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“Ning Yiyuan!” Seeing this scene, Luo Fan could not help but frown and shouted fiercely!

His originally amiable face also revealed a hint of anger, good! In front of so many people, this kid actually dared to make a move like this Wasnt he looking down on Wisdom Cloud Galaxy too much

Ning Yiyuan turned a deaf ear to Luo Fans anger and gave a glance behind him.

The soldier behind Qi Dong who had been restraining him all along immediately let go.

“That person… was you” It was clearly a question, but Ning Yiyuan said it with certainty.

His deep eyes revealed a dark haze.

His gaze was like a dark night, ready to completely envelop anyone who made a single mistake.

“Cough cough…” Ning Yiyuan did not restrain his punch at all.

Qi Dong let out a few muffled coughs.

His breathing caused his abdomen to throb in pain, but his beautiful thin lips curled up slightly.

His voice was calm, but there was a hint of provocation in it.

“What are you talking about Why Cant I understand”

In terms of appearance, Qi Dong was better than Lan Han and the others.

His beautiful facial features, quiet and awe-inspiring temperament, and his blue eyes were like stars in the sky.

His personal feeling was obvious!

“According to the Galactic Law, when women are suspected of being trafficking and other crimes…” Ning Yiyuan enunciated each word in a dangerous and deep tone.

“Once verified, they will all be imprisoned for more than 50 years.

Do you think… you can escape”

“Why” Qi Dong laughed lightly, like a still oil painting that came to life in an instant.

His every move carried his distinct personal aura.

“Are you blatantly threatening me”

His tone changed abruptly, and Qi Dongs voice suddenly sank.

“Or are you discriminating against our Wisdom Cloud Galaxy”

With one sentence, he instantly pulled in two galaxies!

As soon as he said this, the leaders of the other galaxies who were watching from the side could not help but feel their hearts skip a beat.

What Could it be that the Federation and Wisdom Cloud Galaxy were going to have a falling out No one spoke, and the atmosphere in the entire meeting room instantly froze…

Only Ning Yiyuan and Qi Dong were left staring at each other!

Luo Fan stood silently at the side, handing over the right to speak to Qi Dong.

However, his gaze could not help but circle around the two of them.

To be fair, both of them were outstanding figures of this generation!

Other than their astonishing intelligence and terrifying strength, even their statuses were similar.

The Ning Family was one of the top families in the Federation, while the Qi Family was Wisdom Cloud Galaxys only family with a foreign surname, the Duke Family! Qi Shaobai was only a branch of the Qi Family, yet he was able to participate in this Galactic Combat.

This was enough to show the Qi Familys immense power!

This second young master of the Qi Family was especially famous for his resourcefulness.

He had long been appointed as the future head of the Qi Family.

If something really happened to him in the Federation, he would not be able to shoulder this responsibility!

“I think… This is probably just a misunderstanding,” in the midst of the silence, Fu Jun suddenly said with a smile on his face.

“However, since there are doubts among us, why dont we get to the bottom of this matter”

Although his words were impartial, everyone clearly understood what he meant by leaning towards Ning Yiyuans side.

What Could it be that Dark Ocean Galaxy was also prepared to stand on the Federations side However, hadnt Dark Ocean Galaxy always been neutral This time, why…

Seeing Fu Juns actions, Qi Dong could not help but let out a chuckle.

“Since youve already spoken up, how can I still have the face to reject you However, I wont accept such a baffling suspicion.

At the very least, I have to produce some concrete evidence, right”

“Evidence” Looking at Qi Dongs extremely handsome face, if it was any other woman, she would have probably already been charmed until her face turned red.

However, Mo Chus face was calm, and her voice was even colder, “I can recognize you.

Isnt this the most direct evidence”

“Recognize How did you recognize me” Qi Dong bent down slightly, his gaze swept past Mo Chus delicate nose, and the smile in his eyes deepened.

“Based on your sense of smell There isnt such a rule in Galatic Law!”

In other words, Mo Chus words did not carry any weight at all.

Hearing this, Mo Chu could not help but be stunned.

Her snow-white white teeth bit down on his tender lips.

“Boss Zhou will testify, right” Ning Yiyuan naturally noticed Qi Dongs actions, and his gaze deepened.

His tall and straight figure stood slightly forward, blocking Qi Dongs gaze towards Mo Chu.

That Zhou Yong from back then had definitely seen Qi Dong before.

This was an ironclad witness, and he had no choice but to explain himself.

“Oh… Is that so” Qi Dong raised his head and met Ning Yiyuans gaze.

“Then ask him to come, so that he can prove my innocence.”

Seeing Qi Dongs unbridled manner, Ning Yiyuan suddenly frowned, and an unexplainable uneasiness welled up in his heart…

When the heard the news from his subordinates, Ning Yiyuans eyes darkened, and his palms were tightly clenched into a fist.

How could it be

Zhou Yong was actually… Dead! And he had been dead for less than half an hour!

“Why Arent you going to confront him” The corners of Qi Dongs mouth curled up, but there was a hint of pride in his eyes.

Ning Yiyuan immediately reacted to this look.

He was definitely the one who had done this to Zhou Yong!

In the beginning, Qi Dong probably did not expect that Little Chu would be able to recognize his identity with just a Black Energy Stone.

However, in this short period of time, he had already made up his mind.

First, he would use a substitute to blur everyones line of sight.

Then, he could use this to buy time so that he could eliminate all the previous evidence one by one! He was really ruthless!

In the face of Ning Yiyuans silence, the smile on Qi Dongs lips became even more obvious.

“Since theres no evidence, then how about that punch you threw at me just now”

He had shown weakness in the beginning just to pave the way for this moment! Ning Yiyuans heart skipped a beat.

He had long put away his contempt for Qi Dong.

This man was ruthless enough.

He was definitely not a simple character.

“What do you want” Ning Yiyuan raised his chin slightly.

It was just a simple action, but he made it look like he was the ruler of the world.

“Hehe! What can I do” Qi Dong shook his head slightly, but his gaze fell on the distribution plan at the side, “Why dont we increase our Wisdom Cloud Galaxys distribution ratio by another percentage point!”

Heh! This was a lions mouth wide open.

He wanted to exchange so many resources with just one fist.

He was dreaming!

Luo Fans eyes revealed a hint of admiration.

He had only heard of this Qi Familys second young masters name before, but this was the first time he had seen him act.

Look, it was a chain of links, he was really amazing!

“Why, are you not willing” Qi Dong could be considered to have gotten something on Ning Yiyuan, but they could not say no.

Thinking of this, the smile on Qi Dongs face grew wider.

Things had developed to this point, and it had really surprised him!

“Then… What about the matter of Lan Han attacking me previously” Mo Chu stood beside Ning Yiyuan and suddenly said, “Why dont we also increase the percentage of our Federations points”

Dont you want to settle the score Then lets talk things over properly and settle the score!

Thats right! Hearing these words, the expression of the Federation officials who had been frowning a moment ago immediately changed.

In terms of evidence, your Wisdom Cloud Galaxy also have quite a number of them.

Dont try to take advantage of me here!

Fine! Hearing this, the leaders of the other galaxies could not hold back anymore.

According to their words, the ones who would suffer would be their interests.

Hence, they all became peacemakers and spoke with a sincere tone.

“Forget it, this is just a misunderstanding.

Lets not fuss about it.”

“Right, right, its good that the misunderstanding has been resolved.”

“That… I think this distribution ratio is pretty good.

Why dont we just leave it at that.” It was better to quickly sign it.

If they pushed it further, there might be some unexpected changes!

When this topic was brought up, everyone nodded in agreement.

“Thats right, everyone sign it together.”

Thus, under everyones push, Qi Dong could only let go of this point.

He turned his head and looked at Mo Chu with a slightly heavy gaze.

This little girl really could not be underestimated, her performance was always unexpected!

“You… really are a silly girl.” Ning Yiyuan sighed and reached out to rub Mo Chus head.

His gaze was unbelievably gentle.

Actually, even if Mo Chu did not say what she just said, she still had the Qi Family in his hands.

It was enough to make Qi Dong compromise.

However, seeing this girl standing in front of him with a protective look on her face, he felt a surge of warmth in his heart.

How could he bear to let go of such a treasure Ning Yiyuans hand that was rubbing Mo Chus head paused slightly, then moved down and playfully poked her smooth jade-like face.

Hmm, it felt pretty good, and the gentleness in Ning Yiyuans eyes became even more intense.

On the other hand, Mo Chu was slightly stunned, as she felt that this action was very familiar… Only after Luo Fan had signed this scale agreement did she react.

Wasnt she the same with Roundy back then

So… it turned out that this guy was teasing her After thinking it through, Mo Chu could not help but glare at Ning Yiyuan.

Then, she took a step back slightly, leaving Ning Yiyuan hand in the open.

This delicate appearance made Ning Yiyuan more and more fond of her, and the smile in her eyes grew more and more.

“Lets go.” Qi Dong stared at the two of them and said softly.

“Yes.” Luo Fan nodded.

The door was opened.

Before the two of them could walk out, a snow-white chubby guy jumped in first and directly bumped into Qi Dongs leg!

“Ao ao — ” Being blocked, Roundy was very unhappy! It raised its head, and its chubby face was full of arrogance.

Who are you You actually dare to stop me It had been half a month since it last saw Little Chu.

At this moment, it clawed at him!

Roundys combat level could not be compared to an ordinary pet.

Even if it had restrained itself, it still left a few deep claw marks on Qi Dongs leg.

At first glance, it looked like blood was dripping down.

It was really terrifying!

Mo Chu was standing behind the door.

When she saw this scene, she could not help but shout in jer heart, well done! On the other hand, Luo Fan frowned.

Staring at Roundy with a cold gaze.

“This little thing…”

“This is my pet.” Hearing the meaning in Luo Fans words, Mo Chu quickly called out to cute little Roundy.

“Ao ao –” Seeing Mo Chus figure, Roundys impatient expression instantly changed.

Its starry eyes blinked non-stop, and with a leap, it ran towards Mo Chus embrace.

Even though they had not seen each other for half a month, the little guy was still very familiar with its business.

With a leap, it accurately landed in Mo Chus embrace.

It first shifted his position, and when it found a comfortable angle, Roundy sighed.

His big head drooped down on Mo Chus body, and its entire beast body collapsed, it was still Little Chus embrace that was the most comfortable!

Seeing Roundys appearance, the corners of Mo Chus mouth could not help but curl up slightly.

A smile blossomed at the corners of her eyes.

Her originally exquisite facial features were now filled with an indescribable charm.

Her bright eyes and white teeth, her brows and red lips… A hint of beauty could be faintly seen amidst her calmness.

Mo Chus beauty was like a serene orchid on a green cliff.

It was not considered a national beauty, but when she occasionally turned her head, there was a kind of astonishing beauty and tranquility.

Ning Yiyuans eyes froze, and even Qi Dong was stunned.

“This is your pet” Lowering his head to look at the wound on his leg, Qi Dong chuckled.

“Its from the same lineage as you.” He looked gentle and harmless, but inside, he was like a little wild cat with sharp claws.

If he was not careful, he would be scratched until blood flowed.

These words were not considered ambiguous, but coupled with the faint smile on Qi Dongs face, it instantly made these words somewhat subtle.

“Qi Dong!” Ning Yiyuans expression completely sank, the warning in his tone was clear as day.

He definitely would not let this person off!

Mo Chu switched to holding Roundy with one hand, while her other hand gently held Ning Yiyuans large palm from below.

Different from his rough and calloused hand, Little Chus hand was clearly much smaller.

Moreover, it was fleshy and soft, as if there were no bones when he pinched it.

With just this action, Ning Yiyuans heart instantly calmed down quite a bit.

The scene of the two of them holding hands and looking at each other naturally fell into Qi Dongs eyes.

His eyes flashed slightly before he turned around swiftly.

“Alright, lets go.”

Mo Chu… Well meet again.


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