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“Grandpa, Ill go over and take a look.” Ning Yiyuan stood up with a hint of sarcasm on his face.

Ha! What They wanted to run away when the situation turned bad, not even in their dreams!

Even though there was no concrete evidence to prove that the Qiao Family was responsible for the poisoning incident, they were definitely involved! Now, their actions had indirectly admitted their crimes!

“Okay, you can go.” Elder Ning nodded, but there was a hint of contemplation in his eyes.

Elder Qiao did not take this step wisely.

After all, there were many eyes on them at the top of the Federation, how could he dare to leave like this

Outside, Mo Chu was not asleep.

When she heard the commotion, she walked out and greeted Ning Yiyuan.

When she saw the anger on his face, she could not help but ask, “Whats wrong” Wasnt he fine just a moment ago… Why was his face so gloomy now

“The Qiao Family… probably wants to run away,” Ning Yiyuan said concisely.

He turned his head to look at Mo Chu, and indeed, he saw the girls eyes darken.

“What Ill go with you!” Qiao Shan and the entire Qiao Family were not on good terms with her.

If she let them go now, it would be no less than letting criminals loose.

She would not be so merciful.

“Alright.” Ning Yiyuan also knew that the little girl would not turn a blind eye to this matter.

Nodding his head, he took large strides forward.

“Then lets go.

Were pressed for time right now.

Ill explain it to you slowly on the way.”

“Yeah.” Mo Chu nodded and immediately followed behind Ning Yiyuan.

After setting the drive to auto-pilot, Ning Yiyuan then explained the information he had received to Mo Chu.

“What about the current situation” Mo Chu raised her eyes and asked.

“Its basically the latest information.” The corners of Ning Yiyuans mouth curled up slightly, and his expression became a little better.

“Theyve already been stopped.

As for Wisdom Cloud Galaxys flying device, its also been stopped by the Federation.”

Hearing this, Mo Chu could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

Thats great! If they really ran away, she would definitely be angered to death!

At this moment, deep forest.

Elder Qiao looked at the people in front of him.

His eyes were filled with blood as he gritted his teeth.

After a long while, he finally managed to squeeze out a sentence, “Do you… have to be so ruthless”

Not only were the Federation soldiers present in this group of… In fact, the private combat strength of the other families was doing everything they could just to keep them here!

No one spoke on the other side.

It was silent for a long while before someone spoke.

“Elder Qiao, you know the current situation very well.” In the past, the Xia Family would not have been a small clan that was dependent on the Qiao Family.

They would not even dare to speak with Elder Qiao, but now, they dared to be so rude to them.

Time had truly changed.

“So, stop struggling for nothing!”

Speaking of which, over the years, the Qiao Family had relied on their medicinal pills to offend many people.

Being arrogant and despotic had long become the label of the Qiao Family.

It was just that previously, they had obstructed the Qiao Familys influence, so no one dared to say anything.

However, the Qiao Family had already fallen into such a state, so why were they not taking advantage of the chaos to step on them

“You guys…” Hearing this, Elder Qiao was so angry that his body swayed, but his gaze became even more vicious.

Not far away, Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu had already arrived.

With a flick of the control device, Mo Chu could not help but frown.

In front of her was a desolate place, and the whimpering of the wind made people feel uncomfortable.

“Other than the Magical Region, this is the only blind spot in the entire area three,” Ning Yiyuan raised his head and looked into the distance as he softly explained, “If they want to leave, they naturally cant rely on ordinary methods.

However, we can still give it a try here.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Chu nodded her head in understanding.

Her gaze also saw the mess ahead.

The Qiao Familys people were like turtles caught in a jar at this moment.

They were surrounded by many people! Elder Qiao stood at the very front.

The disheveled and haggard look on his face could not be concealed at all.

He had finally understood what it meant bywhen a wall falls, everyone pushes it down! The Qiao Family had not officially collapsed yet.

There were already countless people eyeing them covetously.

They wanted nothing more than to bite off a piece of their flesh and blood!

In these few days, he had sent out a total of three groups of people in order to attract the attention of these people.

However, he did not expect that even though many people had already left, they were still stuck here, unable to move! Thats right, each and every one of them was a big spender!

Elder Qiao sneered.

As the saying goes, those who are in the middle of the situation are in the dark.

However, in the face of the current situation, he had seen it more clearly than anyone else!

They could no longer stay in the Federation.

Even if the higher-ups were willing to let them off, the families below would suck all their blood like locusts.

The only way out now was to leave! As long as they could escape from the Federation, they still had a sliver of hope!

As for Wisdom Cloud Galaxy… Elder Qiaos expression darkened.

Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was not a very good choice, but from the looks of it, they already had no other way out! He just did not expect that before they could leave, they would be discovered.

This time, even if they wanted to leave, it was impossible!

Elder Qiaos mouth was filled with bitterness, and his eyes were bloodshot.

He never thought that the Qiao Family would fall to such a state! The prosperity of the past seemed to still be in front of his eyes.

When he came back to his senses, his eyes were already filled with devastation!

“Elder Qiao, you wont be able to escape!” Ning Yiyuans voice was very steady.

His footsteps were firm as he walked over.

When the originally crowded crowd saw Ning Yiyuans figure, they immediately dispersed like a tide, a vacuum belt was left in the middle.

When he was less than three meters away from the Qiao Family, Ning Yiyuan stopped in his footsteps.

His tone was certain yet contained a hint of mockery.

“So… Stop dreaming!”

Hearing this, Elder Qiao was like an angry firecracker.

His eyes were bloodshot!

“Ning Yiyuan, shut up!” His usual calm and composure had disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, Elder Qiao was like a lone wolf at the end of its path.

He suddenly became crazy, and his eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty gleam.

Suddenly, Elder Qiaos gaze focused on Mo Chu who was beside him.

He did not expect it! He did not expect it!

Their Qiao Familys hundred-year-old foundation had not been swallowed by the Ning and Qin Families, but had actually been defeated by this girl! A young girl who had not even reached adulthood had forcefully destroyed a huge Qiao Family.

If he had not personally experienced all of this, he would not have believed it at all!

However, it was already too late for him to wake up now!

Elder Qiaos gaze was sinister.

If he had known this would happen, he would have taken advantage of Mo Chus fledgling wings to wipe them out in one fell swoop.

Otherwise, such a situation would not have occurred.

“In any case, our Qiao Family will not be able to escape.” Elder Qiao lowered his head and muttered.

He suddenly raised his head and his eyes revealed a sinister look.

“Even if I have to die, I will drag a few of them down with me!”

As he said that, his large hand slashed downwards.

“Kill them!”

No one had expected Elder Qiao to be so crazy.

It was clearly a dead end, yet he still had to sacrifice a few innocent lives!

However, the current situation did not allow them to think too much.

The battle had already begun!

However, this was a battle that was already destined to be won or lost.

The Qiao Familys elemental cultivation was not very strong to begin with, not to mention that they were up against an elite of the army and an expert like Ning Yiyuan!

However, when the real battle began, everyone realized that the situation was not as smooth as they had thought.

They did not know what the Qiao Family had done.

After a moment, all of them gradually became powerless.

Not to mention using their elemental abilities, even the slightest movement would be extremely difficult! It was also because of this that the battle situation was instantly reversed!

They had become lambs waiting to be slaughtered, allowing the Qiao Family to do whatever they wanted!

“You… you guys, what did you do” someone asked with a trembling voice.

Until now, Elder Qiao raised his head and laughed a few times.

There was a hint of madness in his voice.

“What Have you forgotten what our Qiao Family specializes in”

Even though their power had fallen drastically, the Qiao Familys foundation was still there.

It was a piece of cake for them to concoct large amounts of medicine.

However, the scope of the medicines effects was limited.

That was why he had to wait until now, only when all of them had gathered together could he take action.

“Family Head, Wisdom Cloud Galaxys other aircraft is already heading this way.

It will probably arrive in 20 minutes,” a member of the Qiao Family took a step forward and whispered beside Elder Qiao.

“Good, good!” Hearing this, Elder Qiaos eyes suddenly lit up!

It was only now that everyone realized that Elder Qiao was deliberately stalling for time just to wait for this moment! As expected of an old fox! His plans were excellent!

“Dont worry.” Seeing that they could not move, a trace of joy flashed across Elder Qiaos eyes, “This medicine wont kill you, but after a long time, your nervous system will be paralyzed.

At that time, you can enjoy being in bed…”

When he said this, everyones faces could not help but change! This old fellow was going to cripple them alive!

“Is that so” Right at this moment, a crisp female voice suddenly rang out.

Under everyones burning gazes, Mo Chu walked out from behind.

Her eyes were sparkling as she stared at Elder Qiao.

Her tone was slightly focused as she said, “Im afraid that your plan is about to fail!”

“How could you…” Looking at Mo Chus free movement, Elder Qiaos eyes revealed a look of surprise at first.

However, a moment later, he came back to his senses.

“Light attribute special ability.

No wonder you were able to…”

With this light attribute special ability, Mo Chu seemed to have gained an automatic barrier.

She did not need to worry about the effects of these drugs at all, so he could move freely.

She was really gifted! Elder Qiaos eyes darkened.

“What You think you can stop us by yourself”

“Of course, I cant do it by myself.” Mo Chu shook her head with a smile.

Her hands behind her back suddenly raised up, and dots of white light instantly enveloped everyone.

“But with them, wont that be enough”

The reason why she was talking nonsense with Elder Qiao just now was to buy time for her to brew enough elemental power.

With the support of light power, the people who were feeling weak and weak instantly felt much better.

After a few minutes, all of them looked as if they had taken strength pills, and their spirits were high, all of them stared at the Qiao Family members with killing intent in their eyes!

It was this girl again!

Seeing this situation, Elder Qiao already understood that they had no way to turn back the situation.

However, he was still unwilling to accept the fact that they had been defeated by this girl again and again!

Soon, the situation of the battle was reversed once again.

All the members of the Qiao Family were taken down.

Elder Qiao was also bound by his hands.

He stood at the front, having long lost the glory he had in the past.

Seeing this, everyone could not help but sigh.

A few years ago, the Qiao Family was the center of everyones admiration.

Not only did they have to offend them, they even had to steal their flattery! But now, the Qiao Family had become prisoners! However, this was not surprising.

To dare to make a move on the Galactic Combat participants and eliminate their enemies, this was their last hope!

However, at this moment, something unexpected happened!

Not far away, a space crack appeared out of thin air.

First, it was a tornado the size of a grain of rice.

After a few breaths, it became as tall as a person.

It kept spinning, and the sound of the wind could be heard.

“This is…” Everyone was shocked by this scene.

They stared at the black hole speechlessly.

“Spatial rift,” Ning Yiyuan said faintly.

Due to the continuous movement of the plates, it was very easy to create spatial intersections, forming spatial rifts.

However, most of them were within a meter, so as long as they maintained a certain distance, there would not be too much danger.

Everyone was looking at this rare spectacle.

No one noticed that the eyes of Qiao Shan, who was already paralyzed on the wheelchair, lit up! “Go to hell, go to hell!”

Accompanied by a vicious curse, Qiao Shan suddenly stretched out her hand and pushed Mo Chu over!

Mo Chu was still exhausted after using a large number of elemental abilities just now.

She did not expect Qiao Shan to suddenly make a move.

With this push, she fell into a black hole-like spatial rift.

“Little Chu!” Ning Yiyuan raised his head abruptly.

Coincidentally, he saw Mo Chus figure being swallowed by the spatial crack.

He was so scared that his liver was about to burst! Without any time to think, he jumped in as well!

Seeing this, Qiao Shan could not help but be stunned! After a long while, she laughed bitterly and said in a hoarse voice, “Youre really following her to the bitter end!”

Elder Qiaos eyes lit up and he suddenly laughed out loud, “Well done, well done! Even if we cant escape, we still dragged Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuan along with us.

Its not too much of a loss!”

Things happened too quickly.

By the time everyone reacted, Ning Yiyuan and Mo Chu had already disappeared.

Only the spatial crack was shrinking…

Then, everyone was dumbfounded!


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