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It was almost dusk.

The rays of the setting sun shone on the colorful spring, like a layer of golden gauze on top of it.

It was extremely beautiful.

However, in Ning Yiyuans eyes, this scene was still incomparable to the slender figure under the setting sun.

Just this one glance had attracted all of his attention.

After a long while, he took a step forward and stood side by side with Mo Chu.

His tone was gentle.

“Lets go.

If you like it, well come again next time.”

“Phew…” Mo Chu closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

When she turned around to look at Ning Yiyuan, she could not help but smile.

“Yes, lets go.”

When she sat on the Drive Machine, Mo Chu suddenly realized that something was wrong.

“Eh, where are they” Why were only her and Ning Yiyuan Even the noisy Roundy had disappeared.

Ning Yiyuan turned his head, and there was a rare hint of slyness in his eyes.

He said in a light tone, “They… should have left in another Drive machine.” Now, there were only the two of them left!

Huh Looking at Ning Yiyuans handsome side profile, Mo Chu could not help but be stunned.

They traveled at lightning speed and soon stopped.

“Lets go.” After putting the Drive Machine into the terminal, Ning Yiyuan held Mo Chus hand and said slowly, “This is my familys old house.”

Old house

After being held by Ning Yiyuan for a few steps, Mo Chu finally reacted slowly.

Old house… In other words, Ning Yiyuans elders might be inside So… Mo Chu opened her mouth in a daze.

Was she preparing to meet his parents now

Before Mo Chu could speak, Ning Yiyuan had already pushed the door open.

“You bastard! Dont you know that there are still so many things left to deal with You Brat, you actually have the leisure to go out and play You…” The door opened, Elder Nings loud scolding could be clearly heard.

He was sitting on the sofa in the middle with his back straight.

As he was scolding vigorously, when his gaze landed on Mo Chu beside him, his voice was cut off as if his throat was stuck.

“… ahem!” After a long silence, Elder Ning rearranged his expression.

“Well, Mo Chu is here too.

Come in and have a seat.”

“Okay.” Mo Chu smiled calmly but secretly pinched Ning Yiyuans hand.

Could you not have told me about such a big matter Now that she had come so directly, her little heart was still beating wildly in fear!

After following Ning Yiyuan closer, Mo Chu nodded at the old man and called out with a smile, “Grandfather Ning.”

“Yes.” The old man maintained his stern expression and nodded seriously.

“Sit here.” Although Little Chu behaved very appropriately, Ning Yiyuan could feel her nervousness from her slightly sweaty palm, so he held her palm slightly harder.

“Do you want some water”

As for the part that was about to turn green from Mo Chus pinching, he did not care at all.

“No need.” Mo Chu shook her head, still a little reserved.

“Ill bring you to take a look around.” Seeing this, Ning Yiyuan could not help but suggest, so as to give Little Chu a buffer time.

Hearing this, Mo Chu immediately nodded.


The Ning familys old mansion was very big.

She had been to Ning Yiyuans courtyard before, and the style of the decoration of the two was similar.

Simple and imposing, the most commonly used colors were black and white.

The entire decoration was filled with a low-key luxury, but it looked a little desolate.

Suddenly, Mo Chus footsteps stopped.

This was… It was clearly a kitchen, and the decorations were exactly the same as the ones in her house!

“Do you like it” Ning Yiyuans voice suddenly sounded from behind.

Speaking of which, the people of the Federation did not even have the concept of akitchen, much less these pots and pans.

However, Ning Yiyuan was able to copy all of these things just by relying on that single glance of his, his intentions were truly genuine!

“I like it!” Mo Chu nodded her head heavily.

Suddenly, she raised her eyes and looked straight at Ning Yiyuan.

“Right, what do you like to eat”

Only now did she realize that she had never cooked a single meal for Ning Yiyuan before, now that she thought about it, she felt a little guilty…

Sure enough, when she heard this, Ning Yiyuans eyes lit up! His tone became more gentle, and the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

“Anything is fine.

Whatever you cook is delicious.”

“Then Ill take matters into my own hands.” Mo Chu smiled faintly.

Her delicate appearance made Ning Yiyuan even more envious.

She wanted nothing more than to hold her in her arms right now.

Just as she was about to reach out, she suddenly heard a cold snort.

Elder Ning slowly walked over and glanced at Little Chu.

After a long while, he said, “That… spicy crayfish is pretty good.

Add more spiciness.”

His tone was a little stiff, but it was obvious that he did not have enough confidence, his voice became much softer towards the end.

Huh From what he said, it meant… Mo Chu raised his head in surprise.

“Youve eaten it before”

As soon as she said this, the old man was like a monkey whose tail had been accidentally stepped on.

He immediately raised his eyebrows and said in a gruff voice, “What nonsense are you spouting Hmph!” Then, he hurriedly strode out.

Mo Chu, on the other hand, could not help but chuckle when she saw the old mans slightly flustered footsteps.

It seemed that this Grandfather Ning was not that difficult to get along with.

On the contrary, he was quite cute, like an old mischievous child!

With that thought, Mo Chus hands moved even faster.

First, she took out the ingredients from the terminal, washed them one by one, lit the fire, and put in the oil… Before long, a strong fragrance filled the entire house, it made people unable to help but swallow their saliva.

The deserted house seemed to become lively all of a sudden because of the smell of the food.

Finally, it was time for the table to be served.

However, Elder Ning, who was sitting at the head of the table, did not look too good.

He kept staring at the old man beside him.

After a long while, he said hatefully, “Elder Qin, what are you doing here”

This old mans nose was too sharp, he ran over when he smelled the smell and sat down.

Elder Ning could not even pull him back, so he could only stay for the meal.

“This smell is too fragrant.” The Qin familys old patriarch did not try to hide it and inhaled the fragrance fiercely.

“I was alone next door, so I came over to ask for a bite!”

As he said that, he did not forget to glance at the old man, “What, I cant be here”

Alone Heh! What nonsense! There were so many people in the house! It was just gluttony, yet you still found such an excuse!

However, the table that Mo Chu set up today was really mouth-watering.

The spicy crayfish that the elder had personally ordered was there.

In addition to the boiled meat slices and stir-fried rabbit meat, they were all slightly more flavorful and should suit the elders appetite.

However, Mo Chu still slightly reduced the spiciness.

After all, Grandfather Ning was not young anymore, so it was still not suitable for him to eat too much spiciness.

Apart from that, Mo Chu also made braised pork with red sauce, shredded potatoes, vegetarian dishes, and lastly, a corn rib soup.

The table was filled to the brim, but Ning Yiyuan felt a little heartache when he saw it.

He said to Mo Chu in a low voice, “Dont make so many next time.

Just make two at random.”

Ning Yiyuans voice was quite low, but who could not hear him

Elder Ning coughed a few times and glanced at Ning Yiyuan.

Hmph! I know you two have a good relationship, but dont show off your affection in front of me! Besides, havent you always been steady Where did this steadiness go

On the other hand, the corner of Ning Zhenhais mouth curled up slightly.

Although the old man did not seem to like Mo Chu on the surface, he probably liked this little girl in his heart.

Well, he was still at work.

In the end, the old man sent him a video call asking him to hurry home.

He even specially instructed him to tidy up a little.

Ning Zhenhai was quite puzzled at first, but when he returned home and saw Mo Chus figure, he immediately understood.

“Alright, lets eat!” Elder Ning really could not stand the greedy look on Elder Qins face.

It was as if he had never tasted this Spirit Food in his eight lifetimes.

His eyes were fixed on the plate, almost falling into it!

As soon as Elder Ning made his move, everyone began to work towards the food.

After just one bite, everyones eyes lit up, and the speed at which they picked up the food increased by a few points.

Even so, the group of people still maintained their elegant eating movements and did not make a single sound.

It was fragrant! It was really fragrant!

Elder Ning had eaten this spicy crayfish before.

Now that he tried it again, he instantly felt that the taste was even better.

After all, it was fresh out of the oven now, and the aroma was even stronger.

It made sense that the taste was even better!

At first, Elder Ning thought that crayfish was the best food in the world.

However, when he turned his chopsticks and picked up a piece of boiled meat, the fresh, spicy taste immediately conquered his taste buds.

The meat was smooth and tender, and it melted the moment it entered his mouth, the fresh and fragrant taste sprinkled on top of it.

It was simply superb!

The old man stuffed a few more chopsticks into his mouth with a look of satisfaction.

However, when he looked sideways, he was shocked!

Damn! This bunch of bastards! Cant you leave some for the old man In just a short while, the amount of food had already decreased by more than half.

Moreover, the remaining dishes were disappearing rapidly.

Mo Chu was dumbfounded by what she saw.

It was not like she had never experienced something similar before.

After all, there were still two foodies at home, Roundy and Little Flying Fox.

However, what surprised Mo Chu was that Elder Ning and the others were not inferior to Roundy in terms of combat strength.

Their chopsticks made swooshing sounds.

It was extremely fast, ruthless, and accurate!

“Come, eat more.” Ning Yiyuan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

This was the first time she was meeting his parents officially.

The situation was inexplicably a little funny! However, this was also good.

At least Little Chu was able to subdue them with just her cooking skills.

However, when he saw the surprise on Little Chus face, he could not help but feel a little embarrassed.

He quickly lowered his head and grabbed a lot of various dishes and put them into Mo Chus bowl.

Ning Yiyuans action immediately attracted the angry gazes of everyone, especially Elder Qin.

Heh! Normally, they would not be able to tell that you were quite black-hearted.

With such a large amount of food, could you leave some for us However, when they looked over at Ning Yiyuans chopsticks and realized that Mo Chu had not eaten anything, Ning Yiyuan took the initiative to help her with the food.

All of them could not help but blush.

Just now, they had been completely conquered by this table of delicacies and did not notice Mo Chu at the side.

Now, they consciously slowed down, and their actions were completely different from before.

As he chewed on the braised pork in his mouth, Elder Ning glared at Elder Qin.

Its all your fault, Elder Qin.

If you hadnt fought so fiercely over the dishes, would you be like this now

“By the way, how old are you, Little Chu” Ning Zhenhai could not help but ask as the pace of the meal slowed down.

His handsome appearance was quite similar to Ning Yiyuans, but he had a more vicissitudes of life and coldness.

However, he was much gentler towards Mo Chu now.

“Ill be 18 at the end of this year,” Mo Chu replied with a faint smile.

Once these words were said, Elder Ning and Ning Zhenhais expressions were a little strange.

Indeed! At first, they knew that the girl that Ning Yiyuan liked was still underage, but after asking this question, she was still too young.

She was only 18! There were still 12 years before she became an adult.

This kid of his was really vicious!

Elder Qin had a different opinion.

He looked at Ning Yiyuan with appreciation, “Thats right.

In this day and age, we must act immediately when we see something! or else, we can wait to be like those rascals in my family, and all of them will be single!”

As he said that, Elder Qin even shook his head hatefully.

Hearing that, Elder Ning also felt that it made some sense.

Thats right.

This little girl, Mo Chu, had already displayed astonishing talent and achievements at such a young age.

If they did not make a move as soon as possible, it was still uncertain which family would end up with the flower!

“Oh right.” Ning Yiyuan put down the bowl and looked at Mo Chu casually.

“Ive already checked the time of the oath.

The best date is your birthday at the end of the year.

What do you think”

“Aiyo!” Hearing this, Elder Qin could nto help but laugh.

He had just said that this kid was efficient, but he had already settled this matter.

As expected of a member of the Ning Family.

His efficiency was really high!

“You guys have already prepared to take the oath at the end of the Year” It was the first time Ning Zhenhai had heard about this matter, and his eyes were filled with curiosity.

“Isnt it too early” Elder Ning also frowned.

The point was that it was only two or three months away from the end of the year.

Could they handle such a big matter

Elder Qin sat at the side and drank his soup.

He did not say anything.

This family was weird!

The meaning of this oath was equivalent to tying Ning Yiyuan to Mo Chu! After the oath was sworn, Ning Yiyuan could only guard Mo Chu to the end of his adulthood wholeheartedly.

Most importantly, even if Mo Chu abandoned Ning Yiyuan, he could not have any complaints! The oath of the Guardian was so overbearing!

If it were any other family, how could they agree Unexpectedly, the stubborn Elder Ning still did not object.

If Elder Ning knew what his old friend was thinking, he would definitely snort coldly.

At first, he was not happy, but the problem was that Ning Yiyuan was willing! After a while, he finally understood that even if this grandson of his was obsessed with Mo Chu, it was better to accept it calmly than complain!

“Its not early.” Ning Yiyuan shook his head.

“I started to prepare last year.

Most of the things have already been prepared.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Mo Chu could not help but be stunned.

Last year Didnt she just enter the Military Academy at that time Wasnt Ning Yiyuan their instructor Could it be that this guy had already decided on her from that moment on Thinking of this, Mo Chus heart felt quite sweet, and the corners of her mouth could not help but curl up into a sweet smile.

“So its decided then” Ning Yiyuan held Mo Chus hand from below and asked softly.

Mo Chu raised her head, and her gaze met with Ning Yiyuans deep eyes.

There had always been only calmness and determination in those eyes, but now there was an extra bit of nervousness and panic… Was he afraid that she would refuse

Mo Chus gaze softened, and she replied in a crisp voice, “Okay.”

When he heard this, the smile on Ning Yiyuans face grew even wider.

If it was not for the fact that Elder Ning and the others were still by his side, he would probably have pulled Mo Chu into his embrace and kissed her properly!

Ning Yiyuan was personally groomed by Elder Ning, how could he not see through this kids thoughts He could not help but glance at him.

This was at home, you better calm down!

“Alright, today is your first day at home.” Elder Ning turned to look at Mo Chu, his eyes faintly showing some affection.

“Come, take this as your welcome gift.”

As he said this, he took a small box from the terminal and handed it to Mo Chu.

“This…” from the 21st century until now, Mo Chu had never seen such a scene.

She could not help but look at Ning Yiyuan.

“Take it,” Ning Yiyuan patted her hand and said softly.

“Okay.” Mo Chu nodded and took the box from the old man.

Just as he was about to put it away, Edler Qin looked at Mo Chu with interest, “Little girl, open it and take a look.

I want to know what this old guy gave you!”

Mo Chu was stunned.

Before he said anything, Elder Ning glared at him and then turned to look at Mo Chu.

“Open it for him to see.

Otherwise, this guy will pester me for a few days.”

Although the two elders words were filled with disdain for each other, Mo Chu could hear the strong friendship between them.

She could not help but smile slightly and reached out to open the box.

As soon as she opened it, the entire room instantly lit up.

“This is… the Luminous Pearl” Mo Chu was stunned.

A pigeon-egg-sized luminous pearl was in the box in front of him.

“You do have some experience.” Elder Ning laughed.

When his gaze fell on the Luminous Pearl, he could not help but sigh.

“This is something passed down from our ancestors.

Now, you can keep it.”

Mo Chu could not help but click his tongue.

Such a large Luminous Pearl could be considered a priceless treasure even in the 21st century, let alone now

“Im not as rich as Elder Ning.” Ning Zhenhai laughed.

His finger swiped a few times on the terminal before he turned to look at Mo Chu.

“Go to the terminal and take a look.

My gift is a small one.”


Mo Chu immediately opened the terminal to take a look.

Her eyes suddenly widened! A real estate in the center of District 3, and a sum of 20 million Federation Coins.

This… was still considered a small gift

“Thank you, Grandfather Ning, Uncle Ning.” After a moment of shock, Mo Chu quickly reacted and stood up to thank them.

This obedient appearance made Ning Zhenhai and the old man even happier.

After all, most of the women in the Federation were willful.

Even if they pretended to be gentle and refined in front of them, it was only a superficial act, how could they not know On the contrary, this lass Mo Chu was very sincere and straightforward!

Not bad, not bad!


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