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Bang! A loud sound rang out.

The originally aggressive group of people instantly fell into the pit.

The difference in gravity caused them to be stunned.

Damn it! What was going on Dust covered their faces.

Before they had the time to wipe their faces, the small poisonous needles shot out from all directions.

They did not have time to care about anything else.

All of them hurriedly braced themselves, and the special abilities in their hands blossomed like flowers, trying to defend themselves from the poisonous needles!

However, the size of the pit was only so small.

In addition to them, there were a total of 14 to 15 people.

How could they not feel crowded standing together Just because you managed to dodge the poisonous needles that were darting around, it did not mean that the others would be able to dodge them smoothly.

In just a few minutes, three to four people had already been hit by the poisonous needles!

“Hehe!” Looking at the miserable looks of the people below, Qin Yue could not help but chuckle a few times.

His tone was filled with mockery.

You guys want to besiege us Now, do you know what it feels like Serves you right!

Mo Yang and Mo Chu stood quietly by the side.

Their bodies were tall and straight.

Although they did not say a single word, their lowered gazes and natural aura were enough to make everyone feel indignant! This was too Heaven-defying.

After all, who would have thought that Mo Chu and the others would be able to find out the locations of all the traps in the Magical Region Not only that, they had even made use of them.

As a result, they had successfully trapped them!

After all, a persons energy was limited.

However, this trap will not stop.

As time passed bit by bit, the people in the pit could not hold on any longer.

The special abilities in their bodies had almost been used up.

However, this needle that was as thin as a cows hair was still mercilessly shooting at them.

They did not know what kind of poison was contained within this poison needle.

All they could see was one after another of their companions being shot by the poison needle.

With a whoosh, they fell to the ground, unconscious.

Fear gradually spread in front of everyone.

“Mo, Mo Chu!” Some people could not stand the pressure anymore and started to beg for mercy from Mo Chu.

Their faces were full of fear and pleading, “Please let me off this time.

I wont dare to cause trouble for you guys anymore!”

Nonsense! The trick that Mo Chu and the others showed was enough to intimidate most of the people here.

“Yes, help us out!”

“We were wrong, we were wrong, alright”

Once someone opened their mouth, it was like a tidal wave that had broken the dike.

The others poured out one after another.

Mo Chu, who was being stared at expectantly by everyone, had a slight sneer on her lips.

Did these people think that just because she was a woman, so she would be soft-hearted and let them go


“Hehe!” With a chuckle, Mo Chu only asked in a low voice, “Why didnt you think about letting us off when you were surrounding us just now”

Now, you actually had the face to beg for mercy from her, heh! She did not know whether to say that they were innocent or ignorant!


Mo Chus simple sentence caused everyone to feel as if their throats were blocked, and they were instantly rendered speechless!

The poisonous needles continued to fire, causing more and more people to fall.

The vast space allowed the remaining people to move more nimbly, but at the same time, the area that was being shot by the poisonous needles had also unknowingly expanded by quite a bit.

After all, those human targets that had been shot by the poisonous needles were already lying on the ground, with the last bit of their special abilities about to be squeezed dry.

Once again, they turned their gazes towards the three people who were watching the show from the side!

However, at this moment, their eyes were no longer filled with the pleading and anticipation from before.

Instead, they were filled with hatred and viciousness! If it were not for the fact that they were in trouble, Mo Chu did not doubt that they would immediately rush up and beat her up!

“Whats wrong First, you played the role of the murderers…” Qin Yue could not help but raise his brows slightly as he was stared at hatefully by the remaining few people.

Half-squatting down, he said, “Now, youve automatically jumped into the role of a victim”

Qin Yues words were really mocking them!


Before this, these people were all itching to kill them.

Now that they were being counterattacked, they revealed the appearance of a victim.

It was really comical!

“What the f*ck are you talking about! Look at yourself.

Which one of the three of you is injured” Hearing that, a man in the pit suddenly raised his head and gave Qin Yue a fierce glare.

Unleashing his wind attribute special ability once more, he flung the poisonous needles that were about to hit his body to the side.

“Now look at us again! Were the ones who have suffered heavy losses!”

Looking at how this person spoke with conviction and conviction, Mo Chu could not help but laugh out loud!

In the 21st century, there was also a group of people who always used their own advantages as weapons, putting on an innocent look as if they were the victims.

Clearly, they were the ones who had done the wrong thing, yet in the end, public opinion had turned to the other side!

History was indeed astonishingly similar.

Perhaps, this was the root of human masochism

Mo Chu blinked and suddenly felt that she had some talent for philosophy.

“Whats wrong” Hearing Mo Chus laughter, Mo Yang could not help but turn his head and ask with concern.

“Nothing.” Mo Chu shook her head and said softly, “I just think that theyre all very funny!”

The conversation between the two of them was not concealed and was naturally heard by the people in the pit.

Their hands suddenly trembled and the hatred in their eyes deepened!

“Yeah.” Qin Yue touched his chin and added, “I think so too.”

The three of them looked at each other and their eyes were filled with tacit understanding!

“Oh–” in less than ten minutes, the last person in the pit could not hold on any longer.

He was stabbed by the poisonous needle and fell to the ground with a thud.

“Tsk Tsk,” Mo Yang raised his eyes and said in a cold tone, “You only managed to hold on for 40 minutes.

Arent you a little too weak!”

Fortunately, these people could not move anymore.

Otherwise, when they heard Mo Yangs words, they would probably be furious!

“However…” Mo Chu had already closed the trap.

Qin Yue and the others walked closer and looked at the dozen or so people in the pit.

They frowned in annoyance, “Were just going to leave them here, or should we…”

Before Qin Yue could finish his words, Mo Chu interrupted him.

Her dark eyes lit up slightly.

“Dont worry, someone will come and take care of these people.”

“Huh” Qin Yue scratched his head in confusion.

What did she mean by that

Soon, his doubts were solved.

Five minutes later, Guan Sheng and the others slowly walked over.

They were indeed soldiers who had stepped out of the blood bath.

Walking in such a row, their imposing manner, coupled with their good looks, and their military uniforms were really pleasing to the eye!

On the other hand, Qin Yue, who was slow to react, suddenly turned his head.

His eyes stared blankly at Mo Chu as he fiercely swallowed his saliva, “You had already guessed that they would come”

“No, it wasnt a guess.” Mo Chu shook her head.

Then, he saw Qin Yues expression change from initial anticipation to disappointment in an instant.

On the other hand, Mo Yang glanced at his own girl.

It was not a guess… could it be that she had heard it Why else would Mo Yang be such a sis-con He immediately guessed the reason!

Indeed, although Mo Chus body was damaged due to the energy explosion this time, it was not without benefits.

Firstly, the meridians in her body were widened once again.

It was just like a water bag.

Originally, the bag could hold a kilogram of water.

This time, when Mo Chu erupted, she was filled it with two kilograms of water, and the capacity was greatly expanded.

The more she expanded, the more energy she could store!

Secondly, her five senses had become more sensitive.

To put it bluntly, not even the slightest movement within a one-kilometer radius could escape her eyes and ears.

It was because of this that, she could hear the arrival of Guan Shengs group.

“Aiyo!” When Cheng Wa saw them, he immediately rushed over.

He poked his head into the hole to take a closer look, and he could not help but click his tongue, “Theyve been wiped out just like that.

Theyre really useless!”

This kind of trash was nothing but cannon fodder in the Galactic Combat and Interstellar War.

They had even taken a few precious spots for nothing!

“The effect of this poison needle…” Mo Yang raised his head slightly and looked at Guan Sheng.

“Dont worry.” Guan Sheng shook his head slightly.

“This poison needle is just a long-lasting anesthetic.

Once the effect wears off, it wont be a big deal.”

“Just an anesthetic” Qin Yue murmured regretfully.

He lowered his head to look at the pit and suddenly realized something.

“So they still have their senses now”

After all, the amount of anesthetic in this poison needle was too small, it was probably not enough to put people into a coma, especially those who had strong resistances.

“Yes,” Guan Sheng responded faintly.

Hearing this, Qin Yues eyes regained some light.

Heh! It was good that they could hear the commotion.

These people should be very angry now!

“Thats enough,” The soldier with a serious face stepped forward and said with a serious tone, “This is the end of the first stage of your training.”

“I now announce that the people who will be able to enter the second round of training are Mo Chu, Mo Yang, and Qin Yue.” The soldier with a serious face looked around the pit.

“As for the rest… They will all be eliminated!”

“Yes!” Mo Chu and the others looked at each other with unconcealable excitement in their eyes.

After all, being able to successfully enter the second round of training meant that they would be able to participate in the once-in-a-century space combat, this was a rare opportunity!

“Alright, you guys wait here.” Guan Sheng took a step forward and said in a slightly raised tone, “After we get these guys out, we will return to the training base together.”

“Okay.” It was a good idea to hitch a ride.

Mo Chu and the others naturally would not refuse and nodded with a smile.

The dozen or so people were not considered a lot.

In less than ten minutes, they were thrown out of the pit.

“Wait, I wasnt hurt by the poison needle!” Suddenly, an urgent female voice sounded.

“Eh” Cheng Wa paused and raised his eyebrows.

“Its rare that theres a survivor here.”

Hearing that, Mo Chus eyes darkened.

Tsk tsk tsk… This was an acquaintance! This woman was really lucky!

“I, I also survived.”Qiao Hongmei climbed out of the pit with a sallow face.

When she stood up straight, she quickly looked at Guan Sheng and the others, staring at them expectantly.

“I should be able to enter the second round of training, right”

“Whats going on” Without answering Qiao Hongmeis question, the stern-faced soldier frowned slightly and looked at Cheng Wa.

Cheng Wa had already pulled everyone out of the pit.

When he met the captains gaze, he could not help but snort coldly.

“Using others as a shield and hiding at the bottom safely, is that considered surviving”

Cheng Was personality could be considered straightforward, so his words naturally carried a hint of mockery.

They had all crawled out from a pile of dead people, so how could they not see Qiao Hongmeis little tricks To be honest, this kind of behavior was the most humiliating in their eyes.

Using their comrades around them as human shields Hmph! To think that this girl do such a thing!

Cheng Was words were very straightforward.

No matter how Qiao Hongmei pretended to be calm, her face could not help but be tainted with anger.

Her body trembled slightly before she spoke again after a long while, “No matter what methods I used, I managed to endure it successfully, didnt I”

Then her treatment should be the same as Mo Chu and the rest!

“No.” The stern-faced soldier shook his head slightly.

His cold words directly pierced through the hidden expectations in her heart.

“You cant participate in the second round of training!”

“Why!” When she met the determined gaze of the soldier in front of her, Qiao Hongmei instantly felt like she was on the verge of breaking down.

“Its clearly the same.

Mo Chu and I have survived.

What right do you have to treat us differently”

“Because youre not qualified!” Perhaps he did not know what euphemism meant, but the soldier with a solemn face just gave her the reason with a cold face, “Whether its ability, intelligence, or character, you dont meet any of the requirements!”

Mo Chu, who was beside her, could not help but purse her lips.

This was the real expert! Based on what he said, not a single sentence had missed the bullseye! She thought that Qiao Hongmeis heart had probably been broken into pieces by now!

“Youre talking nonsense!” As expected, when Qiao Hongmei heard these words, she tried to turn it into excuses! She was obviously the Proud Daughter of Heaven.

How could she be neglected It was clearly because they had colluded with Mo Chu that it was like this… Yes! It must be so.

The more Qiao Hongmei thought about it, the more she felt that it made sense!

How could Mo Chu know about the distribution of the traps and bombs for no reason There was also Qin Yue.

He had clearly been captured previously.

Logically speaking, he should have been eliminated a long time ago.

But now, he had actually smoothly entered the second round of training.

How was this possible There was definitely a problem!

Glancing at them a few times, Qiao Hongmeis brows raised slightly.

As if she had grasped some great secret, she raised her chin arrogantly.

“Hmph! Dont think that I dont know that you guys are colluding!”

“Let me tell you, if you dont let me enter the second round of training, Ill expose everything about this matter.

When that time comes, Ill court-martial you and make you suffer!” Qiao Hongmei raised her brows proudly, she looked as if she had the upper hand.

When the other people lying on the ground heard this, they were anxious! They also wanted to enter the second round of training, but they could not say anything.

They were so anxious that their eyes were red!

“How is it Its a deal, right” Qiao Hongmeis eyes were shining.

“Uh–” Cheng Wa turned his head and glanced at Mo Chu.

He asked in puzzlement, “How does your Military Academy recruit their cadets How can you let in people with mental problems”

“Pfft…”Qin Yue could not help but burst out laughing.

Aiya, this guy was really interesting.

He had a baby face and even had that puzzled and curious expression on his face.

It was really funny.

Mo Chu glanced at Qin Yue and raised his eyebrows slightly.

If you knew that this guy in front of you was the culprit that caused you to be trapped in the Magical Region for a few days, I wonder if Qin Yue would still be able to laugh

“What nonsense are you spouting!” Qiao Hongmei glared at Cheng Wa angrily, her eyes burning with rage.

“Dont think of using such words to cover up the truth of what youve Done! Im not that easy to get rid of!”

Cheng Wa returned her glance with a hint of pity in his eyes.

Young Lady, if youre sick, you should hurry up and treat it!

This gaze was even more lethal than a direct reply!

Seeing that Qiao Hongmei was so angry that she was about to vomit blood.

The solemn-faced soldier regained his right to speak, “Our training and selection is clear, and there are no mistakes.

If you feel that theres a problem and want to take it to the military court, you can go ahead.

We welcome you very much!”

His faint words carried a strong aura, that carefree and fearless expression was vividly displayed! As expected of the captain of this army, he was indeed very stylish!

“You, you guys…” Meeting the soldiers slightly focused gaze, Qiao Hongmeis heart could not help but waver slightly.

Could it be that she was mistaken “But it is an indisputable fact that I also survived.

What right do you have to eliminate me”

“Hmph!” Guan Sheng sneered in a low voice.

“Of course, if you survived, you can not be eliminated now.

But these two months of survival are not over yet.

You have to continue to stay for the full duration!”

As he said that, guan Sheng glanced at Qiao Hongmei disdainfully.

This persons venomous tongue was simply unbearable.

“But… are you sure you can survive alone”

Qiao Hongmei wanted to answer arrogantlyno problem! However, she knew very well that it was impossible for her to survive in this dangerous Magical Region alone.

Qiao Hongmeis silence had already given an answer.

“Thats it!” Guan Sheng clapped his hands and made a clear sound.

“The result is the same.

Why drag it out until then”

Qiao Hongmei bit her lips silently and suddenly pointed at Qin Yue.

“What about him wasnt he taken away before Why can he still participate in the second round of training now”

Since she could not enter, then Qin Yue could forget about getting in!

“Huh, why” Guan Sheng tilted his head playfully, and a blue light bead was shining in his open palm, “Because Mo Chu and the others went to the center of the Magical Region alone to find this and exchanged it for Qin Yue.

Now, do you still have any doubts”

Staring at the priceless blue light bead , Qiao Hongmeis face instantly sank.

There was no need to ask anymore.

Asking further would only humiliate herself!

“Alright, lets go.” The serious-faced soldier nodded at Cheng Wa.

“You just wait here for a while.

Ive already informed them.

Soon, someone will come to pick them up and leave.”

“Huh” Cheng Was eyes widened.

“Why me”

He still wanted to return as soon as possible and taste the taste of the wine! But now, he was being held back by this group of people.

It was really annoying, really annoying!

“No reason.” The serious-faced soldier raised his eyebrows slightly.

“This is an order!”

With the greedy look on your face, it would be really embarrassing if he did not suppress it properly!

“Yes!” Upon hearing this, no matter how unwilling Cheng Wa was in his heart, he could only restrain himself.

He could only give Mo Chu a meaningful look.

Please wait for me, dont finish al the wine all by yourself!

After receiving the message from Cheng Was gaze, Mo Chu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

It was just a jar of wine, right Was there a need to be so serious

Of course! Seeing Mo Chus helpless expression, Cheng Wa nodded solemnly.

Finally, after sending the group of people away, Cheng Wa immediately rushed back to the training base at lightning speed.

“How is it Is the wine ready to be eaten” As he got closer, Cheng Was bright eyes stared at Mo Chu.

“The wine is not for eating.” Mo Chu shook his head and walked towards the place where the wine was placed.

“Alright, lets go and have a look together.”

“Not for eating” After the shock, Cheng Wa immediately lost interest.

For things that were not delicacies, the value that he was interested in dropped rapidly!

“Dont worry, I will definitely not let you down.” Mo Chus words immediately raised Cheng Was expectations.

Fortunately, Mo Chu came to take a look and found that the grapes had almost fermented in just a weeks time.

If she had come a few days later, the texture of the grape would have been a little flawed.

Mo Chu took a clean container from the terminal and carefully filtered the grape skin with gauze.

She left the juice and peeled the skin a few times until the filtrate was clear.

“Wow!” Cheng Wa watched from the side and let out a few exclamations from time to time!

Mo Chus head was full of black lines.

This was actually not difficult, alright

Shaking her head, Mo Chu took a few more eggs from the terminal and removed the egg white.

She beat it into foam and sprinkled it evenly into the wine.

Finally, she placed the wine into a wooden barrel.

After continuing to ferment for a week, it would be ready for drinking.


“According to what you said, I stir it on time every day.” Cheng Wa, who was not able to help, immediately took credit for it.

“Dont worry, when the wine is ready, you will definitely get your share!” Mo Chus promise immediately his baby-face shine! This was great! He was looking forward to it!


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