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The moment Jimo Lins words came out, the netizens were the first to burst into an uproar.

Every single one of them looked as if they had just seen the last ray of light.

They all fell to the ground and straightened their bodies, before abruptly sitting up.

They were all extremely excited and lively!

“That means, Little Chu will be fine”

“Haha, I knew it! Lucky Star, Lucky Star, she really lives up to her title!”

“Thats right.

Everyone, take a closer look.

The colour of this dark element has indeed become lighter!” Some of the technical analysts had already made a comparison between the previous images and the current ones.

The moment the two screenshots were taken out, they were completely speaking the truth!

“Speaking of which, shouldnt everyones attention be focused on this rare light attribute special ability that only appears once every 10,000 years Holy sh*t! When I heard this news, I was dumbfounded.

Mo Chu, youre awesome!”


“Im sorry, my Little Chu is just that awesome.

Its my honor!”

The comments section on the Starnet instantly became hot again.

However, since they had not seen Mo Chu escape with their own eyes, everyone still felt as though there was a rope hanging in their hearts.

They felt extremely uncomfortable, so they did not even blink as they stared at the light screen, they held their breaths.

Mo Yang was still a little stunned.

His usually calm face broke his big mouth, “Little Chu… Shes a light attribute special ability user” The surprise in his tone could not be faked.

Uh… The faces of Jimo Lin and the others beside him were filled with black lines.

Please, are you Mo Chus biological brother Such an important matter, you actually dont know about it

“Thats not right.” Not noticing the expressions on the faces of Jimo Lin and the others, Mo Yang secretly shook his head and muttered under his breath, “At that time, during the elemental inspection, the result that Little Chu obtained was clearly a water attribute special ability! How could it suddenly…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Mo Yangs eyes suddenly widened!

Thats right! How could he have forgotten…

Logically speaking, the offensive power of a water attribute special ability should be very weak.

Not to mention the wind and lightning attribute, even the fire attribute special ability would easily crush it.

However, Little Chus special ability completely defied this common sense.

Sometimes, it was even comparable to his lightning attribute!


When they were in District 12, they had been asked this question by others.

At that time, he had not thought too much about it.

Now that he recalled it, he suddenly came to a realization — could it be that they had been mistaken from the very beginning Little Chus special ability was not water attribute, but light attribute

“Hey! Whats going on Kid, say something!” Qin Yue was extremely anxious at the side, he kept urging Mo Yang, but this person seemed to have gone into a daze.

He did not have any reaction at all.

He was so anxious that he scratched his head!

“Enough!” Ning Yiyuan shouted in a deep voice.

He glanced at Mo Yang and said with certainty, “You and Mo Chu shouldnt know either, right”

Mo Yang nodded slightly.


At that time, when Little Chu had his special ability, they had been extremely happy.

Why would they think about this completely unrelated light element

“What!” As soon as Mo Yang said that, Qin Yue was the first to cry out in shock, with a pained expression on his face.

“My brother! Thats a rare light attribute special ability that can only be seen once in 10,000 years! Are you guys just going to train it like its the most ordinary water attribute special ability”

What a waste of Gods gift… What a waste of Gods Gift!

If it was not for the fact that Mo Chu was still in his dark attribute special ability, he would have really wanted to use all his strength to shake this little girl awake.

Tell me, how could a little girl like you be so muddle-headed about such an important matter

“Quick, look!” Right at this moment, Song Qingsongs eyes suddenly lit up as he stretched out his hand and pointed toward where Mo Chu was!

Hearing that, everyone turned their heads and saw a scene that they would never forget for the rest of their lives…

The mass that was originally as thick as black ink had become thinner and shallower.

Threads of bright light shot out from within, like a ray of light that broke through the darkness, instantly attracting everyones attention!


The thick black fog finally dispersed.

Mo Chu was just floating in the air with her eyes slightly closed.

Her expression was calm, and her long black hair fell down.

There seemed to be spots of light around her body, it was like a layer of light gauze had gently enveloped her, as if she was a god!

The clouds opened, the wind stopped, and time seemed to have stopped at this moment.

No one spoke, and the silence circulated in the air.

At this moment, even breathing a little louder seemed to be a form of blasphemy.

Finally, after a long while, the light on Mo Chus body gradually dissipated and slowly fell to the ground.

“Little Chu!” Ning Yiyuan reacted the fastest.

He immediately took a step forward and carefully pulled her into his embrace.

His eyes instantly filled with tenderness.

Those who had previously thought that Mo Chu was not good enough for Marshal Ning immediately turned against him when they saw the previous scene.

Hmm… from the looks of it, Ning Yiyuan and our Little Chu had just reached the passing mark.

They still needed to work hard!

“How is it” Mo Yang immediately walked over.

When he saw Little Chus rosy cheeks, he could not help but let out a light sigh.

From the looks of it, there should not be too much of a problem.

“Its alright.

Rest a little more and shell wake up in a while.” Jimo Lin stepped forward to take a look.

He had stayed in the medical centre for a period of time previously and was considered to have some experience in this aspect.

Hence, he quickly gave his reply, this also caused everyones hearts to relax.

“However, from the looks of it, Mo Chus light attribute special ability should not have been fully activated, which is why it was mistaken as a water attribute special ability.

This time, its all thanks to Lan Han that this light attribute special ability is able to see the light of day again!” As he spoke, Jimo Lin even deliberately turned his head to look at Lan Han.

The sarcasm in his words was extremely thick!

Thats right! Tell me about it, the dark attribute special ability was a one in 10,000 special ability.

Not only did he not make good use of it, he even foolishly went to provoke Mo Chu, damn it! This time, something big had happened!

He had awakened Mo Chus light attribute special ability for nothing, as a form of resistance against his own dark attribute special ability! Not only that, he had even added a powerful boost to the Federation.

Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side was probably burning with anxiety as well.

Initially, they had thought that Lan Han would be god-like in the Galactic Combat, but who would have thought that he would end up like this!

Lan Han was thinking the same thoughts.

Feeling extremely aggrieved, his face flushed red.

In the end, he spat out a mouthful of blood and immediately fainted!

“Alright, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys side is considered to be over.” Looking at Lan Hans state, Jimo Lin could not help but raise his eyebrows as he turned to look at Ning Yiyuan.

“Then shouldnt our two teams also decide on who is stronger”

They had already agreed before.

After they finished off Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, the winner of the battle would be one of their two teams.

“Alright, but Little Chus side…” Ning Yiyuan turned around and looked at him with a slight frown.

“Dont go through so much trouble!” Jimo Lin waved his hand, and his determined face revealed a hint of a combative nature.

“Lets have a battle.

Whoever wins will be the winner of this years battle!”

Hearing this, the smile on Fu Juns face froze.

This crazy kid actually dared to suggest such a one-on-one method.

Did he not take the importance of Galactic Combat seriously

Elder Qin, who was standing at the side, admired Jimo Lins free and easy personality.

“Not bad, this kids personality is quite interesting.

I like it.”

“Do you think youre the only one who likes him” Elder Ning, who was in high spirits, added with a smile, “Why dont you take a look at how many people like this kid online”

Huh Hearing this, Elder Qin opened the terminal and looked online with interest.

The moment he looked, he was shocked!

Apparently, many netizens were already excited by the ups and downs of Mo Chu and the others.

They had actually ranked these contestants online.

Now, the most popular one was Mo Chu.

Look at the number of likes, she really had the momentum of taking the lead.

This Kid, Jimo Lin, was also quite popular.

There were a lot of girls who liked him.

Just casually clicking on one or two of the comments would reveal a thick air of infatuation and worship… Seeing this, Elder Qin could not help but laugh out loud.

This bunch of youngsters!

Just as Elder Qin was about to close the terminal, he suddenly thought of something and lowered his head to scan the terminal again.

Not long after, the smile on his old face became even deeper.

Not bad, not bad! This Kid Qin Yues popularity was also very high! Look, he had already entered the top five and even left Jimo Lin behind.

Elder Qin finally comforted him for once.

Hmph! He finally knew how to give our Qin Family some face!

When he stretched out his hand, the smile on Elder Qins face became a little stiff.

Most of the other peoples comments were about how handsome and valiant he was.

Why did he change his style the moment he switched to Qin Yue

“Aiya, I want to laugh whenever I see Qin Yue.

Hes totally a funny character!”

“Me too! How can he be so cute”

The more he looked down, the more twisted Elder Qins expression became.

What was all this That Kid Qin Yue was clearly a rough man with thick eyebrows and big eyes.

How could he be associated with the wordcute

Elder Ning did not have the time to care about Elder Qins strange behavior at this moment.

His heart was completely focused on the one-on-one competition between Ning Yiyuan and Jimo Lin.

Although he believed in his grandsons strength, Jimo Lins methods were not bad either.

He had previously investigated and found that Jimo Lin had been concealing some of his strength.

He did not know after the two of them fought, who was stronger…

Having experienced many storms, the old mans hands were still slightly sweating.

“Come on!” Jimo Lin shouted in a low voice.

The aura on his body suddenly changed.

The originally cold and stern person revealed a faint crazed stance at this moment.

His attacks on Ning Yiyuan did not show the slightest bit of mercy, every move was a vital point.

Compared to Jimo Lin, Ning Yiyuan appeared much more indifferent.

However, he could not help but place a little more importance on his face.

The wind attribute special ability that he unleashed was like an impenetrable net, shooting toward Jimo Lin from all directions!

This was what a high-end skill was!

Every move seemed to carry a thick fighting spirit.

His movements were unexpectedly clean and neat.

The two figures were only left with an afterimage!

The onlookers expressed, “Can they slow down We cant see clearly at all.


Just when everyone thought they were watching the match in such a blur, Mo Yang suddenly exclaimed and sped up the pace of the match.

“Little Chu, youre awake”

Upon hearing this, Ning Yiyuan, whose movements were originally astonishingly fast, suddenly had his eyes light up.

His speed even increased by a few notches.

His special ability bloomed like a flower, dazzling everyones eyes.

However, there was a sharp and murderous intent hidden underneath, if one was not careful, they could kill without being noticed.


Both of their movements stopped at the same time.

Who won and who lost The audience who did not understand showed that they were very anxious!

Jimo Lin looked at his sleeve.

The cut clearly showed the result of this battle.

“You won!” Jimo Lin was convinced by this.

Later on, he could clearly feel Ning Yiyuans attacks getting fiercer and fiercer, he had held back at the beginning.

He had lost well!

In a word, the ranking of this years Galactic Combat had been decided!

“Okay.” Ning Yiyuan nodded slightly, then turned around and walked toward Mo Chu.

Looking at his hurried footsteps, the crowd could not help but pout.

Hmph! It was already over, and he still wanted to show off his love.

That was enough!

On the other side, Elder Ning laughed even more happily! As expected of my grandson.

Look at how agile and beautiful he is!

On the other side, Elder Qin was still using all his strength, grabbing the terminal, and looking at the netizens comments about Qin Yue.

Thus, when many leaders of the galaxy came forward, they realized that Elder Qins expression was a little strange… What was going on Could it be that the Federation was too happy to win the championship for the first time in so many years

“After so many years, its finally our Federations turn to turn the tables! Were so happy, were celebrating!”

“Lucky Star is the best.

She won the championship the moment she participated, awesome!”

“Almighty Song is also awesome!”

“Oh right, everyone, if I worship Mo Chu in the future, will I be able to pass the exam smoothly”

This statement opened up a business opportunity for many people.

Therefore, not long after, a miniature version of a Lucky Star doll appeared, it successfully took first place in the sales rankings!

Of course, not everyone was this excited.

At least Lan Han and Lan Lians groups faces were frighteningly dark! They had planned to achieve some amazing results in this years Galactic Combat, but they did not expect to end up in such a situation!


Lan Han had made a move against Mo Chu.

This apparent act of murder had indirectly dragged Wisdom Cloud Galaxys reputation down to the lowest point.

Now, all the comments about Wisdom Cloud Galaxy on the internet were negative.

To put it bluntly, now, as long as someone stood on the streets and shoutedIm from the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy Galaxy, they would immediately be drowned in the spittle of the Federations citizens!

What made the upper echelons of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy even more worried was that even though Mo Chu had turned the situation around, the Federations citizens had not given up on boycotting them.

Instead, they did not know why it was becoming more and more intense, causing them to be so anxious! In the end, they decided to vent all their anger on Lan Lian and the rest.

The admiration and adoration that they had been looking forward to were now all gone.

Instead, they were greeted with a round of curses.

Other peoples gazes towards them were filled with nothing but hatred and loathing.

If not for the other squadron members forcefully grabbing onto Lan Lians hand, given her arrogant temper, she would have long rushed up to teach them a lesson!

However, the person with an even uglier expression than her was Qi Shaobai on the high platform!

He had thought that this was a sure win.

Unexpectedly, there was actually a huge reversal in the end! Not only did Mo Chu not die, but she had also even obtained a light attribute special ability.

Not only that, this legendary scene made her completely famous among billions of people.

This lass had benefited for nothing!

Turning his head slightly, Qi Shaobais eyes could not help but catch a glimpse of Elder Ning beside him.

This old man had changed from his previous worry, and his face was full of pride!

Indeed, with Mo Chu as a living signboard, the Federation was in the limelight in this years Galactic Combat.

If it was in the past, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy would definitely be the main character, but now, she had become their foil!

Humph! Qi Shaobais face was a mess.

Seeing that the other galaxies people were conversing happily, he felt that it was pointless to leave him alone, so he stood up and left.

However, he did not expect that on the short journey back to the hotel, he would be so unlucky!

The drive that had always been good suddenly had a problem.

Just as he walked down, a large pile of smelly trash was thrown at him from all directions, infuriating him!

The Federation had long implemented the policy ofGarbage co-processing.

All the garbage was automatically recycled, sorted, treated, and reused.

Who knew where all this garbage was found It was really quite amazing!

He wanted to find someone to blame, but when he looked up, there was no one there.

He ran so fast! After that, Qi Shaobai could only hold in his anger.

He endured the stench and returned to the hotel.

Qi Shaobais face was filled with anger.

Just because of this smell, countless people cast strange looks at him.

He had lived for so many years, when had he ever received such treatment

After finally returning to the room and getting rid of the stench from his body, Qi Shaobai finally felt a little more comfortable.

He laid on the bed —


Hehe, the bed was broken!

The people of the Federation who were gloating over his misfortune laughed.

You want to curse our Mo Chu and Marshal Ning Now you know how powerful we are!



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