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The once-in-a-century Galactic Combat came to an end with everyone talking about it.

The Federation had entered the threshold of apowerful galaxy with a strong stance.

Ning Yiyuan, Mo Chu… The stars were rising up one after another, causing people to sigh in admiration, waves after waves were set off on the Starnet!

However, to Ning Yiyuan and the others, a war without gunpowder had just begun.

“Since the results of the Galactic Combats have been decided…” Elder Qin sat at the head of the table.

His usual cheeky smile had long disappeared, and his tone was slightly serious.

“Then shouldnt the distribution of resources for the next hundred years be decided as well”

Although the overall ranking of the Galactic Combats had been decided, the specific data regarding the distribution of resources was still a bit of a hassle.

After all, a small number represented a large piece of the profit cake, no one was willing to give it away for free.

“Of course.” Qi Shaobai had already been replaced by representatives from the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy.

The new arrival was Wisdom Cloud Galaxys head of foreign affairs, Luo Fan.

He was famous for his smiling face.

He looked like an honest and honest person, but his calculations were more precise than anyone else, “There has to be a final conclusion, right Since the Federation is this years champion, why dont you guys come up with a plan first”

With a simple sentence, he threw this troublesome burden to the Federation.

“Then well calculate according to the ratio from the previous year.

Dont change it, everyone will be more relaxed.” Elder Ning raised his eyes and said in a low voice.

When he heard this, Luo Fans eyes could not help but flash.

The previous years champion was Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, and it was because of this that they set the distribution ratio for the first place to be quite high, accounting for a full 20% of the total! Dont look down on this number.

After all, there were 30 to 40 galaxies in this vast galaxy!

You want to take advantage of us now Luo fan raised his eyebrows.

The leader of a small galaxy that was attached to Wisdom Cloud Galaxy immediately understood.

He frowned and stood up, “This isnt too good, right In the past, the percentage was reset.

Who would follow the same old routine from the previous year”

When someone spoke, there were immediately people who echoed and opposed.

The entire meeting room instantly became as noisy as a market.

“Since everyone isnt satisfied with the previous ratio, why dont we take a look at this plan” When everyone was arguing until their mouths were dry, Ning Yiyuan slowly stood up and handed the documents in his hands to everyone, he said in a deep voice.

These were the two plans that were put forward during the internal meeting of the Federation.

It was very obvious that with Luo fan present, the first plan would definitely not pass, so they could only take out the second plan.

After waiting for a moment for everyone to finish reading the document, Ning Yiyuan said, “What do you guys think”

“This… isnt our ratio a little too low” Luo Fans face was filled with worry as he said bitterly, “You guys dont know, our Wisdom Cloud Galaxy has been lacking in resources recently.

Im afraid this little bit isnt enough!”

Fine! This person immediately started crying about being poor!

Elder Ning could not help but roll his eyes.

This persons style was completely different from Qi Shaobais! Besides, Your Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was still in need of resources.

They still took the majority each year! How could you still have the nerve to complain now I dont think you guys are in need of resources, you guys are wicked!

“Is that so” Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows slightly and handed another document to everyone.

“This is the situation that we have calculated based on the data of the past hundred years.

Everyone, take a look first.”

He opened the document, and everyones expression changed!

The data that Ning Yiyuan took out was extremely accurate and detailed.

From every aspect, he had a rough idea of the resources of the various galaxies.

This collection and processing ability was simply astonishing!

If Zuo Lin knew what they were thinking, he would definitely nod his head heavily.

Thats right, it was just like that! Back then, he was exhausted to the point of death just to understand the data!

“Logically speaking, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys resources should be very abundant!” Ning Yiyuan turned his head slightly and looked at Luo fan, not giving in at all.

Indeed, a newborn calf was not afraid of a tiger! Luo Fans smile became more and more amiable.

Previously, he knew that Ning Yiyuan was not a simple character.

Now that he had come into contact with him, it was indeed so!

Just from this data, one could see one or two of them.

After all, with such a huge amount of data and the specific situation, without two or three years of preparation work, it would be impossible to calculate it.

Could it be that… Ning Yiyuan had already started preparing so early

“Since no one has any objections, is the material ratio set like that” Ning Yiyuan stood up and scanned the surroundings.

How was that possible

Those with high rankings felt that the ratio was too small, and those with low rankings felt that it was not enough.

In short, it was not realistic to find a perfect plan!

Thus, a war of words began again.

The chattering voices in his ears continued.

Elder Ning impatiently moved a few times in his seat.

People who came out of the army liked to do things quickly and neatly, but look, this was called a drag! Wasnt it just a matter of the distribution ratio Was there a need to go through so much trouble

Elder Qin naturally saw the impatience on his old friends face and could not help but reveal a bitter smile in his eyes.

Indeed! It was not a big deal in the first place, but once the interests of the various galaxies were involved, everyone immediately started to haggle over every penny.

They were not willing to give in at all, so naturally, they could not come to an agreement.

Thinking of this, Elder Qin raised his head.

Ning Yiyuan was standing in the middle.

His sparkling figure and calm aura were completely different from Elder Nings appearance!

“Oh, thats right.” Ning Yiyuans tone was indifferent, but what he said made the entire meeting room instantly quiet down.

“I forgot to tell everyone that our Federation has successfully planted the first normal green plant.”

“What” Fu Juns face was filled with shock as he asked in return, “Really”

The more powerful the galaxy was, the more effort they put into the normal green plant.

Dark Ocean Galaxy and Wisdom Cloud Galaxy were the first two galaxies to study this problem, but after so many years, this problem had never been solved.

Who would have thought that the Federation would be the one to beat them to it

“Of course.” Elder Qin nodded and raised his eyebrows slightly.

The staff members at the side immediately switched the screen to the laboratory.

The green plant inside had already grown up, and its green leaves were slowly stretching out, just looking at it made people feel comfortable and peaceful.

“Look…” Elder Qins lips curled up slightly as he asked softly.

In the end, whether or not the distribution ratio could be determined would depend on the few powerful galaxies.

As long as they nodded their heads, the opinions of the other galaxies would be nothing.

At this moment, the stark reality ofa weak country has no diplomacy was revealed.

And whether or not they could make the other galaxies nod their heads, the key would still depend on how much benefits the Federation could give.

Obviously, the appearance of the normal green plant made Dark Ocean Galaxy and Wisdom Cloud Galaxy somewhat moved.

Fu Jun lowered his head and pondered slightly, while Luo fan raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Oh right, I heard that the Spirit Food of the Federation is truly amazing.

Ive never seen it before, can you let me take a look”

The meaning of these words was very clear.

Luo Fan was obviously more interested in the Spirit Food.

And as soon as he said these words, the eyes of the leaders of the other galaxies immediately lit up.

This was the legendary Spirit Food! Who did not want it As soon as the related questions were mentioned, everyones ears pricked up!

Ning Yiyuans eyes darkened.

The reason why he threw out the normal green plants as a bargaining chip was that he did not want Little Chu to get involved in this mess.

He did not expect Luo Fan to say it so openly.

“Once this matter is confirmed, youll have your chance.” Ning Yiyuans words were sharp, and his eyes narrowed.

“Why, when did the Federation become so stingy” Luo Fan did not seem to hear Ning Yiyuans voice, and the smile on his face deepened, “I just want to see…”

Before he could finish speaking, the door was suddenly opened, and a figure walked in.

Luo Fans eyes lit up, “Miss Mo, Ive heard so much about you!”

Thus, the confused Mo Chu was held by a kind-looking uncle.

Actually, she was still resting at home, but she received a notice from the school, asking her to rush over immediately.

When she saw Ning Yiyuans slightly frozen expression, her heart could not help but jump, she felt that something was wrong!

“Little Chu, come here.” Ning Yiyuan reached out and pulled Mo Chu from Luo fans hand, carefully protecting her behind him, “I think Ive already said what I said just now very clearly…”

Luo Fans attention was completely focused on Mo Chu at this moment.

He did not even glance at Ning Yiyuan.

Before he came here, the higher-ups had already instructed him to take Mo Chu under Wisdom Cloud Galaxy at all costs.

Indeed, such a talent would attract attention no matter where he went!

“Miss Mo, come.” Luo fan smiled with a harmless expression.

He took out a Black Energy Stone from the terminal and handed it to Mo Chu, “This is the first time weve met.

Consider it a greeting gift.”

Eh Mo Chu frowned.

What kind of method was this

Mo Chu did not understand.

However, how could Ning Yiyuan and the others not understand

This Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was trying to poach her! How could he be so attentive He offered Mo Chu a priceless Black Energy Stone at the moment they met Other than expressing the importance they placed on Mo Chu, it also showed the strength of their Wisdom Cloud Galaxy!

After that, Ning Yiyuans eyes darkened even more.

He stood in a corner in front of me, do you think Im blind

“No need.” Seeing the expressions on Ning Yiyuan and the others faces, Mo Chu smiled and shook her head.

She extended her hand to reject it.

“This is too valuable.”

“What Its just a small little gift, just keep it!” Luo fan smiled even more kindly.

Compared to Mo Chu, this priceless treasure, what was this mere Black Energy Stone

“Theres really no need…” As she rejected him, the Black Energy Stone accidentally fell to the ground.

Mo Chu reached out her hand to pick it up, her his movements suddenly froze!

“Whats wrong” Ning Yiyuan naturally noticed Mo Chus strange behavior and whispered into her ear.

“Hey! Dont try to sow discord between us.” Luo Fan glared at him.

He turned his head, and said to Mo Chu with a smile, “If you like it, Ill give you a few more later.”

Hearing this, the leaders of the few galaxies around could not help but be stunned! Damn, isnt your attitude of fawning too obvious Can you be a little more restrained and not embarrass your entire nation


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