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An Ya was the first person to stand up for Xia Yi.

However, her target was not Ning Yiyuan.

Instead, it was Mo Chu.

She shot her a disdainful look and said, “Hey, Whats wrong with you Dont you know that Xia Yi is about to marry him You still have the cheek to step in and be the third party! How thick-skinned…”

“Shut up!” Ning Yiyuan let go of Mo Chu, but a large palm was still tightly wrapped around her shoulder, as if the moment he was not careful, Mo Chu would disappear from his sight again.

When his gaze turned to An Ya, his tone instantly turned sinister, cold and forceful.

“Whos about to get married The person I like, the person I love, has always been Mo Chu!”

Uh… This slap to the face became even louder!

An Ya was instantly stuck! She could not reply to this!

They were standing on the main road of the base, and this commotion had already attracted the attention of many people.

When they heard Ning Yiyuans words, they could not help but gasp, but they could not hide their excitement and moved closer.

Aiyo! In other words, this wind element expert was not prepared to marry into the Xia Family

Hence, all of them turned their gazes to Xia Yi.

No matter how well-mannered she was usually, when faced with the suspicious gazes of the crowd, her body could not help but tremble slightly and her face turned slightly pale.

This delicate and pitiful appearance made the hearts of the onlookers ache.

All of them stopped talking.

Only Ning Yiyuan ignored her.

It was as if he did not see Xia Yis pitiful and helpless appearance, and he did not even blink as he questioned sternly, “Are you the one who spread this rumor”

“No, no!” Xia Yis face was white and red, and she felt extremely angry and embarrassed.

“This… is just a misunderstanding.”

Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan immediately turned his head to look at Mo Chu, and his originally cold face suddenly became gentle.

“You see, this is just a misunderstanding.”

This time, everyone finally understood!

So Ning Yiyuan created such a big commotion because he was worried that Mo Chu would be angry

Everyone stared at Ning Yiyuan in disbelief.

Just for this, he dared to throw the Xia Familys face on the ground and stomp on it.

Was this person crazy

“I know.” Mo Chu held Ning Yiyuans big palm and was immediately held tightly by him.

“You… Why are you here”

“Didnt I tell you” Ning Yiyuans lips curled up, and his deep eyes were filled with deep affection.

“I came to look for you.”

Those simple words made Mo Chus eyes turn red! That was a spatial rift.

If he was not careful, he might die! This guy clearly knew, but he still chased after her without caring about his own safety Was he not afraid that something would happen

As if she could read Mo Chus mind, Ning Yiyuan reached out and rubbed her hair, just like when they were in the Federation.

“I didnt think too much at that time, so I subconsciously jumped in to look for you.”

The moment these words were said, Mo Chus grip on Ning Yiyuans hand tightened even more.

Looking at the two of them acting as if there was no one else around, Xia Yi could not help but feel that it was an eyesore.

Previously, she had also seen Ning Yiyuan a few times.

This person had always come and gone in a hurry.

His face was cold and hard, but the terrifying and reserved aura around him was always unforgettable.

In addition to his powerful strength, she could not help but be moved.

However, she did not expect that it was a completely warm face sticking to a cold butt!

At the thought of this, Xia Yi could not help but bite down hard on her lower lip! The humiliation in her heart gushed out like a monstrous flood! She suddenly turned her head to look at Lan Wei and said coldly, “The gift you gave me, I have my eyes on that gun!”

Hearing this, Lan Wei could not help but frown.

She had already said it very clearly.

She had already given that K-S16 to Mo Chu long ago.

Could it be that she still wanted to get it back now

“You… want this” Mo Chu took the initiative to speak.

She shook the black pistol in his hand and also helped to resolve Lan Weis dilemma.

“Thats right.” Xia Yi nodded.

Her beautiful face was slightly cold.

Thats right.

She wanted to deliberately make things difficult for Mo Chu.

So what

“Whats going on” Ning Yiyuan frowned.

He did not understand.

“Ill tell you later.” Mo Chu blinked at Ning Yiyuan and then turned to look at Xia Yi.

“How about this Lets compete in shooting”

“If the winner wins, the gun will belong to the winner.

How about it” Mo Chus lips curled up, and her expression became more lively.

Her clear eyes, in particular, became even more pure and bright.

The people beside her could not help but be stunned when they saw this.

They seemed to have not seen such a clean smile for a long time…

Xia Yi lowered her gaze and glanced at Mo Chu and Ning Yiyuans tightly clasped hands.

She replied in a low voice, “Alright!”

She was born into a military family.

Even if she did not deliberately train in the military, her attainments in this area were far better than ordinary people.

Mo Chus actions were just exposing her own shortcomings! Since she was rushing to embarrass herself, she naturally would not mind.

Not far away was the training area of the base.

After paying a considerable amount of training fees, a group of people walked in majestically.

“Do you want to go first, or should I go first” Xia Yi picked up a pistol that was pleasing to the eye from the side and turned her head to look at Mo Chu.

Her hands moved slightly, and only the sound of cracking could be heard, a complete gun was instantly disassembled into pieces of parts.

This move of Xia Yis caused quite a number of people to be dumbfounded! They knew that the Xia Family were military experts, but they did not expect that the usually gentle and refined eldest daughter of the Xia Family would actually be so powerful.

Their eyes could not help but blaze!

However, when they turned their heads to look at Mo Chu, their eyes were filled with schadenfreude.

After all, this lass looked like she was being pampered by someone.

Forget about whether she could hit the target accurately, she would not be frightened by this sound!

“You go first.” Mo Chu walked over and said softly, “Ill observe first.”

Naturally, shooting was an unavoidable part of the Federations training, However, there were still some differences between the Federations energy guns and the guns here.

Mo Chu had to take another look.

Ning Yiyuan naturally understood the secret behind this.

He hurriedly took a step forward and asked with an attentive manner, “Do you need my help”

Mo Chu turned around with a smile.


Ning Yiyuan was naturally happy to hear that.

He quickly went forward.

In the end, when the two peoples questions and answers fell into the eyes of others, they all changed.

They did not dare to say anything in front of Ning Yiyuan, but that did not stop them from making eye contact! All of them winked at each other as if they were performing a pantomime.

“Look, with this stance, you still dare to compete with Xia Yi Arent you overestimating yourself”

“Thats right! Whats the use of sharpening your spear at the last minute”

“Tch! What do you know With an expert like Ning Yiyuan around, hes just playing a game.

So what if he loses”

Just as everyones eyes met, Xia Yi had already walked to the shooting position.

She leaned her body slightly to the side and narrowed her eyes.

She suddenly raised the hand holding the gun, and a series of banging sounds could be heard.

Not to mention the result, just this stance alone made people understand, this girl was definitely a martial artist!

As expected, when Xia Yi stopped, the results were reported very quickly.

Out of a total of ten shots, she actually got 9.3 points.

If this was in the past, she would definitely be a gold-medal potential player on the national team!

Hearing this, Xia Yis eyes could not help but be filled with joy.

The sense of humiliation that surged up in her heart earlier had also lessened a little.

When she faced Mo Chu again, her voice revealed a hint of arrogance.

“Here, its your turn.”

“Okay.” Mo Chuqing nodded lightly.

She casually took out a gun and walked to the spot where Xia Yi was standing.

She raised her hand and with a slight glance, she fired a shot just like that!

Heh! Seeing this, everyone could not help but chuckle in their hearts.

Look, she fired a shot just from a glance.

She probably did not even see the position of the target clearly! What good results could she get

When everyone looked up nonchalantly, their pupils dilated! This… This girl actually shot a 9.

4 points!

The first shot exceeded Xia Yis average score!

There were even a few people who wiped their eyes in disbelief and looked at one shot after another! Thats not right! Did this little girl just shoot casually Just like that, she even hit… 9.4 points

“Well done!” Upon seeing this scene, Lan Lin clapped his hands happily and looked at Mo Chu with a look of pride and excitement.

Their Hunters team did not have a good relationship with the Xia Family.

Mo Chu had finally helped them vent their anger!

However, when he turned his head, he met with Ning Yiyuans cold gaze.

Instantly, he felt his heart tremble and quickly retracted his gaze.

He did not dare to look again.

Xia Yis expression could not help but darken.

Her determination to win was suddenly shaken a few times.

She turned her head to the side and stared deeply at Mo Chu.

An Ya, who was standing beside her, gently advised her, “Xia Yi, dont worry.

This is only her first shot.

When she reaches the end, she might not be able to achieve any results.

Lets wait and see!”

As soon as An Ya finished speaking, she heard a series ofbang bang sounds coming from Mo Chus side.

She shot the remaining nine shots consecutively.

She did not even look at the result.

She just turned the gun in her hand upside down and turned around to take a step.

She walked to the side nimbly, her actions faintly revealing a bit of gracefulness.

The remaining people did not dare to belittle Mo Chu anymore.

They hurriedly looked towards the target position, but their eyes widened once again! This… the average target number on this was actually — 9.9 points!

Holy sh*t! Am I seeing things

Everyone could not help but swallow their saliva.

This meant that Mo Chu had hit 10 points for the remaining nine shots! But… How was this possible

Even after seeing the facts in front of them, they still could not believe it.


After a long while, someone finally clapped and spoke.

“Amazing! This shooting technique, I, Old Wang, am in awe!”

“She really doesnt show her true colors!”

“Right, this seemingly delicate and weak little girl is actually so amazing!”

Praise rang out one after another, and the entire training ground instantly became noisy.

Mo Chu turned her head and could not help but be startled by the packed crowd! When did so many people appear

Actually, from the start, there were already quite a number of people in the training ground, but no one paid attention to their corner.

As a result, their movements were too big.

Coupled with the presence of Xia Yi and Ning Yiyuan, two extremely famous people in the base, it naturally attracted the attention of quite a number of people.

Then, they saw Mo Chus masterpiece!

In the face of everyones fervent praise, Mo Chus expression remained calm.

One had to know that the Federations energy gun was much more difficult to operate than this.

She was still able to smoothly pass the test, what more this thing

Compared to Mo Chus calmness, Xia Yi was even more embarrassed now! She had never expected that she would actually lose in shooting.

Moreover, she had lost so miserably.

It was simply a crushing defeat! The gaze that she used to stare at Mo Chu was also slightly heavy…

Actually, speaking of which, Xia Yis shooting skills were really not bad.

At the very least, there should not be many people present who could surpass her.

However, the crux of the matter was that when comparing people, they were dead! Compared to Mo Chus exciting result, she seemed to pale in comparison.

The result was already clear.

“This, it should be mine now, right” Mo Chu took a few steps forward.

She held the K-S16 that Lan Wei had given her.

Her eyes were clear, as if the person who had crushed Xia Yi earlier was not her.

Xia Yi forcefully swallowed the unwillingness and anger in her heart and nodded.


Hearing this, Mo Chus eyes lit up and she could not help but smile.

She twirled the pistol in her hand.

Her movements were swift.

From afar, one could only see a black shadow.

Ning Yiyuan stood beside her, his eyes filled with an ice-breaking gentleness.

Xia Yi closed her eyes and did not say a word.

She turned around and left.

Her figure was still graceful, but for some reason, everyone could feel that she was trying to escape…


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