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Elder Ning slammed his large palm on the table.

His brows were raised and his eyes were wide open.

The anger on his face could not be concealed.

Great, really great! He did not expect that their Federation would have such a ruthless character!

The five bottles of nutrient solution had all been tampered with.

Needless to say, they definitely wanted to kill Ning Yiyuan and the others!

Thinking about how they had consumed the nutrient solution without knowing anything, the poison quickly spread into their bodies.

Even if the staff noticed something was wrong, there was no time to save them.

Elder Nings heart was filled with hatred!

The birth of a child in the Federation was an extremely difficult task, especially for the Ning Family! Ning Yiyuan was the only child in their family.

If he died in this Interstellar War, the impact on the Ning Family would be self-evident.

This kind of evil intention could only be described as sinister!

Elder Qins face was also solemn.

Even though he had always despised Qin Yue, in the entire Qin Family, this little guys temper was the best.

If anything were to happen to him, then the Qin Family would also be in turmoil.

“Im sorry.” Even though the anger in their hearts surged like a huge wave, Elder Ning and the others maintained their calm and nodded at Fu Jun. “This matter is an oversight of our Federation.

Otherwise, your Dark Ocean Galaxy people wouldnt have suffered such a thing.”

At this moment, compared to catching the mastermind behind this matter, the friendship between the two interstellar factions was more important.

Fu Juns expression was not very good either.

After all, their Dark Ocean Galaxy almost lost a person for nothing.

However, looking at the unbearable anger between Elder Nings brows, he could not help but sigh and shake his head, “Forget it.

Well talk about it after this matter is investigated.”

The meaning behind his words was very clear.

“Alright.” Elder Ning looked at Fu Jun gratefully.

“Dont worry.

Our Federation will definitely give you an explanation for this matter.”

Qi Shaobai raised his eyebrows with great interest.

He felt somewhat regretful that the Federation and Dark Ocean Galaxy were not able to stand against each other.

However, this matter was rather brilliant.

At the very least, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy suffer any losses, it was a win-win situation for them.

“Tsk tsk,” Qi Shaobais tone was cold.

“Arent these guys usually a little unruly Otherwise, why would someone be so cruel to them”

Look, as expected of someone who played politics.

With just a few words, they had completely twisted the nature of the situation.

Mo Chu and the others were originally the victims, but after hearing what he said, they became the ones who deserved it.

Elder Qin scolded him coldly, “Theyre not as bad as Lan Lian and the others.”

Heh, this was the Galactic Combat.

Lan Lian almost tore all the participating teams apart with her bare hands, the name of being arrogant and despotic was known by everyone.

After being insulted by Elder Qin, Qi Shaobais face also turned ugly.

There was an undercurrent at the top, and there was a huge commotion below!

This scene was naturally seen clearly by countless netizens through the light screen.

After a moment of silence, all the netizens were excited as if they had been injected with stimulants!

F*ck! This years Galactic Combat is really exciting it!

The big scenes that they had never imagined in the past came one after another, and they dazzled their eyes! They had just sent away a wave of people showing off their love for each other, and now, they were faced with an unprecedented poisoning case.

Oh my God, this could be considered a major drama, alright

The people of the other galaxies were mostly in the mood to watch the show, but the citizens of the Federation were all in an uproar!

Look at these few people.

Ning Yiyuan had a great reputation to begin with, and Song Qingsong had a vast fan base.

Mo Chu and the others had also become extremely popular due to the previous reality show, causing their fame to remain high.

When these people were gathered together, they practically attracted the attention of the entire Federation.

In the end, they did not expect such a thing to happen at this moment.

Everyone was fuming with anger!

“Investigate! We have to investigate this thoroughly.

Who in the world would dare to do such a heartless thing If I were to find out, I would definitely spit you to death!”

“F*ck! The Federation government only takes money and does nothing! They actually made such a big mistake.

This is simply too much!”

“Thats right.

If it wasnt for my Almighty Songs luck, something might have happened right now, alright”

“Uh… thinking about it, its all thanks to Lucky Star.

If it wasnt for her cooking Spirit Food, Marshal Ning and the rest would have been completely wiped out.

F*ck, just thinking about this situation makes me shudder!”

The discussion on the internet was extremely heated!

The Federation government was not idle either.

They all immediately moved.

After all, the nature of this matter was too evil!

Poisoning the people participating in the Galactic Combats… If the culprits were succesful, the Federations best potential seedlings would be completely destroyed.

The Federations ranking this year would be destroyed.

Importantly, this matter was broadcast.

In front of a few billion people, the Federations reputation would be completely ruined!

Thinking of this, the higher-ups were furious.

They immediately gave the order to investigate! Quickly investigate this matter thoroughly!

Of course, Mo Chu and the others who were in the Magical Region did not know about this.

Their focus was still on the Galactic Combat!

Dark Ocean Galaxys condition had improved a lot after drinking the nutrient solution.

However, it was still highly toxic, so they had to treat him in time.

Therefore, Dark Ocean Galaxys people immediately pulled his name tag and sent him out.

The remaining two groups of people looked at each other.

After a long while, Ning Yiyuan raised his eyes slightly and said, “Why dont we form an alliance”


Dark Ocean Galaxys people were stunned!

An alliance Well… No one had played this trick before! After all, it represented the interests of their respective galaxies.

No one was willing to hand over their backs to another team.

Who knew if they would suddenly stab you in the back If that was the case, they would be wronged to death!

“We can do that!” Mo Chus eyes lit up!

As long as their two teams successfully formed an alliance, their strength would definitely be the strongest.

They would definitely be able to defeat Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, snatch the bronze medal in their hands, and ascend to the highest position.

“Yes,” Ning Yi Yuan added, “After we get rid of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, we will have another battle to determine the victor.

Of course, for the sake of fairness, you are one person short, and we will only send out four people.”

Dark Ocean Galaxys captain pondered for a moment, his gaze sweeping over Mo Chu, Ning Yiyuan, and the others.

After a long while, he finally nodded.


According to the current situation, forming an alliance with the Federation was the best choice.

Furthermore, he still had gratitude toward Mo Chu for saving them, so he was willing to trust them this time.

“Alright!” Hearing this, Ning Yiyuans eyes was filled with joy.

“Then its settled!” As he spoke, he extended his right palm, his gaze fixed on the cold and resolute man opposite him.

Seeing this, Dark Ocean Galaxys captain could not help but raise his eyebrows.

He extended his hand and clapped three times.

Crisp clapping sounds rang out, establishing their temporary alliance.

Since they had already formed an alliance, Ning Yiyuan no longer hid anything.

He revealed all of his current guesses.

“I guess you guys only eliminated one team before, right”

The man raised his eyes and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

He praised in a low voice, “As expected of Marshal Ning.” These words were considered a tacit agreement.

Ning Yiyuans expression remained calm, “We only eliminated one team, and Wisdom Cloud Galaxys tracking and attacking abilities are very strong.

We were delayed for a while during the battle, so I estimate that they have successfully taken down the remaining three teams.”

Hearing this, the people from Dark Ocean Galaxy could not help but frown.

Indeed, with Lan Han and the others personalities, this was not impossible.

On the contrary, the possibility was very high.

“In other words, they now have 20 bronze medals in their hands.

As long as they can last until the end, they will automatically become the champion of this years Galactic Combat.” Even in such a dire situation, Ning Yiyuan remained calm.


“Based on Lan Han and the others personalities, how could they let us go so easily” Dark Ocean Galaxys captain raised his brows and continued, “They probably want to destroy us one by one before they let us go.”

Even though they werent from the same galaxy, through their interactions over the past few days, they had discovered Lan Han, Lan Lian, and their teams personalities.

They were arrogant, and if they could take advantage of this Galactic Combat to take them down, that would be an unprecedented record, so how could they miss it

“Thats right.” Ning Yiyuan nodded, the corners of his mouth curling up slightly.

“But this is also our chance.”

Presumably, even if Lan Han and the others racked their brains, they would not be able to guess that the two teams had already formed an alliance, right

“What are you planning to do” The man turned his head to look at Ning Yiyuan, his tone carrying a hint of curiosity.

“Didnt they want to capture us” The smile in Ning Yiyuans eyes deepened.

“Then well deliver ourselves to their doorstep…”

It was easy to talk to smart people.

Ning Yiyuan only revealed a few clues, and the people on Dark Ocean Galaxys side immediately understood.

When Wisdom Cloud Galaxy thought that victory was in their grasp, they would attack from behind and stab them ruthlessly.

Presumably, by then, they would not even have time to cry!


Dark Ocean Galaxys captain let out a light laugh, and his admiration for Ning Yiyuan grew.

Logically speaking, if Dark Ocean Galaxy were to lose one person, their attack power would decrease by a notch.

It was the most suitable time for them to send themselves to their doorstep as bait.

However, Ning Yiyuan had placed their team in front of him.

This sense of loyalty was something they had to accept! The man solemnly stretched out his hand, his expression slightly solemn.

“Im Jimo Lin.

Its a pleasure to meet you.”

“Its a pleasure to meet you too.” Ning Yiyuan also stretched out his hand, the corners of his mouth curling up slightly.

His two large palms that were also covered in calluses were tightly clenched.

“Then when do we move out” Jimo Lin asked softly.

“Theres no rush.” Ning Yiyuan shook his head slightly, “Our two teams still need to rest for a while.”

“Alright, then Ill go and look for some more things.” Mo Chu smiled as she spoke, her dimples shallow, and his quiet and moving temperament instantly revealed itself.

“Ill make some delicious food for you guys.”

“Alright!” Upon hearing this, Qin Yue was the first to raise both his hands in agreement, his face full of excitement as he stared at Mo Chu.

“Then Ill go with you.”

“Alright, you guys can go too.” Jimo Lin glanced behind him, and naturally saw the drool in the eyes of these little brats.

He could not help but let out a soft laugh.

What were they trying to do with that eager look However, not to mention this bunch of little brats, even he himself was very interested in the delicacies that Mo Chu had created!

To regular people, this Magical Region was filled with danger and slaughter.

However, in Mo Chus eyes, it was no different from a treasure house.

Look, this place is filled with delicacies! Not long after they left, they saw quite a number of Jumping Beasts.

Mo Chus eyes lit up and her fair and tender fingers immediately pointed forward.

“Hurry up! Hurry up and catch them!”

Could these Jumping Beasts be eaten The people from Dark Ocean Galaxy were still a little hesitant.

However, when Qin Yue heard Mo Chus words, he shot out like a machine gun with a few swooshing sounds.

Moreover, his movements were very neat, and in just three to five minutes, he killed one of them and happily threw it to the side.

Then, he glared at another Jumping Beast and pounced on it.

Dark Ocean Galaxy and the others were too embarrassed to just stand there and watch.

They immediately went over to help.

With their help, the speed of hunting Jumping Beasts would be even faster.

Mo Chu was not idle either.

She walked to the side and picked a lot of spices and fragrant leaves, ready to be used for seasoning.

When Mo Chu was almost done, Qin Yue and the others were done with their work.

Considering that they were all men and had big appetites, they simply caught eight or nine Jumping Beasts and asked mo chu politely, “Is it enough”

From the looks of it, if Mo Chu felt that it was not enough.

They could immediately run over and get a few more.

“Yes, it should be enough!” Mo Chu stroked her aching forehead.

These Jumping Beasts were originally bigger than 21st-century chickens, and their meat was plump and fresh.

Yet, they brought back so many at once.

Were they afraid of not having enough to eat

However, this posed a problem for Mo Chu.

With so much chicken meat, where did she get such a big pot to handle it


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