before.

He had clearly become a loyal dog!

This once-in-a-century appearance made the people beside him click their tongues in admiration!

“Its too cruel!” Cheng Wa, who was at the side, looked like he was holding his heart in sorrow.

“In front of a group of single dogs like us, they are still showing off their love.

Can you take into account our feelings”

“Thats right!”

“We are still a group of innocent young men…”

“Shut up!” What innocent young men They were all iron-willed men.

Iron-willed men, alright How could they suddenly drop in stature just because this Kid said so


Mo Yang, who was at the side, did not participate in their childish conversation.

He just stood in front of Mo Chu without a trace and shot a cold glance at Ning Yiyuan, “By the way, arent you busy lately”

Why would you have the time to pester my sister

“Im fine,” Ning Yiyuan said calmly.

Guan Sheng was dumbfounded by this look and almost laughed out loud!

Whats fine This Kid really dared to say that!

It should be known that the official start of theGalactic Combat was getting closer and closer.

Everyone else wished they could split a second in half, let alone Ning Yiyuan, the person in charge

Just half an hour ago, Zuo Lin was complaining to him via video chat.

The dark circles under his eyes revealed their busy schedule.

Of course, at the end of the conversation, Zuo Lin still had tears in his eyes as he hoped that he could hurry Ning Yiyuan back.

However… looking at Ning Yiyuans happy face, Guan Sheng smiled unkindly.

Who asked you guys to mock me for being busy in the past Now you know that the wheel of fortune has turned!

“Have you applied the medicine” Ning Yiyuan looked at Mo Chu and asked softly.

“Ahem!” It was obviously a normal question, but Mo Chu could not help but think of the scene where Ning Yiyuan half-squatted down and kissed her waist.

Her little face suddenly turned red, and after a long while, she softly replied, “Ive… applied it.”

“Thats good.” A satisfied smile hung on the corner of Ning Yiyuans mouth.

It was unknown whether this was a response to Mo Chus obedient application of the medicine or a response to her timid appearance.

“Enough.” Mo Yang stepped between the two of them and coldly glared at Ning Yiyuan.

However, when he turned his head and saw his own sisters flushed face, he could not help but feel sad.

Sigh, the ugly thief had stolen his beautiful sister!

“Umm…” Looking at the faint bruise under Ning Yiyuans eyes, Mo Chu could not help but frown.

“If you still have something to do, you can go back first.”

Although Ning Yiyuan did not say anything, Mo Chu had seen him turn on his video feed several times in the middle of the night.

He had also become much thinner than before.

However, his sword-like aura was also becoming more prominent.

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but be stunned.

On the other hand, the corners of Mo Yangs mouth instantly split open.

Did you see that My Little Chu does not care about you! As Mo Yang savoured Mo Chus words just now, the smile on his face instantly faded.

Damn! Could it be that Little Chus heart ached for this Ning Yiyuan Fellow Thinking of this, the expression on Mo Yangs face became somewhat conflicted…

“Furthermore, in a few more days, my body will have more or less recovered.” Mo Chu raised her eyes slightly, her tone clear and shallow.

“Its time for us to return to receive training.”

“What!” Upon hearing those words, Cheng Wa and the others who were watching the show could not hold themselves back any longer!

Ever since they had eaten the food that Mo Chu had cooked, all the other Federation food had instantly been reduced to dregs! Now that Mo Chu had said that she wanted to return to training, they would have to return to Federation food, right!

“Mo Chu, look, we cant rush this matter.” Cheng Was face was filled with righteousness, yet he could not hide the panic in the depths of his eyes, “Right now, the most important thing is to recuperate properly.

It wont be too late for us to participate in the training, right”

“Dont worry, my body is almost fully recovered.” Mo Chu shot him a cold glance.

Hmph! Didnt he just want me to stay and be a free cook Was there a need to be so tactful

“Guan Sheng, youre more professional in this aspect.

Its better for you to take a look at Little Chu.” Seeing Mo Chus determined look, Cheng Wa hurriedly used his wrist to poke the person behind him.

He was so anxious that he frowned, its time for you to play your role.

We must hold on!

However, Guan Sheng clearly did not understand Cheng Was meaning, or rather, he did not care even if he understood it.

After carefully examining Mo Chu, he smiled slightly and said softly, “Dont worry.

Other than your body being a little weak, there are no other major problems.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Yang and Ning Yiyuan, who were at the side, heaved a sigh of relief.

However, when the two of them noticed that their actions were unexpectedly unified, they snorted coldly and turned their heads away.

“Then rest for another two days,” Ning Yiyuan said in a serious tone.

He looked at Mo Chu with undisguised worry, “Youve suffered some losses previously.

It cant be wrong for you to rest for another two days.”

Moreover, he had been very busy recently.

He estimated that he would only be able to stay for another two days before he had to return.

This time, Mo Yangs opinion was in line with Ning Yiyuans.

He nodded heavily and said, “Thats right.

Lets go back to training in two days.”

Looking at the determined faces of the two, Mo Chu could not help but let out a light sigh.

She nodded and agreed.

Alright, lets go back in two days then.

Upon hearing this, Cheng Was eyes suddenly lit up! He finally managed to keep the delicious food for two days.

However, when his gaze turned to look behind Guan Sheng, he could not help but clench his teeth!

Suddenly, Cheng Wa started to fight with Guan Sheng! Guan Sheng would not just throw in the towel and admit defeat.

Thus, it immediately turned into a spectacular match.

Mo Chu and Mo Yang had been surprised by this scene from the beginning, but now they were calm.

Hmm… anyone who saw such a match every day probably would not find it interesting anymore! Just like that, they even called itsparring!

Regarding this, Mo Chu could only chuckle.

They had already beaten him black and blue, how could it be called sparring

But… Wait!

Mo Chu suddenly blinked her eyes.

She suddenly felt that this movement technique was a little familiar!

That bastard Cheng Wa was still showing off his unique skills.

Other things aside, just his graceful figure and his wind-like speed were truly astonishing.

“Blue light bead” In the end, Mo Chus soft words almost made Cheng Wa fall from the sky!

His neck turned around with a click, and an awkward smile appeared on his baby face.

“Mo Chu, what… What did you say just now”

If Mo Chu was only 60% sure just now, now he was 80% sure! Thats right, the person who captured Qin Yue and even came up with bad idea of exchanging an item for someone else was Cheng Wa!

The other people keenly felt the strange atmosphere and dispersed without leaving a trace.

Only Cheng Wa was left alone fighting, staring pitifully at Mo Chu.

“So its you!” Mo Yang also came back to his senses and strode in front of Cheng Wa, raising his eyebrows slightly.

Thats right, its me! — Cheng Wa wanted to puff out his chest and shout.

However, when he thought of the delicious food that Mo Chu cooked, his anger was completely released.

He could only lower his head and say vaguely, “Its… its just a training mission.”

Im also very innocent, okay

“Wheres Qin Yue” Mo Chu did not make any fuss about her injury.

After all, their skills were inferior to theirs.

How could they blame them

“Sigh, well, that…” Cheng Wa scratched his head.

When he met Mo Yangs slightly gloomy gaze, he could not help but complain in his heart.

After all, this was still a training session, and they had to follow the rules.

They could not really let Qin Yue go after eating a few meals of Mo Chus roasted meat, right This was not fair to others…

However, if they were careful, they did not seem to care about fairness at all.

Humph, they had misunderstood!

“Here!” Mo Chu took out something from her clothes and spread out her hands.

A shining blue bead lay obediently in Mo Chus palm, emitting her unique brilliance.

“Eh” Cheng Wa could not help but exclaim, “You really got your hands on this thing”

Not to mention Cheng Wa, even Mo Yang, who was beside her, could not help but be surprised.

At that time, Mo Chu was lying in a pool of blood, no one had expected that she would actually take down this blue light bead.

“Didnt you guys… only take down that Spider magical plant” Cheng Wa swallowed his saliva, his eyes wide open.

He said in disbelief, “You guys managed to get your hands on this thing”

Those who were able to enter for training had naturally been mostly investigated, especially Mo Chu and the others.

They were especially focused on observing their targets.

Towards the so-calledLucky Star on the internet, they merely laughed it off, they did not believe it from the bottom of their hearts.

However, as they stared at the round bead in Mo Chus tender palm, Cheng Was originally firm thoughts could not help but waver slightly! They knew better than anyone how difficult it was to obtain this thing.

Special magical plants above tier 8 were not easy to deal with.

Moreover, the drop rate of this round bead was 1%.

If one were to calculate carefully, the drop rate was extremely low!

In the end, Mo Chu easily obtained it with a single move! Wasnt it a little too mystical Thinking of this, Cheng Was face could not help but change.

He wanted to hug Mo Chu!

Fortunately, Mo Yang, who was at the side, was quick to react and quickly stopped him.

Heh! This kids guts were even more formidable than Ning Yiyuans!

“What are you doing” Mo Chu was also shocked.

Why did this person use such a move out of nowhere.

“Its nothing,” Cheng Wa said with a serious face.

“I want to hug you so that I can have some good luck!”

What kind of logic was this

Mo Chu rubbed his forehead helplessly and looked at the few soldiers beside him with a puzzled gaze.

Is this how you guys choose your teammates

Being stared at by Mo Chu and Mo Yangs suspicious gaze like a duet, the serious-faced soldier could not hold it in anymore.

He pulled his face and said, “Cheng Wa!”

“Here!” The baby-faced soldier immediately turned around reflexively.

“Todays training assignments, triple it!” There was no reply.

“What” The baby-faced soldier immediately cried.

“Captain, are you kidding”

Triple! If he did triple of the work today, he would probably lie in bed for an entire day.

“What do you think” The soldier with a serious face secretly gritted his teeth.

His gaze was slightly cold.

You brat! Normally, it was fine if people went crazy, but when they met Mo Chu and Mo Yang, they became even worse.

Now that they had successfully risen to the point where people doubted the quality of our entire army, you still have the face to refute!

Seeing the ugly expression on the captains face, Cheng Wa immediately shut up.

His ability to discern peoples expressions was quite good, so he turned around obediently and went off to train with a bitter expression.

Since Cheng Wa had left, Mo Chu simply walked in front of the stern-faced soldier and raised the blue light bead in his hand.

In a deep voice, she said, “Since weve found this thing, shouldnt you let go of Qin Yue”

The captain hesitated for a moment, and his gaze was somewhat troubled.

Technically, Qin Yue had been eliminated.

Wasnt this against the rules

When Mo Chu was stubborn, not many people could stop her.

It had been quite a while, but this girl was still holding the bead in her hand.

After a long while, she said softly, “Soldier, arent you a man of your word”

Hearing this, the soldier with a serious face could not help but tremble.

When he received Ning Yiyuans hint, he nodded and agreed, “Okay, when you start training again, Ill put Qin Yue back.”

“Okay.” Hearing this, a smile appeared on Mo Chus face.

He forced the priceless blue light bead into the captains hand, “Then its a deal.”

Looking at the bright smile on Mo Chus face, Ning Yiyuan could not help but show a hint of indulgence.

When she knew that Qin Yue would not be eliminated, Mo Chus mood instantly became much better.

As soon as she relaxed, she started thinking about the grapes.

Drinking water all day long, she also wanted to change her taste! She did not expect to find the grapes.

When she thought of that mellow wine, Mo Chu felt a little hungry.

Fortunately, the tool to make wine was still simple.

Mo Chu had it in his terminal, so she simply took advantage of this time to make it.

First, she picked the grapes one by one and washed them clean.

Then, she tore off the poisonous parts that could not be eaten.

The rest of the grapes were placed in a clean, water-free container before she crushed them.

While Mo Chu was busy, on the other side, Cheng Wa, who was as tired as a dog after training, could not resist his curiosity and walked over to take a look.

When he saw Mo Chus actions, Cheng Wa was even more confused.

What was she preparing to do He was so tired, yet she had to make such a mess!

Mo Chu did not care about Cheng Wa, who looked like a rat beside her.

She took out the white sugar from the terminal.

She measured the amount of grapes and white sugar, it was about 10:3.

He carefully sprinkled a layer of white sugar on it and sealed the grapes, there were only a few holes on it to produce gas.

“What are you doing” After looking at it for a long time, Cheng Wa still could not figure it out.

“This is a good thing.” Mo Chu slowly put the thing into the terminal.

There was a hint of a smile in her eyes.


Have you heard of it”


Cheng Wa was stunned.

Then, he shook his head honestly.

Then, his expression changed and he revealed his greed.

“Then, is this wine delicious”

Yes! In just a few short days, Cheng Wa had been completely groomed by Mo Chu to be a true foodie!

“Dont worry, its definitely better than roast meat!” Mo Chu promised confidently.

When he heard this, Cheng Was eyes immediately lit up.

“Really, really”

It was even better than roast meat.

What kind of delicacy would that be

When he thought of this, Cheng Was heart was beating wildly! When he recovered from his deep thoughts, he was shocked to realize that Mo Chu had already left.

Sigh! No, let me have a taste first!

The next day, Mo Chu came out on time to fiddle with this thing again.

She was immediately blocked by Cheng Wa.

If it was not because of the double pressure from Ning Yiyuan and Mo Yang, he would have gone to look for Mo Chu yesterday.

Why did he have to wait until now

“So, we still need to wait for more than half a month for this”

“Yes.”Mo Chu nodded as if it was a matter of fact.

“Good things always take some time, dont they”

After thinking for a while, Cheng Wa nodded in agreement, his eyes still fixed on Mo Chus movements.

Opening the lid of the grape container that had been fermented for 24 hours, Mo Chu used a pair of clean chopsticks to stir it slightly.

“Ugh –” Seeing the fruits that had turned soft and yellow, Cheng Wa could not help but squint his mouth in disgust.

For the first time, he had doubts about Mo Chu.

What kind of delicious food could be made with this shape

“Watch my movements carefully.” Mo Chu nodded slightly.

“We must stir it like this for a week.

Stir it like this every day.”

Firstly, it was to prevent mold from growing on the surface.

Secondly, it was to allow the grapes floating on the surface to fully ferment.

However, she had to continue her training tomorrow.

Naturally, she had to find someone to do this job for her.

Looking at Cheng Wa beside her, Mo Chus eyes could not help but light up.

“From now on, Ill let you do this.

How about it” Mo Chu sealed the grapes once again and turned around to stare at Cheng Wa with a face full of anticipation.

“What” Upon hearing this, Cheng Wa revealed a little surprise, “This… can I do it”

“Just stir it once every day like this.” Mo Chu lowered her voice slightly with a hint of temptation.

“Think about it, to be able to personally make delicious food, this feeling…”

There was no need to be too full of himself, just by looking at the sense of accomplishment that rose on Cheng Was face, she knew that he was bound to accept this matter!

As expected, Cheng Wa acted as if he had just accepted an important mission.

He nodded cautiously at Mo Chu.

“Dont worry, I will definitely do as you instructed.”

“Alright, then Ill have to trouble you.” Mo Chu nodded with a faint smile.

A trace of craftiness flashed across her eyes.

Hmph! We havent even written off what happened before!

Cheng Wa happily accepted the matter.

In the end, after Mo Chu left, he was shocked to realize that this was a trap!

Think about it.

For a foodie, to be able to smell the increasingly fragrant aroma every day and not be able to eat it, how much torture would that be!

Taking another peek at the fragrant wine, Cheng Was heart felt itchy.

He wanted to immediately have a taste, but when he thought of Mo Chus instructions…

In the end, he had no choice but to suppress the desire in his heart.

He felt that the days were getting more and more unbearable!

Sigh… Cheng Wa looked at the sky bitterly.

Mo Chu, when will you come back


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