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The wordInterstellar Wars had always given people the impression that it was a combination of power and wisdom.

However, this years batch… had a romantic tinge to it.

Therefore, the people who were snobbish on the surface but were gossiping on the inside were more enthusiastic than ever.

Their faces were glued to the internet early and they did not want to miss a single scene.

After two rounds of actual combat, the 31 teams were left with only the top eight.

These eight teams were all famous in the galaxy, and now that they were going to hunt each other in the Magical Region, one could imagine how exciting it would be! Thinking of this, everyone felt a little excited!

“Please keep this well.” After confiscating everyones personal terminals, the host gave each of them an exclusive bronze medal and five bottles of nutrient solution.

The bronze medal had their names engraved on it, so there would not be any confusion.

“This bronze medal will affect your final ranking in this Galactic Combat.

It is extremely important

“Once the bronze medals on your bodies are snatched by other people, you will be automatically eliminated.

If the bronze medals of each teams three members are snatched by others, then the entire team will be eliminated! Finally, the total number of bronze medals each team will receive will determine the winner.”

The rules sounded simple, but after thinking about it carefully, they were very practical.

“Everyone, do you understand” The host asked in a deep voice, his gaze sweeping over the miniature cameras they were wearing.

This was also one of the newest technologies developed by the Federation.

It could specifically block the special magnetic field of the Magical Region, it could achieve the functions of video recording and transmission.

Dont underestimate this rice grain-sized thing.

Just for this, the Federation government had invested tens of billions of Federation Coins over the years.

Of course, once this technology was brought out, it immediately caused quite a stir.

Of course, these were all matters of the upper-level governments of the various galaxies.

The people were still most concerned about this competition.

Hearing this, everyone could not help but nod their heads.

However, their eyes revealed a thick excitement.

“Very good.” Seeing this, the corners of the hosts mouth could not help but reveal a faint smile.

“According to the comprehensive evaluation of the previous round of competition, the teams ranked at the top will enter the Magical Region first.

Once they enter the Magical Region, the competition will officially begin!”

In the previous round, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was naturally the undisputed number one.

Thus, Lan Lian and the others walked in triumphantly.

When they passed Mo Chu, they even threw her a disdainful look.

Mo Chu immediately turned her head around.

She completely ignored this girl, making Lan Lian extremely angry!

Ning Yiyuan and the others were ranked second, and they changed directions to enter the Magical Region.

Before long, all the teams actually entered their destination.

The miniature cameras they wore naturally transmitted the images back.

The moment they entered the Magical Region, the countermeasures of each team immediately became completely different.

Some of them took the initiative to attack, and this type was represented by the people from the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy.

The other type was prepared to secretly hide and wait for an opportunity, and this type was led by the people from the Dark Ocean Galaxy.


Everyone was surprised to discover where were the people from the Federation.

Where did they run off to

As If in response to everyones curiosity, the scene changed slightly, and traces of Mo Chu and the others were immediately revealed.

However, compared to the other teams, their actions were somewhat illogical!

That was because they were currently picking up trash!

Thats right, you did not hear wrongly! They were neither prepared nor attacked.

Instead, they excitedly picked up trash!

On Qin Yues side, he carefully picked up a few large smooth rocks and some dead wood, carefully putting them aside.

Meanwhile, Mo Chu and his brother were busy breaking down the Yellow Leaf Trees fruit, walking back and forth a few times, they were as busy as bees.

The ones who were slightly more normal were Ning Yiyuan and Song Qingsong.

They finally stopped picking up trash, but they went to fight the magical beasts!

The onlookers were shocked!

What was the use of fighting the magical beasts now If they could not get other peoples bronze medals, they would waste their elemental abilities.

Wouldnt that be a waste of both sides

The main point was that this group of people were still quite happy.

On the other hand, the netizens were still worried for them.

Could it be that Ning Yiyuan and the others had heard the rules wrongly

Hehe, how could that be possible! The audience twitched their lips in disbelief! Before they could understand what was going on, the scene suddenly changed again, attracting countless complaints.

Hmph, the Federation government must have felt embarrassed, so they quickly changed the scene!

However, when the camera lens changed, the style was finally right!

The people of the Dark Ocean Galaxy were very smart.

They set a trap in the middle of the Magical Region, and then quietly waited at the side, inviting the enemy into the trap!

As expected, not long after, a team fell into the trap!

Just when everyone thought that the people of the Dark Ocean Galaxy were going to take the opportunity to attack, they still quietly stood at the side, even holding their breath.

Everyone was still wondering… Why didnt they make use of such a good opportunity They really could not understand it better than anyone else!

However… very soon, they understood!

They did not know how the people of the Dark Ocean Galaxy had created this trap, but they had actually scattered the medicinal powder used to lure the demonic beasts inside.

This group of people fell down, and the medicinal powder on their bodies was smeared all over!

Just like that, before they had climbed out of the trap, they had already attracted quite a number of demonic beasts.

Therefore, this unlucky team could not be bothered with anything else.

They immediately used their elemental energy to fight against these unrelenting magical beasts.

With great difficulty, they managed to force these magical beasts to retreat, they were so tired that they were gasping for breath.

At this moment, the people from the Dark Ocean Galaxy walked out slowly.

They effortlessly snatched five bronze medals from these exhausted people and successfully eliminated an entire team!

The eyes of the audience outside the light screen were shining!

Damn! This move was way too powerful!

He had achieved the greatest victory at the smallest cost.

No wonder the Dark Ocean Galaxys ranking in the previous years was very impressive.

Now that they thought about it, it made sense! Therefore, the Dark Ocean Galaxy, which had previously practiced the spirit of keeping a low profile, immediately became famous with just this move.

Indeed, it was fine if they did not make a move, but when they made a move, they immediately shocked everyone!

Just as everyone was still clicking their tongues in admiration, the scene changed again.

The atmosphere of the battle suddenly changed!

“Huh–” The audience almost spat out the water that they had just drunk!

Damn! What were these people doing Barbecuing meat

Thats right, they were really barbecuing meat! At such a tense moment, they were actually living so leisurely.

They were really drunk!

The things that everyone had treated as trash had all come into play.

The stone that Qin Yue had brought over was divided into two parts.

One part was used as a chair, while the other part was used as an oven!

The smooth stone had already been washed clean by Mo Chu with her special ability.

A pit had been dug under it, and there were dried branches burning inside, burning the stone until it was hot.

Mo Chu was cutting the meat of the prepared magical beast into a thin piece and placing it on the surface of the stone.

With a sizzling sound, the fat of the meat dripped out, giving off a fragrant smell.

The chopsticks made from dried branches flipped a few times, and the meat was quickly cooked.

Qin Yue was eating without stopping.

His mouth was full of oil, and a look of happiness appeared on his face.

It was the same type of roast meat, but this type of roasting method was different from the roast meat that was directly placed on the fire.

The meat was even more tender.

With just a light bite, the tender meat was matched with the splatter of meat juice and the unique fragrance of the oil, it was truly a glutton!

This scene caused the audience outside the screen to involuntarily swallow their saliva! However… did they make a mistake Why did the style suddenly change so quickly!

Oh my God! It smelled so good even through the screen!

Not only that, even the commentator who had been talking non-stop suddenly became speechless and was silent for a long while.

Thus, the entire audience watched them eat non-stop!

Mo Chu was not enough to shock them.

They did not know where they found a few bowl-shaped ball sacs, placed the largest one on the bonfire, cut the remaining bones into small pieces, and put in some corn.

Once the pot was mixed and boiled, the rich fragrance immediately spread out.

There was no need to add any additional seasonings.

Just this pure and fresh fragrance alone was enough to make people drool!

“Have some soup.

The roast meat just now is probably a little dry after eating it.” Mo Chu smiled and poured the soup into the small ball sacs in front of everyone.

Qin Yue did not hesitate.

He picked up the bowl and took a big gulp.

His eyes suddenly lit up!

Although the roasted meat was delicious, one would inevitably feel a little thirsty after eating it.

At this moment, another bowl of hot soup was served.

There was a hint of sweetness in the rich fragrance.

It was just right!

“What the f*ck! I didnt know the meat of a magical beast can be eaten.

My worldview has been broadened in an instant!” There were not one or two people who were surprised by this scene.

Everyone knew that magical beasts and magical plants were highly poisonous.

How did they become delicacies in the hands of Mo Chu

There were also people who lamented their insane behavior.

Their tone was filled with pain and hatred! “Oh my god, thats enough.

Other people fought with their lives on the line, but you guys are eating with such enjoyment!”

“Thats right! Do you dare to be a little more arrogant This is the Galactic Combat, the most important Galactic Combat! Can you guys not be so childish”

“I want to file a complaint, you guys have completely ruined the solemn atmosphere of the Galactic Combat!”

“But then again, the people sent by the Federation this time are too unreliable.

Look, what are these things!” The moment this comment appeared, it was immediately scolded by the netizens!

“What do you know The Federation has plenty of strength to be so carefree.

If it were you, would you be able to do it”

“Theres something wrong with your eyes, you have to treat it quickly! Stop stalling! The more you delay, the more serious it will become!”

Suddenly, with a whoosh, a fireball flew straight towards Qin Yue! Someone had launched a sneak attack! The netizens, who had been discussing intensely just a moment ago, instantly stopped.

All of them held their breaths and focused, staring at the light screen without blinking, silently waiting for the next development of the matter.

“Be careful,” Ning Yiyuan raised her head slightly and said softly.

Then, they saw Qin Yue jump back abruptly and dodge the fireball swiftly.

However, a lot of soup spilled out of his hands!

“Aiya! My soup!” Qin Yue shouted.

When he turned his head around, the anger in his eyes suddenly rose.

That… can you not be so funny Arent you supposed to be angry because someone ambushed you Why would you focus on that bowl of soup This doesnt make sense!

Just as the netizens were commenting, the ambusher next to him finally showed his face.

“Its the people from the Zimeng Galaxy!” The commentator exclaimed.

He could not help but feel excited.

He could finally say something! There was no other way.

This group of people were good at stealing the show!

The battle was about to start.

The ambushers who came menacingly immediately launched a fierce attack.

Being in the Magical Region, no one dared to deplete their elemental energy without permission.

Otherwise, once they encountered magical beasts and magical plants, they could only surrender without doing anything.

It was a waste of money for others.

Therefore, most people still used elemental energy in a close combat method.

In this aspect, the people of the Zimeng Galaxy had gained a huge advantage! Although their overall ranking in the previous year was only fifth, due to the Zimeng peoples tall stature and powerful strength, they had an exceptional advantage in close combat.

Perhaps it was also because of this that they had chosen to ambush the Federation, which was ranked two places higher than them.

“Roar! Roar!” Accompanied by a fierce shout, the participants of the Zimeng Galaxy punched out with their heavy fists.

Occasionally, there would be some elemental special abilities mixed in, truly causing people to be dazzled and caught off guard.


If it had been anyone else, they would probably have been flustered and unable to deal with it for a while.

However, their luck was too bad! They had actually met Ning Yiyuan and his group!

Each of them had undergone special training.

Each of them had gone through a round of devilish training.

Although their strength might not necessarily be comparable to the Zimeng people, when coupled with their movement techniques and movements, they actually had a faint advantage!

This was especially so for Ning Yiyuan.

His strength was actually not inferior to the people of Zimeng.

He was able to stop two people with ease, causing people to sigh in amazement! As expected of our Federations Marshal, hes truly handsome!

In comparison, Mo Chu, who was lagging behind, was somewhat eye-catching.

Most of the people had already secretly viewed her as a burden.

“Whats going on The Federation even specially brought a food expert in” From the looks of it, other than cooking something delicious, Mo Chu had no other uses.

“What Even if she doesnt have any combat strength, its still quite pleasing to the eyes when placed at the side!” After all, it was not bad for a team to have a good-looking female companion!

“Hehe! Now that you mention it, its true!”

“What the f*ck! Youre all talking nonsense!” When the Federation citizens heard this, they were displeased and immediately retorted.

“Since Mo Chu was selected, it naturally proves her strength.

Its just that she hasnt shown it yet!”

“Thats right, you guys are clearly discriminating against women.”

Across the entire galaxy, most of the outstanding superpowered people were women, and the appearance of female special ability users were as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

Even so, deep in the hearts of the general public, they did not have a good impression of female special ability users!

This time, Mo Chus successful entry into the Galactic Combat had already created a precedent.

Before this, no female special ability users in the Federation had ever participated in such an event, and her actions had also set an example for many female special ability users.

You see, we women arent bad either.

What men can do, we can do as well!

“Ahhh!” A series of exclamations suddenly appeared in the comments section.

“Everyone, quickly look at the screen.

My Little Chu is going to show off her might!”

What Everyone immediately shifted their gaze to the screen.

Mo Chu, who was originally sitting on the stone, slowly stood up and looked at Ning Yiyuan.

There was a hint of eagerness in her tone.

“Let me have one person!”

Listen to her tone! How domineering, I like It!

Ning Yiyuan frowned slightly.

When he heard the anticipation in Mo Chus words, he did not want to ruin her mood.

He loosened his hand slightly and let go of one of the men.

This guy had long been angered by Mo Chus clear and arrogant words! She was just a smelly girl, yet she still dared to be so impudent!

The mans expression was malevolent as he charged toward Mo Chu with large strides.

A heavy punch was ruthlessly thrown towards her abdomen!

Without a doubt, as long as this punch landed on Mo Chus body, even if she did not die, she would still be heavily injured! Just as everyone was holding their breaths for Mo Chu, they saw her body slightly move to the side, dodging over from an extremely tricky corner! Although it was just a small movement, it was enough to display Mo Chus strength!

Regarding the fact that his attack did not hit, the Zimeng man seemed to be in disbelief.

He frowned and immediately attacked Mo Chu again!

Then, what happened next shocked everyone! Holy sh*t! What did they see


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