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The journey was smooth and steady.

A day later, the car stopped in front of Alberto City Base.

After a series of complicated and meticulous inspections, Mo Chu finally followed them into Alberto City Base.

Compared to the clean and orderly manner of the Federation, this could not be compared.

After being half a step behind, Mo Chus gaze shifted slightly, she could clearly see the situation within the base.

“Although our base is not considered to be number one, it is still well-known in the entire Southwest Region.”

At this moment, Lan Lin was introducing the specific situation of the base to Mo Chu with great interest.

From time to time, he would even promote his own team, racking his brains to try and tempt this rare hearing ability user, Mo Chu, into joining.

“Our Hunting Team is already ranked in the top five in the base.

At the very least, we have enough food to fill our stomachs.”

In this day and age, how many people could sell their children for a bag of biscuits It was already very rare for them to be able to eat a mouthful of hot rice after committing murder and arson.

“Aiyo, listen to what youre saying.

Dont you feel ashamed!” A female voice that was full of ridicule sounded out.

“If your Hunting Team can be ranked in the top five in the base, then ourWhite Tiger will definitely be number one!”

Hearing this, Lan Wei and the rest could not help but furrow their brows.

Mo Chu looked up and saw groups of young people in front of her.

Their clothes were clean and their faces were ruddy.

However, they were staring at Lan Wei and the rest with disdain and hostility.

“What nonsense are you saying” Lan Lin raised her head, and her eyes were slightly angry.

“A few years ago, when did our Hunting Team not get into the top five”

“Hmph! You can also say that it was a few years ago.” The girl who was surrounded by everyone sneered, she raised her chin slightly.

“If I remember correctly, your Hunting Team did not even make it into the top ten last year!”

“An Ya, you still dare to say that” Upon hearing this, Lan Lins expression changed immediately, his eyes were filled with hatred as he stared at the girl.

“If you did not poach our people before the competition…”

“Enough!” Lan Wei shouted in a low voice, stopping Lan Lin from finishing his sentence.

“Look, Captain Lan is much more sensible!” An Ya smiled, but the sarcasm in her words was even stronger.

Just as she was about to say something, her gaze suddenly shifted and she looked at the young lady who was walking over not far away.

Her arrogant attitude suddenly changed, and there was a faint hint of flattery.

She hurriedly walked over and asked, “Xia Yi, why are you here”

“If I didnt come out, how could I have met you guys so coincidentally “A clear female voice rang out.

Looking in the direction of the voice, a beautiful and moving face instantly attracted the attention of most people.

In addition, her clothes were well-fitted.

It accentuated her curvaceous figure, and her original 70% beauty was now 90% accentuated.

“Look at what youre saying.” An Ya winked at her and said, “Ive heard that the mysterious wind-element expert will be your husband in the future.

Now that youre not busy preparing, you have the time to come out and stroll around!”


“What nonsense are you talking about!” Xia Yis face flushed red, revealing her feminine side.

“This matter hasnt been decided yet!”

“Hey, dont be embarrassed.”The mockery in An Yas eyes deepened.

“With such good conditions, would any fool refuse”

Xia Yi was the daughter of the head of the base.

Her looks and figure were first-class, and she was also a special ability user.

With all these conditions combined, she was practically the dream lover of all the men in the base!

“Thats enough!” Xia Yi glared at An Ya shyly, then raised her head to take a look.

Unsurprisingly, she found many men beside her staring at her with admiration.

The vanity in her heart was instantly satisfied, the smile on her face grew wider.

“Okay, our eldest Miss Xia is shy.” An Ya took two steps forward and held her hand warmly with a fawning look on her face.

“Then I wont say anything, okay”

“Youre the one with a sharp tongue!” Xia Yi glared at her, then turned to look at Lan Wei.

Her tone was much more indifferent, and it was obvious who was better.

“Did Captain Lan just come back”

“Yes.” Lan Wei nodded.

However, An Ya, who was next to her, rolled her eyes with ill intentions and said, “Looking at Captain Lan, you must have gained a lot from this trip, right Why dont you take out a few items and give them to Xia Yi as a gift in advance”

“Im not as thick-skinned as you!” Xia Yi looked at An Ya with amusement, but she did not reject her.

“Whats the big deal” Hearing this, Lan Wei raised her eyebrows, looking carefree and straightforward.

“Speaking of which, weve really gotten quite a number of exquisite items this time.

If Miss Xia likes them, then pick a few.”

Her voice focused on the wordsMiss Xia, meaning that you, An Ya, can forget about it.

Go to the side and play by yourself!

Without waiting for An Ya to retort, Lan Wei swiftly took out a backpack from the back and unfolded the items one by one, causing quite a bit of surprise! What Lan Wei took out were actually a few of the latest handguns!

Although the base had quite a number of weapons, these handguns were not simple goods.

They had a long-range, great flexibility, and even added the latest guidance design.

The mission accuracy rate had greatly increased, and including the entire base, there could not be more than ten of them, who would have thought that Lan Wei would actually get so many back this time!

Xia Yi was from a military family, so her eyes were naturally sharp toward these things.

At this moment, her eyes could not help but reveal some joy.

There were a total of four pistols.

Xia Yis favorite was still the black K-S16.

Not only was its performance the best among them, but its rarity was also known to everyone.

“Alright, then I will respectfully comply.” As she said this, Xia Yi was about to take it, but she did not expect a tender white little hand to be one step ahead of her and directly take the K-S16 away.

An indifferent female voice drifted over.

“This is mine.”

Hearing this, everyones gaze then fell on Mo Chu, who was behind them.

With this look, their eyes instantly lit up!

It was rare to see such an exquisite and beautiful appearance.

In addition to the calm and tranquil aura on Mo Chus body, it made her seem even more different from the rest.

She was like a beautiful orchid, and the more one tasted her, the more one could sense the carefree aura within.

In this day and age, there was no lack of beauties!

However, a natural and pure aura like Mo Chus was extremely rare.

This was especially so for men.

Every single one of them was staring at Mo Chu with a hint of desire in their eyes.

In this day and age, the iron law ofthe strong are the strong was clearly displayed.

If Mo Chu had no chance to protect herself, perhaps after tonight, she would inexplicably become the exclusive property of some man.

However, An Ya was the first to speak.

She glanced at Mo chu with disdain, “Who are you Is there a place for you to speak Hurry up and give that gun back!”

Hearing this, everyones gaze fell on Mo Chus hand.

her fair and tender little hand was holding onto the black pistol.

The intense contrast of the colors made people feel a little dazzled.

Mo Chu shot a cold glance at An Ya.

Her tone was slightly solemn.

“I said, this is mine.”

“Right.” Lan Wei only reacted at this moment.

“I gave this gun to Mo Chu previously.

She said to put it inside first.

I forgot about it for a moment.”

If Mo Chu had not reminded them, they probably would not have been able to get it back.

Coincidentally, they had obtained some good stuff this time, so Lan Wei gave it to Mo Chu.

She did not expect that a moment of carelessness would cause them to end up like this.

“Is that so” Hearing this, Xia Yi glanced at them indifferently.

“Hmph! If you dont want to give it to us, just say it.

Do you have to use such a lame excuse to avoid it”An Ya finally caught onto Lan Weis mistake.

Naturally, she would not let it go.

The meaning behind her words was obvious.

“Thats true.

Our relationship isnt that good anyway.

Its normal for you guys to be so perfunctory.”

Her words directly rose to the level of sowing discord!

Hearing this, Lan Weis expression did not look too good either.

In terms of strength, their Hunting Team be considered as one of the best in the base.

However, she had always been on bad terms with the White Tiger team.

Moreover, An Ya of the White Tiger team and Xia Yi were good friends.

Due to this layer of relationship, the people below would naturally act according to the wind.

Most of the dangerous missions were given to them, and their treatment in the base was getting worse by the day.

“What You feel that youre in the wrong, so you dont dare to speak” An Ya raised her head arrogantly, she stared at Lan Wei arrogantly.

She had long disliked this woman.

She was bright and good-looking, and her wrists were not bad either.

Her reputation in the base had always been better than hers, but that was in the past.

Now… Hmph!

As one of the parties involved, Xia Yi did not say anything.

She just stood aside indifferently, as if it had nothing to do with her.

Suddenly, her body shook violently.

She subconsciously raised her head and puffed out her chest, putting on the most graceful posture.

Mo Chu had been watching them silently.

When she saw Xia Yis expression, she could not help but be stunned.

He followed her gaze and turned his head to look.

When he saw this, his heart trembled!

How… how did this person appear here

The others also quickly noticed the man not far away and raised their heads to look.

In this world, there would always be some people who were born with an indescribable temperament.

This man in front of them was just like that.

His face was handsome, his figure was tall and straight, and his aura was restrained, but it could not be ignored.

He was like a leopard that had restrained its aura.

As long as he raised his head slightly, that domineering aura and boldness could not help but shock everyone!

“This is… the legendary wind-element expert” Lan Wei and the others could not help but feel shocked when they saw him in person for the first time.

They could not help but mutter to themselves.

Xia Yis indifferent expression could not be maintained any longer.

Her eyelashes fluttered continuously, and she stole glances from time to time.

Mo Chu was not in the mood to pay attention to other peoples abnormalities.

At this moment, her eyes were staring blankly at the man not far away, and there was a hint of watery light in her eyes.

As if he felt this burning gaze, the man stopped in his tracks.

His unwavering gaze glanced at them, and then his body suddenly shook, and his eyes instantly lit up! It was as if the dark night was instantly revealed, revealing a layer of light!

He lost his usual calmness and composure, and his gaze was fixed on them.

The mans chest rose and fell fiercely a few times, and he strode towards them.

At the back, he even started running!

“Aiyo, look, our Miss Xia is still the best!” An Ya bumped her shoulder and said ambiguously, “With just one look, hes so excited to see you that hes running here.

How impatient is he! Tsk tsk!”

“Alright, stop talking nonsense.” Xia Yi glared at her.

She could not hide the bashful joy in her eyes.

This man was indeed the pride of the Heavens.

He was outstanding in every aspect, and he was a good match for her.

Seeing that the man was about to approach them, Xia Yi took a small step forward.

Just as she was about to welcome him, she suddenly realized that the man did not even look at her and just brushed past her, instead, he hugged the little girl behind them tightly — Mo Chu!

“Ive found you, Ive finally found you…” Hugging the little girl tightly in his arms, Ning Yiyuan no longer had his usual calmness.

His arms were like iron hoops as he hugged her tightly.

He wished that he could just lock her by his side!

He buried his head in Mo Chus snow-white neck, feeling the scent that belonged solely to him.

Ning Yiyuans voice was still slightly trembling.

His heart was filled with excitement and surprise.

God knows how much he had been suffering these past few days.

He was afraid that this girl was not here, and he was also afraid that something had happened to her.

His heart was so anxious that it was about to break into pieces!

Mo Chu also stretched out her hand to hug him back.

On her face, she could not suppress her joy and excitement!

The way the two of them looked at each other made the group of people beside them dumbfounded!

Damn! What… What was going on

Did they not say that this expert was going to marry the eldest daughter of the Xia Family Why did Mo Chu suddenly appear at this moment Moreover, from the looks of it, the two of them seemed to be very close!

“Hey, hey, havent you heard This person has always said that he is looking for someone.

He has been in our base for so long and hasnt even stayed for a few minutes.

Hes always wandering around outside looking for someone!”

“Yes, yes, I know a little about this.”

“But I didnt expect that she would be brought back by the Hunting Team.”

The people beside them could not help but mutter softly when they saw this situation.

Then, they turned to look at Xia Yi beside them.

Tsk tsk, her expression was dark!


Indeed, most of the people in the base knew that this expert who had appeared out of nowhere was very likely to be married to her.

In the end, there was such a dramatic change in the situation.

How could she not change her face

Indeed, Xia Yi felt extremely embarrassed at this moment.

Ning Yiyuans action was like a resounding slap on her face in front of everyone!


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