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“What are you guys trying to do” The girl on the opposite side naturally noticed the unusual behavior of Mo Yang and the others.

She could not help but raise her eyebrows, and her exquisite face revealed a little arrogance and unruliness.

“If you got nothing nice to say, then shut up!” Mo Yang said in a low voice, his eyes fixed on her.

He would remember this matter!

“Tsk, who do you think you are How dare you speak to me like that” Obviously, this girl had been pampered since she was young.

When faced with Mo Yangs rage, not only did she not show any signs of cowardice, she became even more eloquent.

Her petite chin was slightly raised as she said, “Could it be that Ive said something wrong She was ugly to begin with!”

As she said that, her slender white and tender fingers pointed straight at Mo Chu.

“Tsk! How beautiful are you!” The people at the side could not stand it anymore.

Why, are you still so arrogant on our Federations land Do you really think that theres no one else in our Federation

“Thats right, youre just the same as us, with two eyes and a nose!” The other people started to speak up for Mo Chu and the others as they spoke in a loud voice.

What Upon hearing these words, Lan Lian could not help but become furious.

Clearly, she was extremely conceited about her appearance.

How could she tolerate others comparing her to Mo Chu, this insipid and tasteless girl This was simply an insult to her!

“Just this ugly girl,” Lan Lian glanced at Mo Chu coldly, her tone filled with disgust, “In our Wisdom Cloud Planet, no one will pay attention to her, and only you Federation people treat her like treasure!”

“What did you say!” When Lan Lian said this, it directly rose from a personal issue to a social issue.

When the surrounding citizens who were initially silent heard this, they immediately became displeased and started to denounce her.

“Hey! Its amazing that your skin is so thick.” A girl next to her was obviously a fan of Mo Chu, her small face was full of anger.

“Lucky Star is so beautiful that anyone with eyes can see it.

As for you, hehe, you cant even compare to our Lucky Stars finger!”

Hearing this, the anger on Lan Lians face became even more intense.

Before she could refute, the people next to her started to chime in, “Dont joke around.

Our Lucky Stars fingers are so precious.

She doesnt even have the qualifications to compare!”

“Right, theres no way to compare!”

“Dont think that just because youre from the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, youre so great.

Youre standing in our Federation land!”

“Thats right! Hurry up and apologize to Mo Chu and the others!”

“Right, apologize!”

In the midst of the clamor, Lan Lians heart was filled with anger, and her body was trembling slightly!

With all these gossips, she could not get a word in.

She could not help but stomp her feet angrily and turn around to tug at the mans sleeve.

“Brother Han, look at this group of people, theyre really too much!”

These words were putting the cart before the horse, who was the one who was too much, how could everyone not know

Lan Han glanced at Lan Lian and looked around.

He could not help but furrow his brows.

In just a short ten minutes, they were surrounded by people.

Their eyes were filled with disdain and anger.

It was as if they were saying that if they did not apologize, they would not be able to walk out!

Lan Hans gaze moved slightly.

In the end, it landed on Mo Chu.

A glimmer flashed in his eyes… What ability did this ordinary girl have Why did so many people protect her

“Heh! What do you mean by not speaking”

“What, do you think that we Federation people are easy to bully”

The people noticed Lan Han and his groups silence.

Their originally surging anger was even more turbulent.

Dont think that just because you guys are from the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, we wont dare to make a move! Hmph!

“Hurry up, what are you dawdling for”

“Even if, are you still a man Dont you even have the guts to take on the responsibility”

Although everyones words were not unpleasant, when Lan Han and the rest heard it, their expressions could not help but change.

This was especially so for Lan Lian, who had never received such treatment in the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy.

She was so angry that she shouted loudly, “Are you guys planning to attack us Do you believe that I wont immediately complain to the Federation government”

Hearing this, the voices of the people next to them quieted down slightly.

After all, no one wanted to have anything to do with the people from the government.

When Lan Lian saw this, she thought that everyone was afraid.

She could not help but raise her eyebrows, and her tone was full of arrogance.

“Now that you know youre afraid, Why dont you scram Just looking at you is an eyesore!”

When they heard this, the citizens of the Federation who had originally had some intention of retreating instantly became unhappy.

What was going on So what if they were from another galaxy We wont leave! Well f*cking block all of you!

“Lan Lian, stop fooling around!” Lan Han pulled at his cousin and his expression did not look too good.

They had never received such treatment in the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy.

They did not expect to experience it once when they had just arrived in the Federation.

Good job!

“Brother Han” Lan Lian called out in a low voice with a face full of unwillingness.

When she met Lan Hans cold gaze, she muttered a few times unhappily before finally shutting her mouth.

“Send a message to the Federation government.” Lan Han tilted his head slightly and instructed in a low voice, “Get them to come over and take care of it.”

Initially, he was prepared to have a good time, but he did not expect to encounter such a misfortune.

What bad luck!

“Yes.” The man standing behind Lan Han nodded and immediately gave the order.

However, when Lan Lian heard this, her eyes could not help but flash as she raised her head arrogantly.

Hmph! You guys will know how powerful you are later on! What a bunch of unruly people!

However, when Mo Yang saw their actions, he could not help but frown.

He did not know why, but this time, the efficiency of the government personnel was very high.

In just a few minutes, they immediately rushed over.

“You guys… Whats going on” Peng Yizhang was the official in charge of interstellar communication.

As soon as he received the news, he immediately rushed over.

However, when he took a closer look, his brows furrowed and he cursed in his heart.

They were Mo Chu and Qin Yue, right How did they get entangled with the people from the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy It was not good to offend either side!

“Are you an official of the Federation” Lan Lian looked at the uniform on his body and asked despite knowing the answer.

“Yes.” Peng Yizhang nodded slightly.

When he saw Lan Lians stance, the cold sweat on his forehead became even more intense.

It seemed that the matter today was not going to end well!

Although the Federation was still relatively peaceful, the relations between the Federation and the other galaxies had become increasingly tense in recent decades.

Especially so with the two giants, the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy and the Dark Ocean Galaxy.

After all, once the Federation grew stronger, the resources belonging to the other galaxies would naturally be divided and weakened.

Naturally, they had no good feelings for the Federation, so it was understandable for them to act so recklessly.

“You saw this” Lan Lians gaze swept around her, her eyes filled with pride, “We were invited to participate in this years Galactic Combat, but we were ambushed right after we came out.

Tell me, what should we do”

Hearing this, Peng Yizhangs eyes lit up.

He raised his head slightly to size up Lan Hans group.

When he took a closer look, he was shocked!

They were all wearing vintage clothing, and the price of this outfit alone was equivalent to half a years worth of his salary.

Looking at them again, the aura they gave off was definitely not ordinary! He couldnt afford to offend them, or else with just a word from others, he might be fired from his job!

“Then… What do you think we should do” Peng Yizhangs eyes were filled with ingratiation.

Lan Han waved his hand casually and asked casually, “What are the Federation laws for attacking aliens without a reason”

“Umm…” Peng Yizhang widened his eyes.

If he was involved in an attack, the crime would not be small!

“What” Lan Hans tone was pressing, and his eyes revealed a hint of contempt.

“Dont the Federation government personnel even know this bit of common sense”

If he were to be labeled with this title, his future career would be in danger! Peng Yizhangs heart trembled, and he abruptly lowered his head.

“According to the Federation law, this kind of behavior, according to the seriousness of the crime, can be punishable by… Imprisonment for seven days to two years without a limit!”

Hearing this, the faces of the people beside him changed immediately!

They had never thought of going to the Federation prison for a few days! All of them could not help but cower!

“Humph! Why Are you afraid” Lan Lian saw the embarrassed look on everyones faces and said arrogantly, “Werent you quite powerful just now Why are you all acting like this now”

Hearing this, everyone was furious and their faces turned red, but they did not dare to retort!

“If thats the case, why dont you hurry up and catch them” Lan Han turned the ring on his hand, “Dont waste time, we were on our way to have fun!”

“We… We cant do that!” Peng Yizhang stuttered.

With just a glance, there were 20 to 30 people here.

How could they all be arrested

“Huh!” Lan Han raised his eyebrows and stared intently at Peng Yizhang.

“Okay, I… I understand.” Peng Yizhang swallowed his saliva.

How would he dare to offend this group of people He could only harden his heart and wave at the soldiers behind him.

“You guys…”

When they saw this movement, the people around them could not help but panic.

They never thought that this matter would blow up to such a big extent!

“Wait!” A clear female voice suddenly sounded.

It was Mo Chu! She looked over and said with a smile, “You guys were the only ones talking.

We cant just listen to one side, right”

As she said that, Mo Chu could not help but turn his head to look at Peng Yizhang, “We also have the right to speak, right”

“Yes, yes!” Someone finally spoke.

Peng Yizhang wiped the cold sweat on his face and immediately replied.

If he was to be sandwiched in the middle again, he would not be able to live this life.

“Could it be that we were wrong” Lan Han turned his gaze to Mo Chu and said with a faint smile.

That handsome god-like face coupled with a faint smile at the corner of his mouth was really beautiful and alluring!

Mo Chu was unmoved and only nodded slightly.

“Of course I was wrong!”

Hmm Once these words were said, the gazes of the few people on the opposite side could not help but turn slightly focused.

It was Lan Han who raised his eyebrows slightly.

He really wanted to hear what this little girl could come up with.

“Are you saying that these people surrounded and attacked you”Mo Chus lips curled up, and the smile on his lips blossomed like a flower, “They clearly like our fans.

They gathered here in preparation to have more contact with us.

What does it have to do with you”

Mo Chus words brought this matter to another direction, perfectly finding an excuse for everyone.

“Youre talking nonsense!” Lan Lian roared.

What fans This person was simply talking nonsense!

“Im talking nonsense” Mo Chus eyes sparkled, and she asked in a stern voice, “Then what evidence do you have for your words just now Take a closer look, youre both uninjured and not dead.

Where did this attack come from”

“Right!” The people at the side quickly reacted, and each of them performed very well.

“Im a fan of Mo Chu.

Who are you guys We dont even know you!”

“Thats right.

Youre really trying your best to flatter yourself!”

“Look,” seeing this situation, Peng Yizhang also smiled and apologized, “This is probably just a misunderstanding.

Why dont we just let it go”

Hearing this, Lan Hans face could not help but darken.

He turned his head and glared fiercely at Peng Yizhang!

He did not expect this girl to be so quick-witted.

In just a few words, she had turned the situation around.

She was indeed a formidable character! However, could they take this loss

The corners of Lan Hans mouth curled up.

He opened the terminal in his hand and lightly tapped it a few times.

Although the action was simple, it made Peng Yizhangs heart jump a few times.

F*ck, what else was this person planning to do

Very quickly, Peng Yizhang understood, because his terminal rang.

“Its me, Yes, yes! Oh, okay…” Peng Yizhang lowered his head and said in a low voice.

Occasionally, the light in his eyes could not hide his surprise towards Lan Han and the others.

Oh my God! His power was not small, it directly connected to his superior, “Yes, yes! I understand, Ill do it immediately!”

This short reply made Mo Chus brows furrow!

On the contrary, Lan Lian was arrogantly raising her tail, with a smug look on her face.

Hmph! Would it be good for her to go against us

“Im sorry,” Peng Yizhang turned off the terminal, lowered his head and apologized to Mo Chu and the others.

Then, he raised his head and said sternly, “Due to the suspicion of an attack, no one is allowed to leave.

Everyone must go to the nearest detention center for investigation! Now, arrest them!”


Hearing this, the surrounding citizens were all stunned!

“Damn! It must be this kids doing!” Qin Yue spat on the ground, he also turned on the terminal.

“You guys wait, Ill get someone over immediately.”

He did not believe that a person from an alien system could be so lawless in the Federation!

Mo Yangs brows were still furrowed.

He was afraid that he would not be able to save the situation!

“Dont even think about calling for reinforcements.” Lan Lian, who was sitting opposite him, naturally saw Qin Yues actions.

She scoffed, “Its useless, theyre definitely going to be punished!”

She did not believe that the Federation would dare to break all decorum with them at this time.

After all, the Galactic Combat was imminent.

At this time, everything had to focus on the bigger picture.

Of course, small matters like this were naturally classified as small matters.

“Ha! You sure have a big mouth! “A cold voice suddenly sounded.

It was not loud, but it reached everyones ears clearly.

The panicking crowd suddenly quieted down.

The crowd automatically parted to two sides, and a tall and handsome figure appeared.

He had sharp brows and starry eyes, and his aura was deep and reserved.

“Marshal Ning!” Peng Yizhang was the first to shout.

When he saw Ning Yiyuans tall and handsome figure, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

This was great, he did not have to put himself in a difficult position anymore!

“Speak, who gave you the authority to decide this matter on your own” Compared to Peng Yizhangs relaxed expression, Ning Yiyuans face was a little cold.

His tone was extremely cold.

“You still dare to arrest people You sure have guts!”

“This, it was me, the… the higher-ups ordered me to…” After saying it for a long time, Peng Yizhang did not say anything.

Only the cold sweat on his head kept pouring out.

Before long, his clothes were half wet from the beating.

What should he say

If he said that it was his own idea, he would be punished by Marshal Ning.

So, he said it was an order from the higher-ups.

Fine, he was fine now.

What happened after that Could the higher-ups let him go Peng Yizhangs heart was bleeding profusely! How could he be so unlucky to encounter such a thing

“Oh right, why are you here” On the other side, Mo Chu asked curiously, indirectly relieving Peng Yizhangs embarrassment.

When they met, Ning Yiyuans tone instantly became gentle, and even his usually cold and hard gaze seemed to be tinged with some gentleness, “I heard that you guys have already returned, so I came to take a look.

I didnt expect to run into such a matter.”

As he spoke, his sharp gaze turned towards Peng Yizhang, and his body immediately started to sway.

“You are Ning Yiyuan” Suddenly, Lan Han asked in a playful tone, “Ive… Heard a lot about you!”

Ning Yiyuan was born too late, so he did not attend the previous Galactic Combat.

Even so, his reputation in the galaxy was still very prominent.

After all, his undefeated history was enough to make everyone pay attention to him.

Ning Yiyuan turned to look at him, but his expression did not change.

He only nodded lightly and said, “Hello, Count Lan Han.”

Unlike the Federations system, the status classification of the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was a bit like the ancient era.

It was mainly based on merit and ability, and the wordCount was enough to represent Lan Hans status in Wisdom Cloud Galaxy.

Hmm Hearing that Ning Yiyuan had actually mentioned his identity, Lan Han could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly, and the gaze he stared at him with became deeper and deeper.

Ning Yiyuan did not have the time games with him.

He reached out and gently held Mo Chus tender hand.

Facing her head that had turned around, he smiled lightly, and the coldness all over his body instantly disappeared!

Seeing Ning Yiyuans appearance, Lan Han could not help but be stunned.

Previously, he had heard that Ning Yiyuan had fallen in love with an underage girl.

At first, he had thought that it was just a joke, but now it seemed that it was not necessarily groundless!

“Is there something wrong with the taste of all the men in the Federation” Lan Lian suddenly asked.

When she found out that the man in front of her was the famous interstellar Ning Yiyuan, she could not help but take another look at him.

However, when she saw how special he was to Mo Chu, she could not help but sneer, “How can you fall in love with such an ugly freak”

Perhaps it was because they were in different environments, most of the people in the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had three-dimensional facial features and good looks.

For them, Mo Chus exquisite looks were a little boring.

“Ugly freak” Mo Yang repeated with a heavy gaze.

“It seems that some people really wont learn from their mistakes!”

Ning Yiyuans gaze also turned cold.

He stared coldly at Lan Lian, which made her feel a chill all over her body.

She subconsciously hid behind Lan Han.

“Lets settle this first, shall we” Mo Chu shook Ning Yiyuans big hand.

This intimate action made Ning Yiyuans expression instantly become much gentler.

He softly agreed, “Alright.”

After saying that, he directly waved his large hand and dialed a number.

He did not know what Ning Yiyuan had said, but Peng Yizhang quickly received the news.

His forehead was covered in cold sweat as he said that this was all a misunderstanding.

Then, the people were immediately released.

Since they were fine, they did not leave.

They just stood there and cheered for them!

“Marshal Ning, you must win this Galactic Combat.

Show them what youve got!”

“Thats right.

Dont think that our Federation doesnt have talent.

Its because we dont want to fight.

Humph, if we fight, Im afraid well scare them to death!”

“Right, Little Chu must cheer for us too! When the time comes, well watch the whole battle and support you!”

Mo Chus group was quite lively, while Lan Hans group was much quieter.

“It seems like Marshal Ning is very confident about this Galactic Combat” Lan Han raised his eyebrows slightly, and there was a hint of deep emotion in his blue eyes.

“Of course!” Ning Yiyuan did not show any signs of weakness and replied coldly.

“Ha!” Lan Lian glanced at Ning Yiyuan with contempt.

“You guys are really boasting shamelessly.

Dont you think about it, when have you ever won against us”

These words were a little harsh, and everyones faces were a little embarrassed.

However, it was not easy to refute her.

After all, the Federation really did not have a foothold in this matter.

“Whats the point of just looking at the past” Mo Chu opened her mouth and said with a slightly raised tone, “The present is the most important thing, isnt it”

Her words woke up everyone from their dreams!

Thats right! No matter how powerful the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was in the past, it was just an old story.

Now that they had Marshal Ning and the other elites, were they afraid that they would not be able to win For a moment, the eyes of the originally dejected crowd suddenly lit up as they stared expectantly at Mo Chu and the others.

They really could not underestimate this girl!

Lan Hans gaze was slightly restrained.

Naturally, he also noticed the changes in the crowd.

The importance he attached to Mo Chu deepened a few notches in his heart.

With just a few words, she immediately stirred up the emotions of the crowd.

This was not a simple matter!

Lan Han said, “Since thats the case, well wait and see!”

“Of course!” Ning Yiyuan nodded slightly.

As their gazes intersected, there was a faint smell of blades and swords..


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