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Wisdom Cloud Galaxys people left.

At the start, they were arrogant.

Now, they were rather quiet, which made Mo Chu and the rest feel a little uncomfortable.

However, most of the people from the other galaxies stayed behind.

After all, it was not easy for them to come to the Federation, they had to have a good time!

Hence, Jimo Lin and the rest did not hold back and went to look for Mo Chu and the rest.

The reason was perfectly justifiable, “Look, we are friends from the alien galaxy.

You guys have to love each other, dont you Furthermore, we have a special friendship in combat.

Shouldnt you bring us out to experience it”

These words left the few of them speechless.

However, Mo Chu was really blind when it came to the Federations tourism industry.

There was Zhong Wen, who was actually a veteran in the tourism industry.

When they mentioned the various special attractions of the Federation, they were truly fascinating, even Mo Chu could not help but reveal a drooling expression.

This cute appearance naturally caught Ning Yiyuans eyes.

He could not help but smile.

Originally, he had planned to wait for the two of them to go on a one-on-one trip after this Galactic War ended, but from the looks of it, he decided to put this idea aside for the time being.

The last group of people discussed for a long time before they finally decided on the destination for this trip — Rainbow Springs!

Everyone was a person of action.

They drove their drives and chatted and laughed along the way.

Before long, they arrived at their destination.

Rainbow Springs could be considered a famous tourist attraction in district three.

Now that they looked at it, it really lived up to its reputation.

In front of them were small pools.

The water in them was boiling slightly and was surrounded by clouds and smoke.

The most magical thing was the color of the water.

It was red, blue, green, indigo, and purple, just looking at it made people feel that it was extremely beautiful.

“Do you want to go down and soak in the bubbles” Ning Yiyuan held Mo Chus hair from behind and asked gently.

“Yes!” Mo Chu nodded her head resolutely and agreed.

She turned her head and stared at Ning Yiyuan.

She did not know what was going on with this guy.

Recently, he always liked to touch her.

He would either hold her hand or rub her head.

He completely ignored the gaze of her big brother who was staring at him with all his might!


When his gaze returned to the Rainbow Springs, Mo Chus eyes could not help but glow.

When he thought of her appearance in the hot spring, he felt that she was extremely beautiful and his eyebrows flew up.

“Little Chu, the changing room is over there.” Mo Yang walked over.

When he faced Ning Yiyuan, his expression was still a little gloomy.

However, when he turned his head to look at his own sister, his expression instantly became much gentler.

“Tsk tsk!” Jimo Lin and the others watched from behind with relish.

They were also mostly single.

When they saw Ning Yiyuan being obstructed, they could not help but stifle their laughter.

Look, even if Ning Yiyuan was the Marshal, it was not that easy to woo a girl! However, on second thought, if they had a cute sister like Mo Chu, they would definitely not be willing to let another man snatch her away!

Roundy kept tugging at Mo Chu and did not let go.

Mo Chu had no choice but to bring it along.

However, the little fellow was very obedient.

It had been resting in Mo Chus embrace with its eyes closed.

It did not make any noise.

In the end, just as it was sleeping comfortably, it suddenly realized that its embrace had changed owners!

Thats right! How could this rigid embrace be as comfortable as Little Chus Its watery eyes opened and it raised its head dangerously.

Only then did it realize that it was actually Ning Yiyuan who had carried it out of Little Chus embrace!

“Awooo –” Heh, this annoying human, has he grown bold after not seeing you for a few days He actually dared to touch this Young Master on his own accord

Roundys sharp teeth grinded.

Just as it was about to bite Ning Yiyuan, it heard Mo Chus soft snort.

It quickly loosened his teeth and stared at her with a wronged expression.

It groaned as he was about to get out of Ning Yiyuans embrace.

However, it was fiercely pressed down by Ning Yiyuan.

He said to Mo Chu, “Go and change your clothes.

Ill take care of this little fatty for you first.”

Hmph! Was this a joke He could not even see Little Chu changing his clothes.

How could he let this detestable Blood Luminescent Beast take the lead

In the end, Ning Yiyuans words oflittle fatty completely angered Roundy.

All the white fur on its body stood up and its eyes were filled with fury.

It pounced towards Ning Yiyuan! Holy sh*t! Can you explain it clearly Little fatty, who the hell is a little fatty

A scholar can be killed but not humiliated, do you know that

When Mo Chu heard this, she lowered her head and glanced at Roundy.

She could not help but sigh.

Sigh, she did not have the time to care about it during this period of time.

The little fellow had really gained a lot of weight, and its body was like a fluffy white ball.

“Awooo!” Roundy turned his head and happened to see Mo Chus gaze.

It could not help but wail.

Its large head drooped down as it looked dejectedly at his snow-white belly.

Had it really gained weight Hmm… It seemed to be a little rounder than before! This was the first time it faced this question.

Roundy felt rather sad.

“Its alright.” Mo Chu comforted Roundy as she rubbed its head.

“Well slowly lose weight after we go back.”

“Oh…” When it heard this, Roundy immediately stopped feeling dejected.

Its eyes rolled around as it looked at Mo Chu fawningly.

Please dont do that! Why did he have to lose weight It was actually not bad to be a little fatter.

It felt so good to touch!

“Haha!” Seeing Roundy like this, Mo Chu could not help but laugh twice.

She patted Roundys body again.

“Believe me, when we go back, I will definitely let you return to your usual heroic appearance.”

As she said that, she ignored Roundys sad and painful expression and turned around to walk toward the changing room.

Actually, the Rainbow Springs was separated.

As long as one pressed a button on the side, the barrier between the two pools would be raised.

It was very humane, so one could soak in the hot spring naked.

However, considering the men beside him, Ning Yiyuan suggested that Little Chu change her clothes.

Perhaps because she was worried about Dark Ocean Galaxys groups identity, Ning Yiyuan simply waved his hand and booked the entire Rainbow Springs venue.

That was why the usually lively Rainbow Springs was so quiet.

There were also two staff members in the changing room, when they saw Mo Chu walk in, their eyes lit up.

Heavens, this was Mo Chu! The legendary Lucky Star! They had actually met her in person.

They were still in a daze.

If this matter were to be revealed to the public, who knew how many people would die of envy! The two of them could not help but rub their hands together!

When Mo Chu walked closer, they became even more excited.

“Lucky… No, Miss Mo, there are so many clothes here.

Which one do you like”

Mo Chu smiled faintly.

“You can just call me Mo Chu.”

Wow wow — The two staff members became even more excited.

Lucky Star is such a humble person and even smiled at me! What a cute smile! If not for their strong work ethic supporting them, the two of them would have jumped up in excitement by now!

Mo Chu did not notice this.

When she turned around to look, she was instantly shocked!

This was a small cloakroom.

The preparations were perfect.

All kinds of swimsuits were placed at the side, dazzling her.

“Mo, Mo Chu, which one do you like” Suppressing the excitement in her heart, the staff member smiled and picked out a light yellow swimsuit.

The style was fresh and cute.

“What do you think of this one”

“Not bad.” Mo Chu nodded.

Just as he was about to go forward, another staff member came forward with another swimsuit in his hands.

“This one is not bad either.”

Turning his head, he saw that this black swimsuit was not bad either.

It was just that the material was a little too little.

Mo Chu pursed his lips and said embarrassedly, “That… Ill just wear another one.”

“Its fine, its fine.” The rejected staff member was not angry at all.

Her face was full of smiles.

“This one is just a little sexy.

I thought that you and Marshal Ning might… Cough cough!”

The girl beside him nudged her a few times with her elbow before the girl stopped talking.

On the other hand, when Mo Chu heard this, her ears turned slightly red.

“Im going to change first.” Holding the light yellow swimsuit in his hand, Mo Chu was about to head into the changing room when the staff beside her suddenly spoke up, “Umm… Little Chu, do you think you can take a photo with us”

They hesitated for quite a while after hearing this.

After all, Mo Chus status was different now.

It was normal for her to reject them.

“Sure!” Unexpectedly, Mo Chu nodded and agreed.

Really When they heard this, their faces were full of surprise and disbelief.

When they saw Mo Chus nod, they carefully moved to her side and raised the camera mode that they had prepared beforehand.

They took a few photos.

“Do you want to take a few more” Mo Chu asked with a smile.

This down-to-earth look made the two staff members like her even more.

However, they knew that they should stop now.

The few photos in their hands were enough, therefore, they shook their heads.

“No need.

You should go and change first.”

When Mo Chu walked into the changing room, the two girls excitedly gathered together and stared at the photos in the terminal.

They could not wait to lick the screen right now! This was a photo of them and Lucky Star! If they took it home and hung it up, everything might go smoothly!

“Ive decided that these few photos will be my heirloom in the future!”

“Me too! Haha!”

After Mo Chu changed into her swimsuit and walked out, the two staff members immediately put away their excited looks and stared at Little Chu in amazement.

They could not help but praise, “So beautiful!”

These words were not false.

Perhaps it was because of his menarche, Mo Chus small face grew longer and longer.

Her features were exquisite, her lips were red and her teeth were white.

Coupled with her jade-like snow-white skin, just a glance at her was enough to make one feel amazed.

Mo Chu nodded and smiled at the two of them before walking out.

The two girls were left gossiping.

“Little Chu is so cute.

I feel that Marshal Ning is so blessed!”

“No, no.” Another staff member shook her head as if it was a serious matter.

“You can only look, but you cant eat.

Marshal Ning must be suffering from internal injuries from holding it in, right”


“Gulp –” Ning Yiyuans throat moved violently.

When he saw Mo Chu in a swimsuit, Ning Yiyuan felt a fire burning in his heart.

He felt that Mo Chus entire body was soft and fair, as if he could swallow her in one bite!

However, when his gaze fell on the other men behind him, the fire in his heart instantly dissipated a little.

He immediately took a large white towel from the clothes rack at the side and wrapped Mo Chu up firmly.

Little Chus fair and tender waist, long legs, and small feet were all his.

How could she be seen by other men

However, when he wrapped her clothes, it was inevitable that he would touch Mo Chus skin.

That delicate touch made his heart waver…

“Lets go!” Mo Yang gave Ning Yiyuan a low kick and brought Little Chu to the side of the colorful spring.

“Which one do you like”

The smell and effects of the different colors of the hot spring were slightly different.

The manual had already introduced them.

“Use the red one,” Ning Yiyuan suggested from the side.

The red color was specially used to nourish health.

It was very suitable for Little Chus current situation.

Mo Chu was not clear about this.

Seeing that the light red pool was very beautiful, he nodded and walked down excitedly.

He pressed the button next to him and the barrier next to him rose.

This was made of a special metal.

From the inside, one could clearly see the situation outside, but from the outside, one could not see the inside.

It was extremely well-hidden.

Mo Chu half-lay down and let out a comfortable sigh.

The water in the colorful spring should be active.

Waves of warm water washed over her skin, bringing a warm and comfortable touch.

With a flash of inspiration, Mo Chu took out the wine that she had brewed before from the terminal.

She poured a glass and took a sip from it from time to time.

Her eyes narrowed slightly.

This little taste was AMAZING!


Mo Chu almost spat out the wine from her mouth!

Ning Yiyuan and the others had already changed their clothes.

They were all only wearing pants and were half-naked, showing off their strong and smooth muscles.

A strong masculine aura suddenly gushed out.

However, among them, Ning Yiyuan was the most dazzling.

This person seemed to have brought his own light.

Even though his handsome face was expressionless, his arrogant aura still made people not dare to underestimate him.

People unconsciously looked at him.

As if sensing Mo Chus gaze, Ning Yiyuans eyes suddenly turned towards her.

The corners of his lips curled up and his entire person became even more dazzling.

His beautifully shaped lips opened slightly, but he did not make a sound.

However, Mo Chu understood him, and her small face instantly turned red.

He mouthed: Are you satisfied


It was as if he could imagine Mo Chus embarrassed expression.

Ning Yiyuans gaze became even gentler and his eyes sparkled.

He wanted nothing more than to hold her in his arms…


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