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They were devious and scheming.

However, their thoughts did not affect Ning Yiyuan and the others in the Magical Region at all.

Lan Han had been extremely ruthless back then.

He had almost taken out all the elemental energy remaining in his body, forming a thick ink block that was one-meter square, surrounding Mo Chus entire body.

Just looking at it was enough to make ones heart skip a beat!

Ning Yiyuan clenched his fists tightly, his eyes bloodshot.

After a moment of silence, the wind energy in his hands shot out, and the blades revolved around him, forming an invisible barrier.

Just as everyone was stunned by his move, his figure suddenly turned, and he strode toward Mo Chus direction.

“Ning Yiyuan, what are you planning to do” Jimo Lin was the first to react.

His eyes widened, and he stood in front of him in disbelief.

“Kid, could it be… Could it be…”

The rest of his words were simply too shocking.., Jimo Lin could not say it at all!

He was actually planning to rush in and save her After all, that was a dark element that could devour everything! If Ning Yiyuan went, it would definitely be a disaster!

“Get out of the way!” Ning Yiyuan stared at Jimo Lin who was blocking his way with his bloodshot eyes and his tone was cold.

“Do you know what you are doing”Jimo Lin really admired the man in front of him.

Even if they were from different galaxies, he could not just watch Ning Yiyuan seeking death.

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuans cold and hard face suddenly broke into a smile as he said word by word, “Of course, I know.”

Then you still dare to do this! Jimo Lins brows furrowed even tighter.

“Haha! I really didnt expect that the Federations Marshal Ning is actually a love-struck one!” Lan Han, who was on the verge of dying from the beating, saw this scene.

His eyes could not help but widen as his tone was filled with sarcasm and provocation, “Thats right, maybe… Cough cough, Mo Chu isnt dead yet and is struggling to wait for you to go in and save her!”

Ning Yiyuan shot him a cold glance.

His gaze was like a sharp blade that could break a hair.

It was enough to slice off pieces of Lan Hans flesh! When he turned his head and looked at where Mo Chu was, Ning Yiyuans originally solemn gaze revealed a hint of gentleness.

That gaze made peoples noses ache.

Not long ago, Marshal Ning, who was cold and merciless on the battlefield and had killed countless people, had actually become like this His handsome face was stained with a lot of filth, but his sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes were more prominent.

The deep gaze that looked at Mo Chu was filled with warmth.

Even a tough guy like Jimo Lin could not help but wipe his face.

“Lan Hans words… were just to lure you in.

Mo Chu…” He was not sure if she was still alive!

Ning Yiyuan, how could he not know this

“Little Chu will be fine.” Ning Yiyuan turned his head, and his eyes were filled with determination.

His tone became gentler.

“She might be a little girl, shes delicate and weak, but shes more determined and brave than anyone else!”

The past scenes flashed past Ning Yiyuans mind like shadows, causing the corners of his mouth to curl up.

“…” Meeting Ning Yiyuans gaze, Jimo Lin was speechless, feeling that all his words had turned pale at this moment.

“Ill go too!” Amidst the silence, Mo Yang suddenly opened his mouth.

“Little Chu… Shell definitely be fine.”

Fine! Jimo Lin stroked his twitching brows.

He had not finished persuading him yet, and yet another one came over!

Meeting Mo Yangs gaze, Ning Yiyuan gave a light laugh.

“Previously in the Magical Region of Yinan, you were one step ahead of me.

This time… let me be the vanguard.

Jimo Lin, get out of the way!”

After a moment of silence, Jimo Lin finally gritted his teeth and moved his body to the side.

What the f*ck! Ning Yiyuan, youre a lunatic!

He walked toward Mo Chu calmly step by step.

There was not the slightest bit of fear in Ning Yiyuans eyes.

Instead, they were filled with tenderness and his footsteps were as firm as stone.

“Woah! I dont know why, but when I saw this scene, I suddenly felt like crying!”

The citizens of the Federation finally could not hold it in any longer.

The originally quiet comments section instantly erupted into an uproar.

“Marshal Ning, I salute you for being a true man!”

“Alright, as a loyal fan of Lucky Star, I shall bear the pain and hand Little Chu over to you!”

Qi Shaobai, who was on the high platform, could not hold back the wild joy in his heart at this moment.

He had originally thought that he would definitely lose, but he did not expect such a shocking reversal to occur.

Destroying the Mo Chu with astonishing talent, and then gifting Ning Yiyuan for free.

Haha, this deal was simply too worth it!

“Elder Ning…” Elder Qin frowned and stared at his old friend worriedly.

To be honest, no one had expected Ning Yiyuan to do such a thing!

Waving his hand, Elder Ning sighed, “Forget it… This kid, I cant control him anymore!”

Ning Yiyuan was deeply in love with Mo Chu.

How could an old man like him not see it clearly At first, he was still shocked.

Such feelings always did more harm than good to Ning Yiyuan.

However, when he saw the change in this kids usually icy face, his heart softened in the end!

After all, he was the child he raised since young.

could he really be heartless enough to kill Mo Chu

The old man asked himself, he could not do it.

After being a soldier for so many years, the militarys teachings were like iron laws that were deeply engraved in his bones and blood.

Not bullying the old and weak, protecting women… Forget it! The old man shook his head.

Let him be!

As if feeling the sigh of Elder Ning, Ning Yiyuans footsteps suddenly stopped in the light screen.

He lowered his head to look at the miniature camera he was wearing and his lips slightly opened.

“Grandfather, Father, I… Im sorry.”

Ning Yiyuans voice was very soft, but Elder Ning heard it clearly.

Although it was full of wrinkles, his clear eyes could not help but redden.

This damned brat!

“Sigh!” Seeing this, Elder Qin let out a low sigh.

When he heard that Ning Yiyuan had a girl he liked, he still did not believe that this cold and hard-hearted brat would still be moved.

Was this a joke

However, in the end, for the sake of Mo Chu, Ning Yiyuan changed his low-key attitude and recklessly announced his love for Mo Chu to everyone! Looking at his current appearance, he had really sunk in.

As expected, he was still young.

That was why he had such passionate feelings and such strong love!

Under everyones watchful eyes, Ning Yiyuan appeared very indifferent.

He was just one step away from stepping in.

The dark element that was as thick as ink and the wind element that was constantly revolving around Ning Yiyuans body seemed to form two opposing forces.

The danger was imminent.

In this second, countless peoples hearts were raised.

“Hurry up and go in!” Qi Shaobai sat in his seat, his brows tightly knitted together! He wished that he could personally come to the scene right now and push Ning Yiyuan in.

This time, he was so excited that he could not help but let out the words that were originally silently recited in his heart!


Elder Ning, who was sitting at the side, naturally heard these words.

He immediately stood up and smashed the teacup in his hand at Qi Shaobai! He was so angry that he was trembling.

“What the hell did you just say If you have the guts, say it again!”

Even though he knew that Ning Yiyuan was going in, how could the elder not be worried How could he not be anxious That was a famous dark element! In the end, he was just about to explode with anger! When he heard Qi Shaobais words, the suppressed anger in his heart instantly burst out!

Alright! If it was not for your Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, how would Mo Chu end up like this How could that grandson of his ignore his own safety and run off to take a risk

Adding up the old and new grudges, the old man did not care about anything else and was immediately angered!

Qi Shaobai was still unable to react.

His face was covered in wet tea, and the hard teacup hit the bridge of his nose, causing him to gasp in pain! Tell me, what is the Federation up to After so many years, he had never seen a person fight in space.

Was Ning Deguo preparing to create a conflict between the two galaxies

Wiping the tea off his face, Qi Shaobai had never been in such a sorry state before.

One could imagine the hatred in his heart! “What Isnt the Federation here to entertain guests!”

“Entertain guests Are you a f*cking guest” Elder Ning was so angry that his face turned red, he slammed his large palm on the table, “Do you believe that I will kick you out right now”

When his anger rose, Elder Ning even started cursing.

After all, he had been in the military for so many years, how could he not be tainted by the ruffian air of a soldier

Although Qi Shaobai and the others were on the high platform, the commotion was a little too big, causing many of the audience members below to stretch their necks to find out what was going on!

As a result, some discerning people directly went to the staff members above to ask for information.

Logically speaking, these staff members had gone through professional training.

No matter what they saw or heard, they were not allowed to reveal it.

However, seeing that Elder Ning and Wisdom Cloud Galaxys sides were torn apart, they naturally did not have many scruples.

In just a few words, they had explained this matter clearly.

In the end, when they heard these words, they angered the audience below!

What Your Wisdom Cloud Galaxy really wishes for our Marshal Ning to die right away, huh As expected, they are all b*tches!

The more observant and quick-witted audience immediately posted this scene on the Starnet, immediately causing a huge uproar on the Starnet!

Everyone was extremely moved by Ning Yiyuans deep emotions, yet Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side had such an attitude.

The citizens of the Federation instantly exploded!

The number of people participating in theResist Wisdom Cloud Galaxy event was like a rolling snowball.

As more and more people joined, the impact they caused was also getting greater and greater! Without any reservation, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys tourism, shopping, and other foreign trade industries had all received quite a shock.

As a result, the relevant departments of the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy Galaxy were extremely worried!

Tell me, what was all this about Several large flights that had been booked a week ago were actually being called off now Countless goods had already been collected and prepared to be transported out, yet they had been sent back at the last minute All of this was just a small matter.

Following that, a series of tasks were brought to a standstill!

The proud citizens of the Federation were very satisfied with this point.

Hmph, once we unite, even magical beasts would be afraid! Let alone you, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy Let me tell you, we dont care about those damn things of yours!

Wisdom Cloud Galaxy naturally reported this situation to the higher-ups very quickly.

After all, this matter was too big.

This had never happened in the past few hundred years! They also felt that this matter was troublesome, so how should they deal with it

After that, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side did not dare to be careless.

Once the matter was clearly investigated, the higher-ups were extremely furious! What did Qi Shaobai do How could he say such words in the territory of the Federation Youre clearly asking for a beating!

As such, a video call was sent over.

The originally arrogant Qi Shaobai immediately withered, not daring to say another word.

Of course, Elder Ning was also persuaded.

Right now, the most important thing was still Ning Yiyuan, Mo Chu, and the others.

Everything else could be put aside for now.

Hearing this, Elder Ning suppressed the anger in his heart and quickly turned his head to stare at the light screen.

Just as they were making a scene, Ning Yiyuan was just about to step in when he was stopped by Song Qingsong.

The usually elegant person could not help but reveal a hint of ecstasy on his face, “Wait! Look at this dark element.

Isnt it much fainter than before”

Song Qingsong had been observing Mo Chus situation, that was how he was able to notice the abnormality so quickly.

When he heard this, Ning Yiyuans foot that had just been raised paused slightly.

He also focused his gaze on the ink ball.

Before Song Qingsong said this, no one really noticed this.

Now that he had calmed down and looked at it… He was right! Could it be that… This dark element had been absorbed by Mo Chu

“Impossible!” Lan Han, who was half-lying on the ground, stared at Mo Chu in shock.

There was a hint of fear on his face.

He shook his head vigorously and denied, “This is absolutely impossible!”

His dark element had always been invincible, how could there be a mistake with Mo Chu Yes, they must have seen wrongly!

“Oh right, dont go in yet.” Song Qingsongs handsome brows raised slightly, and his tone carried a hint of comfort.

“What if it has some effect on Mo Chu”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but frown.

After thinking for a moment, he finally took a few steps back.

Behind him, Jimo Lin could not help but feel a black line across his head.

‘So it turns out that all my efforts just now have been in vain, and all it took is for Song Qingsong to say two sentences

However, when he thought about this, his heart could not help but jump violently.

With a trembling voice, he said, “Then, according to what youre saying, Mo Chu might… might be a light attribute special ability user”

Heavens! Ever since the appearance of his special ability, there had only been one light element special ability user! Could it be that after so many years, another light attribute user has appeared in the Federation



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